Late summer: how to bring your earth element back into balance from your digestive system

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Summer moves into late summer. The afternoon moves to the afternoon. Yang moves to Yin. The earth element is associated with the late summer season. The essence of late summer reflects the essence of this element. In this article you can read more about the energy of late summer and how to keep the earth element in balance.

Late summer

In nature, late summer is the time when most plants bear fruit. It is the time of harvest. In the teaching of the five elements of Chinese medicine, this is the earth element. Earth is the power of stability and balance. It is a supporting, harmonizing and nourishing power. You can stamp feet and hit the earth. She doesn’t judge. They transform our waste into food for new life. Whatever you do, it remains what it is: nourishing, sustaining and life-giving.

The Earth Element and Our Digestion

The earth element is especially present in our digestive system, which after all takes care of the nourishment of physical life; our body. Chinese medicine links stomach and spleen-pancreas to the earth element. Now you can never exactly translate the organ functions as described in Chinese medicine to the physical organs. And that is especially true for this element. Physically, for example, the spleen is important for the immune system. However, if the acupuncturist finds a weak spleen energy, he probably means that there is little energy for digestion.

The Nourishing Earth Element

The earth carries and nourishes all life. She’s the mother. The neutral, nourishing factor. The earth nourishes. The food she produces keeps you alive. The earth element is not just about physical nourishment. The things we enjoy also nourish us. For example, beauty, beautiful music and art. Or a kind word from someone, the satisfaction of something you have done or made and which you look back on fondly.

Enjoying or being fed mainly takes place when you are open to receive; when you are present here and now and in contact with your environment. If you are brooding and thinking, you cannot really enjoy what the earth and your body have to offer. You then live in your head and/or in the past or future. You are still ruminating and digesting things from the past and you worry about the future. Your energy is then not available for your digestion and you are not open to enjoy (= be fed) what is NOW.

Being nurtured in the NOW

It is best to be fed in the NOW, with all your senses open to receive and enjoy (and not in your safe bunker, ready to fight or flee in your head). Try it out: resolve to bring yourself back into the NOW as much as possible for one part of the day and enjoy every little thing that you can enjoy (regardless of what misery might be in or around you). is).

Whenever you find yourself trying to do or understand something right and whenever you find yourself thinking, breathe deeply and open all your senses to enjoy that which is NOW. Find things that nourish you, that you can wonder about or that you can be grateful for.

Complaints and ailments in a weak earth element

A person who has weak spleen energy often suffers from ailments accompanied by phlegm and suppuration. Think of a heavy, full and tired feeling (especially after eating), which makes you want to lie down or inflammation with a lot of pus, vague and nagging pains. Other typical ailments associated with a weakness of the earth element are hypoglycemia, sensitivity to fungi, candida, cysts, inflammations with mucus formation such as bronchitis, sinus infection, asthma or colitis, easy bruising, easy bleeding, excessive and prolonged menstruation , increased secretion and poor concentration due to the heavy, tired feeling.

Don’t get fat!

Sometimes people also get fat, not because they eat too much, but because the earth element is taxed. Many indigestible things, which often date from early childhood, are like ballast that is stored in the body. Often literally, as fat or as too much moisture retention in certain places. If someone has a tendency to worry and worry a lot, we say: ‘Don’t get too fat!’ In other words: ‘don’t worry so much, don’t take it all so hard!’, but that’s exactly what a spleen type can’t do so easily.

In fact, these people still want to experience deep inside that they are welcome and have the right to exist on this planet and that they are important to the people around them. That there is someone you can rely on and on whom you can rely. Often that someone is not there and the problem started with the fact that there was no such person.

Like a mother to your inner child

When you are a child, you need a mother. She is, as it were, your ‘earth’; the stable, nourishing factor in your existence, with whom you can cry, be angry, be rude and still carry, support and nourish you. Once you’ve grown up, you can commit to being like ‘a mother’ to yourself. So that you are safe from yourself, which means that your feelings are allowed to be there and that you do not criticize or punish yourself when you do something ‘wrong’ or when there are feelings that you do not like.

It can be very helpful to find a good masseuse or haptotherapist who will help you become friends with your body and all the feelings it harbors (which you once tucked away in distress because you didn’t know what to do with it). If life is hard on you and you tend to worry and worry a lot, try singing and worrying at the same time. I’m curious if you succeed! Singing is like medicine for those with weak spleen energy.late summer

A healthy earth element

People in whom the earth element functions well are stable and calm and quite capable of living in the here and now. They can really enjoy good food, art, nature, beautiful music or a heartfelt compliment.

They are open and honest people with whom you quickly feel at ease. They are hospitable and exude a friendly calm. You feel welcome as you are. They are practical, authentic people who don’t make things difficult, but are clear. They are often good – empathically – listening and putting things into perspective. They don’t get fat quickly and don’t get out of balance so easily. They are just there.

Physically, these are often well-fed people with a firm body, a healthy appetite and good cheek color. They are stable and generally healthy.


When the earth element is weakened, support for you will mainly consist of looking at what really nourishes you. This primarily concerns physical nutrition, but also the questions ‘what nourishes you?’ and ‘what do you really enjoy?’ are closely associated with it. In addition, there is often too little energy for digestion.

Nutrition with little digestive energy

Energy is needed to digest. Whether it concerns physical digestion or the digesting/processing of experiences, feelings, situations or information. When there is too little digestive energy, the body has trouble producing new life energy from food and air.

Advice for low digestive energy

  • Chew very well.
  • Eat mindfully.
  • Do not eat too much together.
  • Eat little raw vegetables, dairy products, ice cream and other cold or slime-forming foods. No cold drinks, no sugar.
  • Little, but healthy and organic food. Many sprouted seeds (Eat raw. They contain a lot of life energy and photons and therefore digest easily. They also contain many vital substances such as enzymes and vitamins).
  • Take rest after eating.
  • It may seem strange, but blessing your food is a blessing for your digestive system. Feelings of gratitude and love have a clear effect on the internal structure of – at least – water. It gives it a much more harmonious structure. Just take a look at Masaru Emoto’s books. In addition, gratitude opens up your body to receive.
  • Drink ginger tea regularly. That is warming and good for your stomach, digestion and burning calories. With ginger you get more building blocks from your diet. Place an inch of fresh, peeled ginger in a thermos and let it steep for a while. (Delicious with a bag of licorice tea!)
  • Avoid damp cold if possible.
  • After dinner, lie down or meditate

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