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Learn to consciously use your electromagnetic field and create the world you want

Did you know that you have an electromagnetic field around you?

Did you also know that you are the one who directs that field?

And that if you don’t consciously direct it, your subconscious will do it for you?

Then realize what happens to your electromagnetic field, your attraction, if at least 80% of your thoughts and beliefs are unconscious…

Can you imagine the wonderful things that can arise if you consciously learn to use this field of attraction? What if you consciously learn to place your ideals in your field and start using the electromagnetic force?
How easy would life be if you let the attraction work for you, effortlessly, just because you deserve it?

An exercise to make more conscious use of your electromagnetic field

We are all equipped with the right capabilities to create the ideal world. Yet many people start the day completely unconsciously with a sigh, and then finish their ‘obligations’. Then at the end of the day to work off the tension in the gym. That can also be different…

Try starting your day for a week by imagining that you have an electromagnetic field around you. You can do this by visualizing that you are surrounded by a very soft atmosphere.

This sphere is very ethereal and immediately molds to your thoughts and feelings. Find your own way to become aware of your field, feel, see or imagine your field. It might take you a while before you really experience this electromagnetic field for the first few days, but you will soon notice that it becomes more and more effortless.

You can then start playing with this field by visualizing certain emotional values ​​or images in it. Start your day with the feeling of putting Love in your field. And feel your field being completely filled with Love in its purest form. Feel what that does to you and to your body. It may feel like fantasizing or dreaming to you, but notice the effect it has on your body and mood.

Start the day with certain images in your field. For example, beautiful golden stars around you, or diamonds. Colors can also work great for you. Try it out, play with it, feel what it does to you. And after a week you probably can’t live without it!

It doesn’t have to cost you any time, that’s the beauty of it. All it takes is your conscious intention and attention to place your desires in your field. This is how you start the day with nourishing yourself. And as you work through any obligations for the rest of the day, notice that your field is also active.

So do you want to put in a sigh and fatigue, or do you surround yourself with beauty, harmony and pleasure?

You will see that people will react differently to you, that you will also react differently and that you can feed yourself throughout the day with what you choose. Your field amplifies what you place in it and you get your intentions back amplified.

Become aware of your field and allow yourself to play with the magic of life again.


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