Lemon balm: the medicinal properties of this miracle herb (+ tea recipe)

Lemon balm: the medicinal properties of this miracle herb (+ tea recipe)
A bloated stomach, cramps in your intestines, or pain in your stomach, many suffer from this and know how annoying this is. Digestive complaints are very common. Sometimes it starts very young. Your digestion indicates exactly how you feel. Have you processed everything correctly? Or do you have a lot of tension, do you worry a lot or do you have to let go of something? Physical, mental and emotional processes are directly reflected by the digestive system.

Digest well through balance in Yin and Yang

Have you digested everything properly? Then this has a positive effect on your digestion. You take time for yourself, get enough rest, and have faith that everything will be fine. You are well-grounded and have little stress. On the other hand, do you have problems with your intestines, bloating, or pain in your stomach? Stool that goes too fast or too slow? Then these are all signs that you need to listen to yourself.

It is not always immediately clear where the problem is, often there are also various factors that can be identified. And of course it is also your aptitude that plays a role. If you can’t figure it out right away, ask yourself the following questions. Is there something bothering me? What am I ignoring and still needing to digest? Above all, slow down and take time for yourself during this process. A ‘Luddy day’, do extra breathing exercises or a meditation.

Always going on and thinking that things will work out is sometimes a useful feature, but at the same time a pitfall. Balance in yin and yang is important. Not always action, but a lot of rest and regularly a ‘useless’ day is good for digestion. This way you process emotions and you can literally and figuratively digest everything better.

Lemon balm: the medicinal properties of this miracle herb (+ tea recipe)


So ask yourself the following questions:
  • What can I not digest well?
  • Emotionally: am I under a lot of stress, which emotions are bothering me?
  • Mentally: do I have a lot of worries, do I worry a lot or do I have a lot of information to process (from work, study, social media or the news)
  • Which food bothers me more? Make a food diary for more insight.
  • Am I taking too little rest? (leaving no time to digest)

For a clear overview, you can write everything down. What you eat, do, feel and think. Make an overview per day, when you have problems and what you have eaten and done. But also write down your feelings and thoughts.

Lemon balm is an herb that supports you mentally and physically during this entire process.

Lemon balm

Do you want a long life, super memory, and good digestion? Then use lemon balm regularly. Lemon balm is one of my favorite herbs. It smells wonderful and makes great tea. It also rejuvenates body and mind. Forgetful or dejected? The herb revitalizes the entire body. The nervous system in particular. The scent is similar to lemon and at the same time invigorates and relaxes the mind. It also keeps mosquitoes away, so plenty of reasons to buy a plant.

Melissa officinalis is derived from ‘meli’ in Greek which means honey. Melissa is the name of the honey bee that prefers to get its honey from lemon balm. In the past, the plant was used to clean beehives.

The plant is originally from Asia and the Mediterranean but also feels great here. From the Mediterranean area, it was taken by the Romans to the rest of Europe. It was used to improve memory and refresh the mind.

According to the Arabs, it promotes longevity. The antioxidant rosmarinic acid present is responsible for this.

The Chinese Medicine

The roots of Lemon Balm are ineradicable, which indicates strength and strengthening, and so is resistance-enhancing. The stem, which is squarely strong and upright, also shows that it has a resistance-increasing effect. The slight hairiness of the leaf indicates an effect on the mucous membranes and lungs. The color of the leaf is light green, which indicates that it has a mild effect on the stomach and spleen.

The white flowers have a calming effect on the digestive system and have a positive effect on the lungs. The smell is wonderful and it has a positive effect on the mind. Lemon balm has a calming effect on the nervous system.

The plant and the human

Lemon balm: the medicinal properties of this miracle herb (+ tea recipe)

Lemon balm is a friendly gentle herb. It suits someone who is gentle, but also slightly nervous, likes to talk and care for others. In doing so, they forget themselves and ring the bell too late if something is wrong. They would rather run away from the harsh society than stand up for themselves.

The complaints that can arise from this are; headache, insomnia, and possibly heart problems (palpitations). Also often digestive complaints because they do not take the rest to digest everything, both mentally and physically.

The medicinal effect of lemon balm

Lemon balm is nervine, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, sedative and an antihistamine. Good for digestion reduces cramps and pain. Soothes stress-related complaints and stimulates liver and gallbladder.
Tempers nervous palpitations, and arrhythmias and lowers high blood pressureMentally and emotionally it has a calming and analgesic effect and reduces tension, anxiety, and agitation.

Relieves headaches and improves memory and concentration. Helps with colds, flu, mucosal inflammation, and respiratory infections, such as cough and asthma.

It is good for the entire immune system. Anti-fungal, against hay fever and allergies. Also beneficial for painful menstruation and menopausal depression. Facilitates birth just before and during delivery.


Do not use thyroid medication. Caution in glaucoma and pregnancy. Maybe at the end of pregnancy, because it has a stimulant effect.


The tea is delicious before going to sleep and helps to relax. Can be used for tensions, restlessness, and digestive complaints caused by stress. Also very good to combine with other herbs, such as lavender (before going to sleep.) Or mint, in water with ice cubes, on a hot day.

Lemon balm can also be used externally as an oil. You can use (diluted) oil for a massage for menstrual pain, muscle, and joint pain. Can also be used as ear drops.

Wishing you a lot of balance!



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