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Lemuria: From Submerged Continent to Dimension

There is much talk about Lemuria. This article is for those who are attracted to this energy, who feel they recognize the energy of Lemuria . As the connection with Lemuria grows stronger, more and more information is also released . New information is received almost daily, more people every day have the feeling of coming home in this energy. This is for those who recognize. At the end of the article are several sounds and exercises to get back in touch with the beautiful dimension of Lemuria.

Parallel Dimension

It is becoming increasingly clear that we can actually speak of the dimension of Lemuria. It is not just a continent, energy, form of being, and so on. Before purely terrestrial human life existed, the tangible energy of Lemuria was already present on another level of consciousness. It was formed by a frequency slightly higher than the frequency of present matter. Because of this, the dimension of Lemuria existed beyond time and beyond the limiting definition of matter that we humans currently hold. Lemuria is not a long lost continent of the past, no, she still is.

The dimension of Lemuria exists parallel to the usual dimensions of man. By raising our current frequency level we can align ourselves with the Lemurian dimension, it becomes visible to us again and we can “raise” or “raise” the dimension we currently live in to the dimension of Lemuria. We should not look for the physical ruins of Lemuria as “proof” of its existence, but for the living, growing and creating energy of a dimension.lemuria

How does the dimension of Lemuria function?

The networks and structures of the dimension of Lemuria have a different range. Just like our hearing, which is not attuned to sounds and sounds with a very high vibration, our current physical and energetic are not yet attuned to (again) hook into the dimension of Lemuria. In addition, humans use very different geometric shapes for their “spiritual journeys” than those used within the Lemurian dimension.

Where man mainly works with circles (spheres) and star-shaped figures (think of the work with the Merkaba), the Lemurians move in and through the light by using the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron. They are respectively connected to the divine pillar of light, knowledge and magic, universal love, the flowing.

The Lemurian energetic dimension contains wisdom, frequencies and memories that are all part of our physical and energetic DNA. Because the consciousness of Lemuria consists of pure unity, unity thinking is once again available to us.

In the Lemurian dimension there is a balanced exchange of energy. All forms of its parts in unity, communicating from the contact with the heart which is in perfect balance with the mind. The masculine and feminine is fused together and creates a perfect balance in thinking, in the physical and energetic hemispheres of the brain and in the collective consciousness.

This dimension became less tangible and visible as active consciousness waned and duality deepened. Due to the great difference in consciousness of man and the dimension of Lemuria, he was eventually no longer felt by the vast majority of humanity.lemuria

Realigning Your Vibration to Lemuria – I

The dimension of Lemuria, as described, lies as a warm, ever-present, yet invisible blanket over the Earth to most. When you tune in to special energetic physical places associated with Lemuria (Easter Island, Tiahuanaco and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the different sun temples around the world, Hawaii, Tikal in Guatemala, etc.)

the light of Lemuria offers us a glimpse into the parallel reality present in the dimension of Lemuria. When you visualize standing in the middle of a beautiful temple complex or on one of the islands mentioned during a meditation, you feel how the energy of Lemuria comes closer.

After all, you “stand” in a place that forms one of the gates between these two layers of consciousness. Pure and only the request to be invited offers the energy the opportunity to “take you along”. By opening up, smiling, looking within and accepting the energy of Lemuria into your being, you invite the Lemurian energy to open and activate your DNA associated with Lemuria.

Realigning Your Vibration to Lemuria – II

When you attune yourself to the shape of the Dodecahedron during a meditation


Dodecahedron photo by: KoenB (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 ( )], via Wikimedia Commons
Dodecahedron photo by: KoenB (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 ( )], via Wikimedia Commons

(imagine sitting in a beautiful gold-colored Dodecahedron, rotating slowly) your vibrational level is raised to such an extent that you can tune in to the subtle, fast, less dense energy of Lemuria and thus the dimension of Lemuria.

The Dodecahedron is one of the forms of sacred geometry that the Lemurians use for their astral light travel. When you use the same energetic vehicle it is easier to feel the frequency in which they move. Through practice and trust, by tuning into the Lemurian frequency again and again, it becomes familiar to feel and experience from the Lemurian dimension.

Realigning Your Vibration to Lemuria – III

Each of our chakras has the capacity to collect and store information and energy. For example, by receiving the light of the sun, each chakra receives wisdom from the stars (and their universal memory). This wisdom is anchored in DNA and is passed on from generation to generation. The level of wisdom at this point is such that man is beginning to remember who she really is. By cleaning and activating our own chakras we can log in to the visible and tangible Lemurian dimension.

When the human chakras are restored, it also contributes to the recovery of the planetary chakras and thus contributes to the connection to the Lemurian energetic network.
A meditation you can use for this:

Realigning Your Vibration to Lemuria – IV

You can use the following sounds:

Medahíl Sonathé
Medahíl Rocamé
Mahéd Mahé Mahés
Yonítagin Madéh
“I embrace the process of unification, the gathering that brings us to the temple of transformation.
I embrace the process of connection, the contact that opens our energy and ignites the light.
In the waves lies the waves and we waves.
I embrace the process of rebirth, it has already happened.”

These sounds contribute to the transformation. Your frequency changes, your DNA opens, your memories are activated, your third eye realigns to the dimension of Lemuria and these sounds allow you to breathe, discern and understand Lemuria’s energy again.

As you repeat the sounds, tune your breathing to the soft rustle of the vibrations of Lemuria. Your heartbeat mixes with the primal sound. You sink into deep silence because from silence everything is “audible”.

Repeat the sounds like a mantra and let the vibration that arises take you along and “tell you”, especially listen, don’t think, just feel. This creates an energetic state of being, which offers you the opportunity to experience the dimension of Lemuria.

Tuning Your Vibration Back to Lemuria – V

Furthermore, you can tune in to one of the energies that “are” and “live” in the other dimension. Because that dimension is constructed so differently, the energies present there are also of a totally different order than the living beings on earth. One of those energies is Guahín Huanca – Destiny. Keeper of the gates of light that provide access to Lemuria. For more information about the different energies of lemuria see .

The presence of the energy associated with Guahín Huanca – Destiny changes your molecular structure to receive the different aspects of light. This light is attuned to Lemuria and changes the core of your being, raises your frequency and reconnects you to the Lemurian energetic grid around the earth.

A recording that supports you in this attunement:

Guahín Huanca Tolohín
Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru Uri-Ru
Tinaaca Guahín Né
Huanca Tolohín Ré
Cumalca Guahin Rú
Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru Uri-Ru

Guahín Huanca Tolohín
He who carries and carries the light
He who invites the light and connects it with the light essence in each being
Tinaaca Guahín Né
He who transforms the pillars of light and makes intelligible
Huanca Tolohín Ré
He who represents the unity of the light safeguards and nourishes
Cumalca Guahin Rú
He who invites, fuses and shines the elements of light.
Let the light do its work. Feel the power, the change, feel yourself being attuned to the light of Lemuria. Let the language of light speak.

Sources: Several articles from the Portalterraluz page and other sources from Latin America in addition to information channeled by Kai from Argentina, Eugenio Prestisimone and Corien van Vliet.


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