11 Tips For Less Doubting Yourself or Your Relationship

Less Doubting Yourself or Your Relationship

Open any magazine and you’ll read about how to achieve optimal health.

Eating healthy and exercising is often given advice to live a healthier life.

But have you ever thought about what your mood does to your health ?

Doubting yourself or doubting your relationship stresses your body. And stress is just as bad for your health as eating poorly and not exercising.

Still, having doubts is not something you can flaunt. Doubting rather gives a feeling of hopelessness that you experience and process without anyone knowing or seeing it. Did you know that fear and doubts keep you from achieving what you really want to achieve in your life?

Doubting makes you think that you end up in situations that turn out not to be that important after all.

Do you therefore think: I want to get rid of my doubts ? Now is the time to take control and create opportunities.

Because if you’re still in doubt, there’s only one person who can stop that and that’s YOU!

What is doubt

Doubting, doubting, hesitating and continuing to ask yourself something are all synonyms for a lack of certainty about something or someone .

Usually, this uncertainty concerns an unclear outcome or a still unclear result. Uncertainty gives rise to doubts and by doubting you feel an inability to make decisions.

Often you doubt because there is a lack of convincing evidence or a lack of faith in the truth.

Doubt is therefore a consequence of the lack of certainty.

Why do I always doubt?

Doubting is a common trait . Everyone has doubts sometimes. One more often than the other.

But why do you doubt and why does it not stop?

Doubt has to do with a lack of self-confidence . You often doubt yourself first, and then you doubt others as well.

You can have doubts about your abilities, your intelligence, about your appearance or about making choices. There are so many moments in a day when you can have doubts.

And because you keep doubting again and again, the feeling of insecurity perpetuates itself. Plus: the more insecure you become, the more you doubt.

Less Doubting Yourself or Your Relationship

Do you still get it? It is a circle that must be broken. And that starts with believing in yourself.

The consequences of eternal doubt

Are you an eternal doubter? Then it probably does not seem strange to you that you continuously think or assume that something is not entirely true or has been invented.

Doubting yourself forever or doubting your relationship makes you unstable. And that is noticeable with every choice you are faced with.

Because you doubt, you will miss opportunities.

Doubting keeps you from having success and experiencing pure happiness in life .

In short you can say that when you are forever in doubt:

  • The doubt is holding you  back from the joy and happiness you feel in being in a relationship.
  • The doubt  prevents you from accepting the truth about a particular situation.
  • The doubt  prevents you from feeling free and enjoying the choices you have made in your life.

7 tips to doubt yourself less

Do you want to stop doubting? Then we have the best tips for you that you can get started right away. Start today!

Tip 1. Surround yourself with reliable and positive people

Your environment has contributed a great deal to the image you have created of yourself.

Your environment can therefore also help to change and adjust that image.

When you trust people around you, you can be yourself.

In confidence you can express your doubts about yourself. That gives the people around you the opportunity to give you new and positive insights that help you further.


Tip 2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself is killer. It never helps you further and only creates more uncertainty. Comparing yourself is pointless simply because every person is unique.

Unique in its own beautiful way, but also unique with its less good sides.

The good sides are shown to the outside world, but the less good sides are private .

That’s why it often seems like others are so much nicer, more intelligent, prettier or more confident.

But that image is distorted, because you only know half of the entire personality.

Tip 3. Start keeping a diary

Keeping a journal can sound a bit heavy. But what you want to achieve with it is to become more confident by counting your successes.

By writing down successes, they are preserved. Doubting makes you focus on your failures.

But when your successes are recorded, you will see that you have achieved much more than you thought. And reading positive moments gives new energy and certainty.


Tip 4. Ask yourself ‘why’?

Sit down and ask yourself 5 times in a row why you are in doubt . “Why do I doubt?”

By repeating this question a few times, your mind is forced to surface the answer that is still hidden.

Writing down the answer that comes up is definitely recommended. This way you can ask questions about this to get even more clarity.

Because in the end you don’t want to hesitate anymore and you want to know what you will choose.

Earlier I wrote an article about how you can increase your perseverance.

Doubters often fall into the trap of taking every word or statement on its own. Do not do that.

Many of the words people say in a day are meant in general. Remember that everyone reacts from their own point of view.

Also, don’t immediately take other people’s views as the truth. Only what you feel and what you know is your truth .

Less Doubting Yourself or Your Relationship

You can let the rest pass you by, it is not meant for you personally.

Tip 6. Improve your own skills

Are you good at certain things? Then it will help enormously to improve your self-confidence. You will doubt much less when you feel confident.

Check for yourself in which areas you could use some extra help or support.

Skills can be diverse. For example, cooking can be a skill, but also presenting in front of a group.

Nothing is better than the other, but make sure that what belongs to you is at a good level. Then you can have no more doubts about it.

Do you want more self-confidence? Use my article to rediscover faith in yourself.


Tip 7. Celebrate small wins

Despite the fact that you feel a lot of doubt, there are also successes.

Small victories come to you every day. And it is precisely those small, for you perhaps insignificant moments, that are worth celebrating.

By focusing on what is going well, you stimulate your brain to give uncertainty a chance.

Doubts are temporarily set aside . After all, you’re celebrating a win.

And the smaller the space becomes for your doubts, the better and more confident you will feel.

If you want to discover how you can quickly de-stress, I recommend reading this article.


4 tips that will help you if you have doubts about your relationship

When you’re crazy about someone, the last thing you expect is to have doubts about your relationship.

Yet there are countless relationships where one of the partners has doubts. Sometimes both partners feel doubts without expressing them.

Doubts can feel like something uncomfortable at first. It’s not supposed to. You are supposed to fight and commit yourself fully to your relationship.

At least, that’s the line of expectation…

Thinking through doubts is done safely in silence. During sleepless nights, while exercising or taking a shower. Doubting can feel like betrayal, so keep it to yourself.

Do you recognize this?

Then it is good to read the tips below carefully. They help you organize your doubts and give you a push in the direction that is best for you.


1. Distance yourself from each other

Taking a step back from a relationship that already doesn’t feel stable feels like a really nasty step.

Especially for women who naturally want to please, in the hope that it will turn out all right.

A man often just naturally takes the space to organize his thoughts. But even though it feels dismal, taking some distance is a really good first step.

You decide how far you distance yourself. You can start by being less available.

This means that you do not immediately answer incoming messages. You make more space and time for yourself .

If physical distance feels better, that’s totally fine too. Distancing means looking for a mode that feels right for you.

With the aim of organizing your doubting thoughts, so that you know which decision you will make.


2. Talk about your doubts with others

Expressing doubts makes your thought emotionally final.

Sharing that you are no longer sure can feel like betrayal again. Still, it is good to discuss your doubts and thoughts with someone else.

Someone who can look at the situation with a different feeling.

Perhaps someone can hold up a mirror to you, give you tips or new insights. Talking about your doubts can help you see things differently .

It can confirm that your relationship is indeed broken. But it can also open your eyes, giving love another chance.


3. Cut the knot

When you’ve been analyzing your doubts for a while, there comes a point to make a decision.

Doubting postpones the chance of new happiness . By continuing to doubt, you will really miss out on opportunities.

Your image is also blurred and you can no longer see the beautiful things clearly. So it ‘s time to take the plunge .

And you really don’t know what to do yet? Then write two letters to your partner. One letter in which you tell him or her how much love you feel and how you see the future. The other letter is the suicide note.

In this you tell that you have decided to end the relationship.

Less Doubting Yourself or Your Relationship

In most cases there is one letter that goes by itself and the other letter that does not get a word on paper. That is a last tool to know for sure at which point you can take the plunge.


4. Date others

When you’ve thought carefully, talked about your doubts, distanced yourself and made the decision.

Then start dating again. You always set the boundaries yourself.

But meeting others often makes you appreciate what you had. Or you will receive confirmation that the choice you made was actually the right one.

And besides all that, dating also gives a healthy dose of self-confidence !


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