Lessons in letting go: how can you detach and trust in life?

Lessons in letting go: how can you detach and trust in life?

When you are detached, you live in the moment and enjoy it more. You trust life and let the universe surprise you, This article shows you how to break free from everything you are attached to, such as people, matter, opinions…

If you pay attention, the world will show you what you are still too attached to. For example, do you place too much value on another person’s judgment?

Life lessons

Years ago someone asked me if I wanted to write a blog about detachment, but I couldn’t. Because I had not yet learned the lessons myself and therefore did not know exactly how to do it. Of course, I also receive wisdom from above, but that is always accompanied by my own lessons. Since then I have learned a lot about detachment, which allows me to describe it better and others to understand it better.

Divine timing

Each time you level up: you learn something new and your consciousness develops. The veil is thinning and you are seeing things more and more clearly. This happens to every person at the pace that he or she can handle. You cannot force certain processes and you also have to integrate processes, which takes time. We like to check things and send them exactly the way we want. Well, I can tell you: you can’t force the whole process of waking up and letting your talents come ‘online’.

Lessons in letting go: how can you detach and trust in life?

There is such a thing as ‘divine timing’. As much as you’d like to see something else, you can’t speed up or control certain processes. And that waiting time also includes enough lessons. One of them is patience… Patience is something that many people don’t have, but it is a lesson that we have been taught in our curriculum here on earth. Patience teaches you to detach, and that’s where we want to go.

Developing higher consciousness

Detachment is something we can all learn to move forward in our process. It helps us to create a higher consciousness. Detachment from people, situations, outcomes, love, materialism, jobs, way of life, characters, patterns, ego, and so on I could go on and on. But you probably understand where I want to go with these thoughts – and we can detach from that too…

Thoughts are powerful spins that can create crazy stories that turn your whole life upside down. We are all good at creating and romanticizing stories. I too am someone who sometimes romanticizes life a little too much and in the end, I get a very different outcome than I imagined. But of course, hope also gives life. And if it makes you happy, I’d just keep doing what you’re doing. As long as you don’t care about the outcome!

Lessons in letting go: how can you detach and trust in life?

Apart from everything

How do you get rid of everything you are so attached to? This is done in steps. It takes time to master this lesson. Every time you think you’ve learned it, something comes along that triggers you and before you know it, you’re back in it. So nice those lessons from the universe…

I know how tough certain lessons can be and how despondent it feels if you just don’t master them. In some cases, we have to do our best. Although, ‘doing the best’ sounds like a tough task. We don’t have to be too hard on ourselves; life can also be fun and lighthearted. If we don’t learn a lesson, it will come back another day. You didn’t learn to ride a bike in one day, did you?

Lighter and airier life

Sometimes it is difficult to be and remain light-hearted because somewhere in our system is the programming of ‘wanting to do it right. But what if I tell you you’ve always done it right? You came here to learn, not to be the best student in the class. Unless that’s your goal. You can keep it light by playing more in life and seeing everything as one big game. That is not always possible, but when it is possible, it helps you to go through life lighter. Because lightness brings light with it.

The more light-hearted you go through life, and the more you go with the flow, the more you can detach. You enjoy more and live in the moment. You are not attached to outcomes and you rely on life and the processes that present themselves. Life is also so much more fun when you leave more to ‘chance’ and it takes a lot of stress away. You let the universe surprise you and completely let go of control. Do you know how nice it is to feel free?

The world as a mirror

Lessons in letting go: how can you detach and trust in life?

You’ve probably heard that the universe is inside you. And that everything that goes on outside of you, in your world, is a mirror of what goes on in your system. So if you pay attention, show the world what you are still too attached to. Do you attach (too) much value to the judgment or opinion of others? Do you attach (too) much value to how many likes you get or how people respond to you? Do you react (too) much to rejection?

How you deal with rejection says a lot about the parts in you that you yourself reject. The outside world shows you what you can still look at and where you can use healing. As soon as you no longer attach, for example, to the opinions of others, the reality around you changes. See where you can work with yourself and what changes in your world as a result. Life is a game, so start playing it. The game of detachment.



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