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let go and let god

One of my good friends always says ‘Let go and let God’ when he is in a situation that is beyond his hat. It is his way of recognizing that there is a point where we let others learn their own lessons in their own way and at their own pace and from their own strength.

How many times do we hold someone energetically straight, see them in their best light, hold the highest intention for them and their lives only to see them go all the way back to their old life because they can’t learn and grow in our timelines and not heal them if we force them or try to do the work for them.

In many situations we have to “let it go and let God do it” which is our way of admitting that we are incapable of changing the course of someone’s life. Thinking we can or should do this puts us in the risky position of being Source in someone’s life and if they don’t listen to God now, what makes us suppose they would listen to us? As we move towards the end of 2011, we are going to have even more opportunities to let things go this way, as we will find that we cannot accommodate anyone’s transformation while we are in transformation ourselves.

We have been on this healing journey for many lifetimes

While we are grappling with our own healing journey and feeling stuck, the temptation to heal others while waiting for our life to change has given us the wrong impression that we have enough time and energy to do so. As things begin to move (and they will in September), new priorities are required because we cannot be both the tested healer for others and the master of our own lives at the same time. Someone has to prioritize and that has to be us. We must make that choice with a clear heart, realizing that if we let go, God can take over.

We have been on this healing journey with our soul group for many lifetimes, we have held the light and the place, we have been the healer and the healed, and we have postponed our progress and movement. Now it is time for us to let go and let God do the work because one’s healing path is truly something between him and God, and we are not a part of it except as an energetic spectator.

Two things happen when we release others so that they can go on their own healing path – they have the motivation to work harder because their growth and healing are now their own responsibility, and we have more time and energy for our own healing journey because our energy is not scattered and limited by what we contribute to the lives of others.


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