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Let go, but how do you do that?

It’s really winter now. For everyone but very normal that we have seasons. It comes and it goes and so another year has passed. And while the tree has now lost all its leaves, it looks beautiful again in the spring, full of color and leaves.

Why do we think that’s so normal? Why do we accept nature as it is? Just because it is and we don’t want to change it.

But why don’t we as human beings do that automatically with ourselves? Why do we have to worry, grind, get headaches and other health problems before we realize that we can let go?

Or why do we keep holding on to sadness and staying angry at the situation? We can continue, we can go to the next chapter. And there’s nothing sad about this at all, it’s just very beautiful and ordinary. That we can be proud that we are alive and that we can learn and take steps in our lives.

How can I let go?

1) Understand the situation – put it into perspective

What’s really going on? Why is this happening to you? Why are you mad? Not at whom or what you are angry, but what makes you angry? Why does this make you angry?

For example: your girlfriend no longer contacts you. She doesn’t need your friendship right now. Why don’t you know exactly, you feel like it’s happening to you. You feel powerless and sad.

You often only know afterwards why this is happening for you. You know that you are sad and that you feel powerless. You have no control over the situation.

Not being in control of the situation is a process of trust. Instead of wanting to regain control, have faith that things will work out in one form or another. This situation is good for something, but you often don’t know that until the future. For now you can have the confidence that everything will be okay and that it will make you better.

Furthermore, you may manifest new, lovely people in your life who contribute to your life. If you open up to it, these people will get there. If you’re locked up, no one will come. Go for it, have the confidence. When you have the confidence, you radiate that everything will be fine. And what you radiate, that’s what you get. You get back the energy youradiator .

2) Learn the lesson you are being taught

There is a lesson in every life experience you gain. We are all here to learn things. Life gives us several life lessons . And the sooner you let go of situations and see what your life lesson is, the sooner you can start learning your next lessons.

This is also the reason that people end up in a vicious circle or that people are always presented with similar situations. They feel like victims of a situation, but there’s nothing wrong with them other than they simply don’t choose to let go of the situations and this keeps it happening.

The lesson in the example taken can be, for example, that the person may choose more for himself. Or that she can let go or control more. Maybe she should start to feel more self-esteem. It may have happened to her because she was too much in the shadow of someone else.

The class is very personal and different for everyone. There is only one person who knows the lesson and that is you. You can feel the lesson. Ask yourself the question and listen to the answer of your feeling. You know, pay attention.

3) Be thankful

You have learned another lesson. The more you can convert lessons into positivity, the less sadness and anger you will feel. Or the less long you’re going to feel it. Be grateful for what you have and where you stand. Be grateful for the people you have around you. When you have the feeling of gratitude, you can move on.

So put things into perspective and accept, gain insight into your lesson and be grateful.

If you start training with the above, you will notice that you become more positive, that you will learn more and that you will become grateful for everything. You will become an even more beautiful person than you already are.


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