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Let in new energy or continue living with the old energy?

The path of becoming is a microcosm of our life journey, for we are in the process of becoming, in response to each moment, to certain aspects of our energy. Most of this journey is based on unconscious choices, and we use our emotions to judge both the choices we make and the results we get.

But by letting our emotions come into play, we begin to avoid anything that makes us feel “bad” and welcome anything that makes us feel good. However, the best choices, those that have to do with choosing a higher energetic vibration, don’t make us feel better. In fact, they can make us feel quite uncomfortable until we align with the new energy.

And the fact that we’re feeling good indicates that we’re on the “already been” path, doing things we’ve already done, aligning to energy that we’re already aligned with, and trusted. be with you.

When we use our feelings and emotions to judge where we are on our spiritual path, we usually make judgments based on old energy, and what we have already experienced.

A shift in energy does not automatically bring joy and freedom, far from it. Each shift in energy begins with feelings of separation and pain, followed by a choice to move to another level or not, then we are either back where we started as an ‘already’ or we are at a new energy level , which feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable. With any energy shift, we must be willing to experience some discomfort before we can be comfortable with the changes we are creating.

So what do we do? We can stay in our ‘already been’ energy, and do what we have always done, and feel comfortable with what is familiar, or we can try the path of becoming, realizing that there will be emotional and energetic discomfort .

If we can, until we are comfortable with the energy, then we can integrate the newer energy and allow our reality to unfold from this point of becoming. If we can’t, we step back into the comfort of what we already know and are content with ‘already’.

The more we try to stay in the same emotions or feelings, now in these transformation cycles, and try to change, in ways that don’t upset ourselves or others, or in ways that assure us that we are always happy, comfortable and never in despair, the more difficult it becomes for us to keep up with the shift in our energetic frequency.

The path of becoming is a path without effort, but that does not mean it is easy. It takes courage to look at our lives, decide to let go of what no longer serves us, set intentions for new energies, and then give permission for everything that no longer fits to go out of our lives.

Sometimes we have to let go of things we like and want to keep. At other times, those things let go of ourselves and we feel rejected. But we always have two choices in this process, either we stay on the spot like a has been, and pretend we make choices when we don’t.

Either we take a deep breath, gather all our courage, set our intention to become a new and higher vibration and give the Universe permission to help us achieve it in ways that bring us joy, peace and abundance. and know that whatever discomfort we feel is temporary, until we integrate and align the new energy, and let reality become a new expression of our potential.


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