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Let your attention rest in your heart

In the English word for ‘attention’, “attention” , you can clearly see the Latin origin: Ad , “towards or towards” + tendere , “stretch”. So, attention literally means ‘stretching yourself to’, or ‘giving yourself to something’. When our attention is divided, do we still rest within ourselves? Are we still connected to ourselves? Do we even realize where our attention is going?

In our daily lives, our attention is continuously occupied with the objects of the world and/or equally occupied with our inner thoughts, feelings, and the emotions that arise within us. Where is our “I” in all of this?

We limit our attention to a specific object, task, or few thoughts while switching from one to another. The fact that we forget our I can be imagined as the attention that leaves us behind to be absorbed in our experience, in our perception or sensations.

Is there a way to pause and pay close attention to how our I is doing? A kind of holiday, but then from the world, our stories, relationships, from our past and present, from our worries, thoughts and emotions.Let your attention rest in your heart

If our attention stretches outward, can we still recall it and bring it to our ego? It’s like getting a bucket of water from a well. Only here we try to let our attention rest in our hearts again.

When we rest in our hearts, how do we feel? Do we feel the peace returning that has always been there for us? Does peace fill us with a tendency not to act, not to be active or to become something, but to simply connect completely with our I?

Does it take a lot of effort to be with your I when our attention is drawn everywhere? From this resting place can we come back to our I every day, like a home? That’s something to find out!


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