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Levels of contact with your soul – Pamela Kribbe

Lovely people,
jeshua akiane Pitfalls on the way to healing Pamela Kribbe
Yeshua or Jesus, as we also know his name, painted by Akiane.

I am Jeshua, I greet you warmly. We are here together and by together I mean there is a merging of our energies as we sit here. Imagine that the highest and most beautiful in you recognize itself in each other and thereby multiply.

Often you see in others better and more clearly their beauty, their richness, their refinement than you see in yourself. And by perceiving it in another, you give that other something: faith in oneself, confidence. Now you give this to each other. Let it flow, let it happen, let your soul be touched.

Every time your soul is touched, it comes more to earth. When you are moved inwardly in a moment of emotion, recognition, inspiration, your soul descends further, it feels more welcome, at home on earth. It is an interplay between you and your soul.

Who are you then in relation to your soul? Because that is often not clear to you. Some of you see the soul as something outside of you, far and above you. You then feel yourself as a puny human being, who wants and tries everything, and you experience the soul as a force outside of you that occasionally intervenes and to which you are more or less at the mercy.

But you are not outside your soul and your soul is not outside you. The soul, your soul is in you, now and everywhere you go or stand. You are part of your soul. But although your soul is part of you, you are not the whole soul, you do not coincide. There is a part of your soul incarnated in you. That lives and moves in you.

There is also a part that doesn’t quite fit in, so to speak, a part that stays behind – you can call it that in earthly language -, a part that is too large to be captured in an earthly body and an earthly personality. So there is an interplay between you and your soul while yet you are one, belong to the same, are not separated from each other. The interaction revolves around how much of your soul, of your soul energy, you allow into your earthly life.

Is that now and then a spark of inspiration, of being touched, of expanding consciousness? Or do you allow the soul to penetrate more deeply and will it shape your earthly existence in a radical way? That is the process you are now in, the process of a deeper merging with your soul, a deeper surrender to the flow of your soul.

You are not forced to do this by anything outside of you, it is a choice you make; to be carried by what your soul tells you, tells you. And when do you decide to do this? You do that the moment you realize very deeply that there is no other way, that this is the only way for you. Usually this is preceded by a period in which you hardly listened to the voice of your soul.

You tried to do it on your own, from your head, from prevailing ideas that were handed to you from outside, from fear, from being hunted. There are many reasons why you did not listen to your soul and because of that you became estranged from her voice, it became an unknown to you.praying man

That’s what most of you have come to associate with being human, being on Earth; that you become estranged from your origin, your roots, your cosmic origin and your soul. Then incarnation becomes a very painful process. Entering the body then means saying goodbye to who you essentially are, to your origin, your home.

That is an almost impossible task and then it is only natural that you long to return home, that you want to leave here, that you do not feel at home here. Everyone has their own way on earth, but everyone will experience being cut off from the voice of the soul for a time. Until you notice: ‘I can’t anymore, it can’t go on like this anymore, I’m stuck.

Because if I live from my head alone, from fear alone, from what must and should, I die inside, I die. ‘ Only when you experience this intensely inside you will be open to a different sound, to a memory of who you really are. You give up on a certain level, but the right way of giving up also means opening up to something else.

That’s the trick: in giving up, turning to the new. And that is sometimes very difficult for you. You associate giving up, dissatisfaction, with feelings of depression, sadness, bitterness, disappointment, being stuck. But you can also consider such a moment, such a point of not wanting to continue in the old way, as a possibility, as a door that is ajar to something else. You can seize such a crisis moment to push through inwardly to another reality.

That requires inner strength, because precisely in a moment of despondency you are asked to turn around and trust in something else that you do not know, of which you do not yet know. It’s like sitting on the floor with a mess in front of you and behind you is a door ajar with light shining through. If you sit with your back to the door and stare at the mess in front of you, it causes feelings of depression, despair, despondency.

Then how can you have the perspective that the door wants to give you; the possibility of something else? You can start to feel that perspective, you can open yourself to it by making contact with your soul at that moment. Your soul is then in the first place an intense perception, an awareness of what lives in you. the possibility of something else? You can start to feel that perspective, you can open yourself to it by making contact with your soul at that moment.

Your soul is then in the first place an intense perception, an awareness of what lives in you. the possibility of something else? You can start to feel that perspective, you can open yourself to it by making contact with your soul at that moment. Your soul is then in the first place an intense perception, an awareness of what lives in you.

spiritual metaphors collideYou can live through pain and despair in two very different ways. You can immerse yourself in it and that means that all your energy, everything that is conscious in you, is bouncing on the waves of fear, bitterness, even hatred. Your thinking is colored by it, your emotions and eventually your body are influenced by it.

But there is a counterforce. You can become aware of what is happening inside you in those moments. At that moment you withdraw from the descending current. There is something looking at it intensely, without judgment, from a great consciousness, greater than your earthly will, your earthly ideas, your upbringing, your fears, all that is known to you from the past, the old.

Then the soul enters your earthly field. Often it is the case that such a mess has to be created – to put it irreverently – before you feel invited to explore another consciousness. It is precisely in a moment of crisis that your consciousness can be shifted, shifted and you can start to feel and look at yourself from a larger perspective.

It then becomes very quiet inside. Just feel that silence; look at something in your life that you don’t have an answer to, that you’ve thought about countless times; you’ve looked at it from all sides and you’ve experienced all the emotions that come with it countless times. Now find in yourself a point of silence, of looking at it without wanting anything, without looking for an answer.

Feel how a certain calm comes over you immediately. That is the meaning of ‘giving up the fight’. That does not mean that everything that remains the old, nothing changes anymore. It just means that you create space for the new. But not from the mind, the known, the past and what lies behind you. The unknown, the new can only enter through the silence, through not knowing anymore, giving up. Let the silence surround you flow through your body.

By being in silence in this way, you dissolve old certainties. Ideas about how your life should go, beliefs you were clinging to, come loose like autumn leaves from a tree. The energy of your soul blows like a gentle wind through your aura. Imagine it: everything that is old, that you no longer need, that has been lived through and digested, is blown away. When you don’t know it anymore, it’s easier to let go.

In this way new forces gather in you, in your energy field. what you no longer need, what has been lived through and digested, is blown away. When you don’t know what to do, it’s easier to let go. In this way new forces gather in you, in your energy field. what you no longer need, what has been lived through and digested, is blown away. When you don’t know it anymore, it’s easier to let go. In this way new forces gather in you, in your energy field.

The emptier it is, the more the soul can fill your energy field. And from the silence, new ideas bubble up, not nourished by the head or by the will. They come at you from outside, as it were, suddenly something bubbles up. It doesn’t have to be now, but it will happen naturally in this process. Inspirations, intuitions that flow smoothly, that feed you with new impulses.

At this point I want to tell you about the levels where you can feel, experience your soul. There are different levels on which you can feel your soul, be attuned to it. We just spoke about how the soul can reveal itself through silence, through pure awareness,

which is also a very deep home, not being taken along in the streams of all kinds of emotions and thoughts, but staying rooted, completely present in the today. That is one of the deepest levels at which you can have contact with the soul; the pure presence. It has an immediate positive effect on your body, your thoughts, your emotions; it is a healing flow.

At that moment the soul is no longer something above or outside you, but it is very physically present, also in the lower half of your body, in your belly, in your legs and your feet. Get in touch with how it feels in your body when your soul is in contact with you, when you are completely there from your soul. Feel the firmness of this contact. Feel the peace and tranquility of it. Experiencing peace and tranquility, a deep calmness is the basis of all soul contact. If this is not there, the contact with your soul is not complete.bottle dolphin

Why am I saying this? Because there is also another level where you can make contact with the soul and that is physically higher in your energy field. Many of you are intuitively gifted and also clairsentient. You can pick up from your sixth sense, from your energetic perception of everything around you: moods and thoughts of others.

This can happen from the third eye, and from the heart you often sympathize with others. You already notice that when I start talking about this, your energy probably becomes a bit more restless, which goes up more. This also happens regularly when you make inner contact with your inspiration, with that which you would like to realize on earth, with your ideals, with visions of the future. You often lift them above yourself.

Intuitively, there is a connection with a part of your soul and at the same time that connection is not completely grounded, not completely carried through to the base,

the silence, the peace. You can be gripped by the vision of a new time, a heart-carried energy on earth and at the same time be deeply disappointed because it is not happening so quickly around you, because there is so much resistance and

god-loveare opposing forces. In this way you bump into the world and it seems as if you don’t fit here on earth. But although those desires and feelings, which you have when foreseeing the New Earth, arise from the contact with your soul, it is important to let that energy of inspiration sink into your body, into your energy field into your belly.

If you have ideas for the future about what you want, what you long for, feel those ideas, feel the energy in them, the energy of the future in your heart. Feel the fire that lives within you and then let that energy merge with you even more deeply. Lower it into your stomach. And in your pelvis. And in your legs.

Until it becomes quiet and calm, until you become still and calm. At that moment your soul and the message you receive from your soul touch the earth. Then there can be a grounded, realistic flow and you remain fully in touch with your earthly reality, while also maintaining contact with your soul. Then you can build a bridge between the two.

spiritual connectionI see many of you lightworkers at times completely absorbed in visions of another world, but at the same time losing touch with this world as it is here and now, including within yourself.

Not only outside of you, but also within you. Then you become split, a duality arises between the light and the dark in you and in the world. That creates conflict and tension.

Your challenge now is to really give up the old and welcome the new to the depths of your earthly being, on all levels: head, heart and belly. It is mainly about that level of the belly, to recognize what still lives in you in fear and old certainties and to be completely present there with the light of your consciousness.

You just have to be there in silence. Then the new can unfold without you knowing how. The arrival of the New Earth, of a heart-based consciousness on Earth, depends on the presence of enough people who are both grounded and spiritual.

They are the channels for the new energy. Become such a person. Communicate with your soul. Let go of the old. Dare to be moved without knowing exactly where. Go by the feeling of calm, peace and tranquility that you experience. Then it is good, that is the voice of the soul.


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