Life force: how well do you take care of it?

Life force: how well do you take care of it?
I think germination is one of the most beautiful words in a natural process. It indicates the ability or the predisposition of, for example, a seed of a peony to come to full exuberant bloom or of a fruit tree to grow its fruits full and ripe. In nature, you can’t perceive this power above ground at the moment, but the seeds rest underground to germinate in the spring. You will also see that under the same conditions one or the other seed has more or less germination power.


Life force: how well do you take care of it?

I see that in people too. One has more germination power than the other. One is better able to develop and grow. This person grows, sometimes against oppression, into a beautiful strong flower. Another person will be blown over in a light breeze or will not even start to sprout.

Is your life force limited, by nature or by circumstances? Of course, you can, but it is no reason not to grow. Don’t sit still if you essentially want to germinate. Remember that your life force wants to go somewhere, it is driving energy. If it can’t go out, the energy goes in. Your life force bounces back inward with equal force when you suppress it.

Do you have a lot of life force? Use it to reach full maturity. Straighten up, come up and work with the natural flow. However, do not force what takes time to grow. You can waste life’s energy pushing and pulling on something that just needs to run its course. Just as you cannot pull a blade of grass to make it grow.

It is now about feeling within yourself or discovering what is present in the germ of you. What power do you really have in yourself and to live according to it. Everything else is ego, no more, no less. The peony is completely herself and is not concerned with wanting to be poppy.

Nipped in the bud

Life force: how well do you take care of it?

Like flowers, humans need a nutritious and fertile environment to unleash their full potential. When you grow up, that is your family and the immediate social environment. Many have experienced that there was not always the most favorable climate for them.

Later as an adult, however, you have your own responsibility for your growth, but even then a nutritious environment is very supportive of your potential.

In my practice, I sometimes come across that someone is starting to germinate and that a partner has a very different outlook on life. It then happens that a partner does not cooperate or even oppose. In this way, growth is already nipped in the bud. The environment for this person is still not growing, rather arid. Although not impossible, barren and poor soil hinders personal and spiritual growth.

It may sound confronting if you live in a poor environment, yet, in my opinion, you always have a choice to look for a more nutritious environment. And therefore not to do that.

breeding ground

Every growth process needs time, attention, and nutrition. Self-love and self-compassion are the breeding ground on which your seed can sprout. It is food for your germination capacity, you can take care of this yourself.



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