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Life in abundance

It sounds so beautiful, life in abundance. As if you just get what you need and don’t have to do anything for it. What exactly is life in abundance? And are you dependent on others for that? And perhaps more importantly: how do you create an abundance of life? You have no control over the behavior of others.

Or is that not necessary at all?

What is abundance?

Abundance simply means ‘more than is minimally necessary.’

If we assume that everything is energy, you can see abundance as creating more energy than is minimally necessary. Giving away more than what you minimally need. But also being able to receive what someone else gives you. I would like to note that this receiving is not the same as greed.

Greed is consciously trying to receive more than is necessary. This is counterproductive. This stops the energy flow and abundance. Abundance is only where energy flows.

Important in creating abundance

It is important that we know that ‘money’ is not energy. This is only a reflection of energy. So by life in abundance does not mean money in the first place. Progress as a human being is not measured in money, but in increasing the energy vibration. In short, you could say, the more unconditional love humanity has in it, the higher the vibration is.

How do you create abundance yourself?

Abundance is within you. Know that you radiate your quality of life. This is the energy that leads to abundance. Improve your quality of life; with that you increase your radiance and your energetic vibration. Do something every day that makes you happy. Regardless of what it is. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid.

For this it is important to realize something else. Wisdom is within you and cannot be imposed by world leaders, schools and other powers. YOU are the sole driver of your vehicle. YOU are in charge of your life. No one else. To actually live this and to propagate this is not always easy in this society, which is full of expectations and imposed behavioral patterns.

Tools for creating abundance

(from personal experience and from Steve Rother and the group’s Welcome Home )

Good. Nice words above (at least in my opinion), but how do you do this in practice?

Step 1, center your energy

Center your own energy. This sounds selfish, but one who is selfish puts himself first in the flow of energy and excludes others from it. The one who centers his own energy puts himself at the forefront of the energy flow. From your own strength you have the most energy to work with. And that is already a challenge for new-age people. They are not used to putting themselves first in the energy flow. For me this was a hard and difficult school. I have let my limits be crossed many times. This cost me a lot of energy.

Step 2, create space

Give a gift from your heart. With this you give from abundance and you celebrate this with the other by sharing. An unconditional gift creates more space than a conditional gift. After all, with the conditionality of giving, part of the space is already filled by an expectation. If you give unconditionally from your heart, it will come back to you strengthened many times over. If your intention in giving is not pure, the yield will be much lower. For example, in every business transaction, give more than has been agreed. This sets the energy of abundance in motion.

But how does that work? You can’t control the behavior and actions of another, can you? In the old energy it could take lives before you were confronted with your behavior (also known as karma). This time has changed. We live on earth in a higher energetic vibration. This means that the reaction time has become shorter. What you give comes back to you faster. You don’t have to do anything for that. The universe takes care of that.

Where possible, I try to give more than is expected of me. My way is to do this directly into the energy. From a loving and gentle appearance. And it works! For one day, I give a genuine smile and an open heart to someone else. This often immediately gives me a loving and grateful feeling.

This feeling is many times greater than the energy it costs me. I experience the same when giving a healing or when hugging someone. So it’s that simple. These are small simple gestures that cost me little energy because these gestures come from my strength. And so everyone has their talents and gifts that can be used to live in abundance.

Step 3, go with the flow

The universe has its own pace. His own energy. The sole purpose of this energy is to bring together that which was separated. This fusion is made possible by the law of action-reaction. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Please respect this law by becoming aware of your actions. Check with each action whether it promotes integration. Not every action immediately leads to a response. Sometimes it takes a while.

Step 4, adopt an attitude of abundance

Surround yourself with positive energies. This can be from nature, from other people or from beautiful music. Take care of yourself. Only then can you experience abundance. And propagate. After all, it’s all energy. Reach out for more and express your gratitude for what you already have. Circulate what is there.

I take money as an example , a bit of a bad example perhaps, but this example appeals to many people. Today’s economy is based on money. The economic principle as an example: it is not relevant how much money there is, what matters is how fast this money circulates. The higher the turnover rate, the more is created, while there is the same amount of money.

Step 5, learn to accept gracefully

When the abundance is offered to you, it flows only when you accept it in love and gratitude. Otherwise the flow will stop and with it the abundance of life. Learn to accept compliments.

Thank you for a smile, a nice gesture or small gifts. This increases the energy that circulates. After all, the generous giver experiences more abundance of his gift if it is graciously accepted.

It seems simple, but acceptance is not self-evident for new times. A new age child may suffer from a lack of self-esteem, which makes receiving difficult. I am still learning to receive without feeling guilty or needing to give something back.

You can find ways to give back to the giver. Out of gratitude and out of love.

And then you are the giver…

Soft, warm and grateful.


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