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Life is delightful…

Isn’t life delightful?

As a soul you float in infinity, connected with everything, one with everything. Apart from individuality, from being human. And then somewhere you see a gateway to the world of the now, where you can experience the game of ‘being human’. That one seed from your father is the key that opens this gate in your mother’s egg. You may enter and you will step through that gate. You choose to live the ‘human’ experience, out of a free choice.

You begin to grow in that new world, full of good courage and confidence. Swimming in a warm and safe pool that nourishes you with everything you need to grow.The first cells form your first sense, your skin, in which everything you need to live in a human body grows. Your organs, limbs, brain and so on. You get an incredibly miraculous instrument, in which your soul can experience life as a human being. You get a body in which you can start to feel, with which you can express and shape your spontaneous, inspired self. The game ‘Being Human’ has begun. A game of feeling, shaping from your inspired power. Life is delightful.

But then…

You step through that gate with good courage and confidence. But then somewhere, inevitably and for everyone, comes that first hurdle. You experience all kinds of impulses and influences from outside. And some of the impulses don’t feel safe. Father and mother sometimes get into hellish quarrels. Mother is not feeling well and you lose the connection with you. At such moments you feel left alone and that no longer feels safe.

You discover that life is a kind of hurdle. A hurdle to learn to feel, to learn to shape and to learn to use your soul power. It’s a special, very special game, which we call ‘Being Human’.

Everyone has their own experiences and everyone experiences their own dramas. Sometimes it seems that there are countless hurdles to overcome in that game of Being Human, in that learning process of feeling, shaping and being inspired. Daddy does this, Mommy does this, your friends do this, your brother does that, your teachers, your boss, your neighbor, the government, and so on, they all do those things that put hurdles in your way. People who ignore you in your growth process. So many hurdles, sometimes you don’t believe you can take them all.

From countless to three

I recognize this of course, because I once stumbled so seriously over all kinds of hurdles that I hardly got up anymore. But just before I decided to actually lie down, I got a present. I was introduced to a new view of the game Being Human. Niek Brouw, a doctor who has helped many people who have stumbled to get up again, explained the game Being Human to me again. He told me that I don’t have to overcome countless hurdles. It’s only three. Well that made it clear and manageable. Three hurdles is easier than countless numbers. I regained my courage.

The shock of your life

He first told me about Shock. You can be shocked in your life if you experience the impulses from outside as too much. Your best friend’s parents have decided to move. Suddenly you have lost your best friend. You are shocked, because you did not see that coming. What’s happening in my life right now? But yes, it does happen! And you get angry and sad.

Feeling, shaping or your soul is touched so painfully that you no longer dare to use that power from your nature. So you put that piece of pain very deep. You don’t want to think about it anymore, you don’t want to talk about it anymore, you don’t want to feel that pain anymore. And then you just get on with your life.Until you find yourself in that kind of situation again. You paralyze, freeze and dare no longer feel, no longer shape,

An infinite longing

The second hurdle arises when you get too few impulses and nutrition. You have all kinds of needs as a human being and you have a built-in drive to satisfy that hunger. That’s as natural as a car that needs gas. You won’t get very far with that car without gas and so it is for you. You need impulses to learn to feel. When your mother cares you, you learn what that feels like. If she loves you when you need it, you get the nourishment with which you develop your feelings. You also need people to teach you how to design.

People who show you that and give you the space to do it your way, to make mistakes and support you in doing so.You need space to express your spontaneity, without others immediately saying: “Just act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough.”

If you don’t get those impulses from the people around you, if your natural hunger is not satisfied, then you cannot learn to feel, then you cannot learn to shape or be spontaneous from your free nature. An infinite desire arises, an unnatural hunger, which you try to satisfy with fake drugs. Some people use food as a means, or go on to drink or something like that. Others go to work very hard, shopping to keep feeling nourished. Still others look for a creepy ride on the roller coaster. But it is never enough to satisfy the real, natural hunger.

A devastating power struggle

The third hurdle is one with barbed wire in a minefield: envy. A word we associate with ugly things, things we’d rather not talk about. This is a power struggle that you enter out of mistrust. From your conception you are directly and completely dependent on the people who opened the gate for you. You love them because that’s your nature. That’s how you entered the world full of love. But now those people are going to be so difficult, sometimes they don’t feel so loving and safe for you at all. Can you actually trust them? No, apparently not. You fight in all kinds of ways to make it difficult for the other person. I can’t exist, so neither should you.That can be very destructive, even to yourself. Everyone loses in that battle. No one can win that war.

Life as a hurdle

Those are the three actual hurdles that we all face in our lives. Life is so much like a hurdle, meant to learn how to deal with that shock, hunger and envy. Are you able to become aware of those three hurdles? Since Niek made me aware of this, and that was more than twenty years ago, I have been constantly working on becoming aware of my hurdles. What are my shocks? What are my real hunger? In which situations do I have a power struggle? What do I do with that? How can I deal with that?

Fortunately it works, I grow thanks to that simple three-way division. It even manages to help other people with this.Of course I still fall, because the tripartite division is only a simplification of the complex reality. But with this instrument I always find the courage and the confidence that the next time I will get over that hurdle, that I will come one layer closer to my real strength and light. It gives me the strength to keep playing the game of Being Human and to find it delightful. This time to the end. Because that’s how life is delightful. However?


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