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Life without inner critical voice

“When are you going to be completely yourself?” I ask her in a soft tone. She looks at me in shock: ‘Myself?’ In the silence that falls, I know what she’s thinking. Annemarie has made herself an improvement project for so long that she no longer has any idea who she really is if she were ‘just’ herself.

The trap of ‘not good enough’

Many people are agitated by a critical inner voice. The way they are now is not good enough. It has to be different, better. Countless good intentions, workshops and therapy sessions later, there are more and more requirements that need to be worked on. The list of daily things to do is getting longer and longer. Ten sun salutations before sunrise, a silent meditation after breakfast, updating their positive thought diary before lunch, etcetera. In short, ‘not being good enough’ becomes an exhausting project, without too much result.

You are perfect!

Fortunately, not much can be changed about you! You are here on Earth with your specific character and unique vibration. That’s absolutely perfect the way it is. Only when you start tinkering with this do the distortions arise. After all, everything that shouldn’t be there will lead a hidden life in your shadow side. As a result, it deforms and often expresses itself in this deformation at the most inconvenient moments. With all the hassle that entails.
An inner critical voice is often a voice from the past: a critical parent or teacher. We have made this voice our own. So even though these people are no longer around us, the voice still sounds just as clear. This makes us cramp. Spontaneity and a relaxed attitude to life are hard to find.

Hold this voice up to the light

Lightwork invites you to hold this voice up to the light. Take a closer look, what is this voice actually trying to say? Can you spot a quality in it? If you were to bend his words positively, what would be the message?
And then look at your inner child that has been getting the wind from the front for so many years. How old is the child being talked to like this? Look at the child; how does she/he feel? What does it need? In your mind, pull your inner child onto your lap and wrap your arms around it. Comfort it and promise the child that it will be ready from today. There is absolutely nothing that needs to be improved. The inner child and thus the adult is perfect just the way it is, simply because it is.

‘Sorry sweetheart..’

From that moment on there is only one thing left to do and that is to be awake. Awareness when you hear these critical, scathing thoughts again. Say “sorry” to yourself if you find yourself falling into criticism again. Breathe deeply into your heart a few times and say a few sweet phrases to yourself. Notice how you can relax.

The ego is way too serious

The inner critical voice is a product of the superior ego. It makes you needlessly insecure and anxious. Now the ego already has a persistent habit of taking everything way too seriously. It takes its thoughts seriously, while they are just (!) thoughts that you can also let pass you by. With regard to feelings, the ego tells a whole story, even though that is not necessary. Feel that which may be felt fully and leave the story behind. After all, feeling is healing, so why talk and think about it for a long time?

Experiencing duality

When we walk on the path of the ego, a relaxed attitude to life is hard to find. Sometimes it’s even hard to enjoy or laugh. And that’s such a shame! We are not here to improve ourselves, we are here to gain all kinds of life experiences in duality. The invitation of an earthly journey is to experience life. Experience whether it is cold or hot, good or bad; experience it, breathe through it and embrace it.

Feel and experience it completely through the authentic person that you are. That’s what you came here for. That is what transformation is: you automatically become a more mature and more beautiful person. Not by improving yourself, but by experiencing life completely (consciously).


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