Light Souls: Lightworkers of the New Age


light souls

Light souls are souls that do not come from the earth. They come from higher dimensions and these higher dimensions form the light world. Why is this called the light world? This actually has to do with a form of duality.

The higher dimensions form a light world compared to the third dimension, which is a lot heavier. In the third dimension, life has a much more solid form and therefore a heavier density.

The higher in dimension we get, the less solid this density becomes. For example, the 5th dimension feels like water, because it is much less solid, and the 7th dimension feels like air, because it has a much less density. Both the 4th and 6th dimensions are actually transitional regions.

Life is just as good here and there are also planets here, but these dimensions are mainly in the service of transformation. They form, as it were, the bridge between the 3rd and 5th dimensions and the 5th and 7th dimensions respectively.

Because the 4th and 6th dimensions are so focused on transformation, the light souls that come from these dimensions carry strong transforming qualities with them. Many of the light souls that have been on Earth in past centuries are from the 4th dimension. These souls have done a tremendous amount of preparatory work clearing the way for 5th dimension souls to come to Earth.

These light souls are often the light workers of this time because the earth has to make the transition to the 5th dimension. The lightworkers from the 4th dimension are still very much needed, but because they have been on Earth for much longer, they often lack certain qualities that the Earth desperately needs now.

Planetary Origin

The light souls that come from the 5th dimension all have a planet of origin that is located in the 5th dimension. These planets, and therefore also their inhabitants, carry with them qualities that belong to the 5th dimension.

The collection of these qualities or characteristics together form an energy. This energy is badly needed on earth because the energy of the earth and its inhabitants needs to change in order to increase in frequency so that it can become lighter and eventually find its home in the 5th dimension.

5th dimension souls are generally a lot shorter on earth than 4th dimension souls and therefore there is much less earth energy present in their system. In proportion they carry much more energy from their planet of origin. For this reason they have an important task on earth to bring this energy from their home planet more to earth.

This creates some major challenges for these souls, because their energy does not always match the energy here on earth. Before them lies a big task to bring their energy more into balance so that life on earth will become more pleasant for them. At the same time, they must ensure that they retain their energy sufficiently and do not go too far with the earthly energy because otherwise they cannot perform their task.

The task of the new age children

The light souls from the 5th dimension are also called new age children because they bring the new time (read 5th dimension) on earth. These souls all come with a task and it is highly dependent on their home planet, because every planet in the 5th dimension has its own energy and therefore its own qualities.

Some of these souls come from a planet where there is a lot of love and heart consciousness and they come to bring a lot of softness and feeling to Earth. Other souls come from a planet where the intellect is very high and where there is much more creative thinking than on earth, these souls come who bring energy to earth.

There are also souls who have a home planet that has enormous technical and innovative qualities, they come to bring this to earth. For the entrenched systems on Earth, these souls are a major challenge. Their energy clashes enormously with what we are used to on Earth. It is here that these new age children are given labels such as ADHD , ADD, autism or even high sensitivity.

In the vast majority of these diagnoses, there is no question of a disorder or condition, but there is an energy that still needs to be brought into balance. This energy will also be brought into balance, but it will first require them to reshape the current systems that are opposing this energy, and that is the lightwork they are coming to do.

The old systems

The most important old and ingrained systems on earth that need to be transformed are:

Psychiatric care
The food industry
The church
Government institutions such as: the UWV, the tax authorities and also our government

These systems are by far the main reason why we are still so trapped in a low frequency and it is here where a lot of work can be done to take the earth to a higher dimension. Each new age child will come to Earth with a specific task to hasten the transition to the 5th dimension and in most of those cases that task is aimed at transforming one of these old power structures. This is where they do their light work as they help the Earth shine light on what still contains a lot of heavy energies.


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