Lightworker & 5th Dimension: Embrace Your Differentness

Lightworker & 5th Dimension: Embrace Your Differentness
It is pitch dark and a candle is burning on the table in front of me. I muse on the beauty of life as a human being. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I felt a burning desire to experience what it is like to live a normal human life. A ‘normal’ life. Now I know I’ll never be normal. That is not necessary. Besides, what is normal?


I tried it when I was younger. To blend, to be like all the others. To be accepted by the people around me. I especially remember the frustration I had when that didn’t work out again. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I tried, I was always different. A special one, an odd one out. Often I was afraid of being left out. To be evicted. At school, I acted tough so as not to be considered a ‘brutal’. In company, I had a big mouth so as not to stand out. I was scared. Terrified of falling out of the boat.

As if

Lightworker & 5th Dimension: Embrace Your Differentness

The fear drove me into ‘normal’ life: “just act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough”. I had jobs that didn’t suit me and married a woman I would never be happy with. I pretended to be different from what I was. Tougher, more stable, bigger. I pretended I liked football too. As if I thought it was important to join the conversation about the news. As if I also thought it important what the stock market did. As if it mattered to me how I performed at work.

It was all a big farce. Football didn’t interest me at all and I couldn’t keep up with the stock market at all. Never mind that I cared about cars, or what was on TV last night. But it helped me to feel one with everyone else. Not to be the odd one out. To feel accepted and valued.

Embrace being different

Luckily I was able to put that time behind me. Today I embrace being different. I’m just an outsider. I am sensitive and vulnerable. Today I know that there are many like me and that together we are strong.

A big part of my current existence is about helping to awaken other people like me, who still live in the lie. I want to help them see that they can embrace their ‘differentness’: lightworkers are different from earth souls. Not better, or less, but different. We are born that way.

Lightworker & 5th Dimension: Embrace Your Differentness

Humanity’s consciousness shifts from the 3rd to the 5th dimension

My love goes out to all those lightworkers who are different just like me. Who is left out and fights to be accepted? They fight to be ‘normal’, when there’s no need for that. My heart goes out to all those souls. And I wish them all to embrace their ‘differentness’. That they stop doing things that they really don’t have to do in this life. That they give up that job they actually have for fear of being left out and start doing what lightworkers have to do: Namely facilitating the consciousness shift of humanity from the 3rd to the 5th dimensionShine light in the darkness. Serving Mother Earth in her ascension process and reducing suffering until harmony is established in the world.

Listen to your soul, lightworker

I grant lightworkers that they listen to the souls that tell them through soul desires and passions what they do come here to do. That they give in to that and that they may experience the same fulfillment as I have experienced in recent years. If that’s you, if you’ve always felt different and are trying to blend in and be accepted, I have this loving message for you: “Stop that!”

Go do what you came here on earth for. Stop pretending to be a ‘normal’ person, with a normal job and normal behavior, normal standards and values, ​​and a normal, especially non-floating, lifestyle. You are different. Probably even different from your parents and your brothers and/or sisters. You are a unique person who walks his or her own path. You don’t like displays of power, arrogance, ego, and authoritarian people.

Born rescuer

You are a born helper who actually likes nothing more than to help others, people, and animals. You are spiritual and you are attracted to awareness. You may not really feel at home on Earth at all, an odd one out. You hate aggression against people, nature, and animals and you stand up for the weak.

Lightworker & 5th Dimension: Embrace Your Differentness

However you appear, you are likely to be meek, sensitive, and empathetic. Often a conditioned mask has been placed over it in the course of your life. But you know very well that this mask is not who you are. You easily pick up the energies and emotions of others and as a child, you were already a dreamer, an idealist, a do-it-yourselfer in the making. If you recognize yourself in the above, chances are you are a lightworker. And there is good news. We are many!

New Age Children

Since the 1960s, wave after wave of New Age children has been born. All lightworkers who come here with the same missionAnd still brighter and more aware children are born. We are incarnating en masse at this time to assist humanity in the shift of human consciousness. It is so important that we connect more and more with each other.

That we visit each other and form communities. That we are going to live for the new earth and thereby stimulate the vibrational increase of the whole. It’s so nice to be different. It is so nice to realize that you have been living in the 5th dimension for a long time. But that you behave in a 3rd dimension way to be accepted!

What would it be like to admit that you are different? When you shake off the 3rd dimension and realize yourself in the vibration of consciousness you already have? A vibration of love, wisdom, and compassion.

You can come out for your spirituality.
You are allowed to show your gifts and higher abilities.
You can talk about your past lives.
You can heal people.
You can go up the barricades to help Mother Earth and nature.
You can be completely your divine self.

And you know? If we all do that… Then we are an unstoppable force field. Then the earth will be fine. Then all will be well with mankind and all other beings living on the earth.

From my porch, I greet you with a loving heart, a big smile, and deep gratitude. Because you are so beautiful when you show your authentic self completely. Without fear, without shame, without restraint.

I see you.


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