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Lilith: key for ‘the free man’

In short, Lilith is everything “mother the woman” doesn’t stand for. Lilith is seen as the archetype of the untamed woman, and in various traditions symbolizes sensual desire and fury. Apparently, according to the patriarchal tradition, there is something in the feminine (part of us) that is troublesome and needs to be tamed.

The Oppression of Lilith

Already in Sumerian Lilith is associated with fixed temple rituals, also called ‘ritual prostitution’; and in Babylonian and Judeo-Christian mythology she is depicted as a nemesis , storm demon, or night monster.

But in fact the Lilith – which is in balance – is an independent creative force capable of both limitation and deep surrender. Her energy is strong and has a fiery, sensual, free power that has long been hidden within the feminine. This power has fallen into the shadows as a result of obedience to the masculine and later ‘the role of mother the woman”.

Lilith’s wandering that followed her ‘banishment to the shadowy realm’ is comparable to man’s ‘wandering’ in the light of the duality experience on Earth, say the period after ‘paradise’. What was once a harmonic unity continued in separation: in the duality of right and wrong, conscious and unconscious, male and female, …

Where these ‘opposites’ were originally two equal components, imbalance arose. And with time, the inability to understand each other and get closer to each other grew more and more. Gradually, the masculine gained the upper hand, as witnessed by the patriarchal traditions and the current crazy mechanical systems in institutions, organizations and our society.

Putting ‘the form’ on a pedestal

The resulting separation between the masculine and feminine has its origin in one of the underlying aspects of the duality experience: putting form on a pedestal. In this way the own form is placed above other forms. I above others, the ego-piece of the self above the rest, outwardly above inwardly, … and at the same time a kind of dependence has arisen on it.

This ‘worship’ of form has led to an enlargement of tangibility, which is a masculine design aspect – think of structure, fixed, distinction, mastery and control with the feminine ‘counterpart’ organic, moving, connection, inspiration, creativity and of course .

A good example of this worship can be found in Egypt. Every self-respecting pharaoh or advisor put his or her own stamp on temples by, for example, replacing old images and texts (again) with new ones and/or by building new ones. A stamp that arose from and also contributed to worship or deification of the self from ego manifestation.

The feminine retreating and escaping reality

A part of the feminine has chosen to support this masculine way of shaping form and ego as well as its perpetuation. It made the feminine withdraw, however, within the safety zone of the shapeless that can go either way, from keeping the peace, subordinating yourself, effacing yourself, and ‘the role of mother the woman’.

It has implicitly indicated that it is not prepared to surrender fully to the choice. As a result, somewhere deep inside, a reproach remained dormant and at the same time the individual responsibility in the mutual estrangement was denied.

The other part, which represents Lilith, felt limited in her freedom and was forced to flee this reality. This escape from reality from the cold hard reality of ‘design’ and manufacturability led to wandering. The wholeness of the feminine was lost; the connection with their two parts, their origin and (unity) destiny was gone; and their mutual qualities became separated from each other.

Thus the feminine has experienced an inner conflict and duality; incidentally, this also happened with the male, but then from ‘fratricide’ and can be found in, for example, the storylines of Osiris and Set, Cain and Abel, Enki and Enlil.

Lilith and her qualities ‘disappeared’ and were literally and figuratively tucked away by both the feminine and the masculine. An oppression that has magnified the dark side of its fervor, which includes anger and ‘looseness’ (as in wanting to be free of bonds).

By taking Lilith’s qualities out of the shadows, shedding light on them and reconnecting with them, inner reconciliation can take place.
Both between both parts of the feminine and with the masculine.

Will the real Lilith please stand up?

But Lilith’s significance extends further. Because it stands as a metaphor for the inner limitation of freedom in general that was the result of putting one’s own form on a pedestal. After all, one’s own form was placed above the other. The inner experience – inside – was disconnected from outer perception – outside.

What was tangible and thus visible pushed what was not tangible or visible into the background and ended up in the shadows. What was not visible was forgotten. It ‘disappeared’ and people were no longer aware of it. Awareness of Lilith’s deeper meaning therefore provides a key to the rebirth of ‘the man who is free’. The human being who is inwardly free from shadows that reinforce duality.

By reconciling yourself with the presence of both aspects of yourself, your sunny or nice and dark or less nice sides as your conscious and unconscious parts, and taking responsibility for this, a deeper layer of inner freedom can be perceived. What is in the shadows, however, need not be tamed.

It needs recognition, embrace and cradle; it may be there (again). The purity of this inner acceptance ¹ is decisive for being able to take the next growth step towards ‘being free’.

Give Lilith a voice and make her visible again!

The process of releasing shadow denial, inner limitation of freedom and the accompanying wandering forms a connecting piece for the rebirth of the human being on the way to a renewed experience of unity and wholeness.

In other words: ‘Lilith’s return is crucial for the return of paradise ‘.

With this I see in Lilith an important introspection or reflection aspect within the entire process of inner growth and growth in consciousness, or the way of bringing light (the ascension). This is how I experienced it during my cleaning work in the past year and a half for more balance on earth. Together with female primordial energies such as Isis, Innana, Astarte/Asera and Maria we have worked on – energetically – releasing the purity of this/their essence.

Lilith is liberated in yourself, and collectively, by giving her a voice and making her visible again. HER VOICE BRINGS THE SOFT SWIVEL OF FEMALE POWER. Those who feel a bond with Lilith and her energy, feed this process extra and have a pioneering role in this.

Thanks to them, to you and your process work!


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