Listening to your belly: golden tips for a healthy digestion

Listening to your belly: golden tips for a healthy digestion
A healthy diet does not exist. Do you want to know which food really suits you? “Your body tells it all to you. It’s a matter of listening carefully. This article explains all the signals your body gives.

Your digestive system moves with the energy of the moment. During moments of stress, for example, you can tolerate less than during relaxed times.

Your constitution is unique

Healthy digestion stands or falls with appropriate food. Food that suits your unique constitution. A healthy diet does not exist. Which food is good for you does not only depend on your physical constitution, but also on the moment. What you can digest well at one time, can lead to an upset stomach or stomach pain the next.

Which food is right for me?

Listening to your belly: golden tips for a healthy digestion

First of all, it is important that you know yourself well. That you understand how your body reacts to different types of food. That depends, among other things, on the composition of your intestinal flora, the condition of your digestive tract, and your hormone system. But also, for example, the extent to which you are sensitive to external stimuli, both on a physical and mental-emotional level. Do you absorb things easily? Are you good at letting go?

Pay attention to your body’s signals

This is how your body indicates which food suits your constitution or not:

  • Belching and belching:
    your stomach lets you know that this food has a lot of fermentation and is therefore too high for your body in terms of acidity.
  • Rumbling gut:
    Your gut tells you that it has to work very hard to break down all carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The more noise, the more difficult it is. And the more difficult it is to absorb the healthy nutrients from your food and to dispose of the waste. A little work is no problem, but constant overload is, of course. Regular, easily digestible foods such as rice and soft-boiled, non-spicy vegetables can be a boon for your gut.
  • Poo:
    The texture and color of your stool tell you whether the food from the previous day was actually nourishing. A brown turd like a sausage means a happy belly. Yellow, black, a large knit, or droppings? Maybe this food wasn’t what you needed at the time.

A food diary

Of course, there is nothing wrong with occasionally burping or not laying the perfect turd. But if you systematically have stomach, liver, or intestinal complaints, these are signals that you can do something with. Keep a diary of what you eat and record how your stomach reacts to it. This will give you more insight into which food is right for you and which is not.

Feeling: what do I need now?

Listening to your belly: golden tips for a healthy digestion

After a while, you have figured out which food is beneficial for your body and which foods you should be careful with. It’s nice to have such a guideline for doing your shopping and preparing your meals. But it is not a blueprint. It does not mean that the nutrition on that list is received in the same way by your body at all times.

Your digestive system moves with the energy of the moment. At times of stress, for example, you can tolerate less than in relaxed times. In the middle of the day, your digestive fire is generally higher than at night. In summer you can digest cold food better than in winter. So the trick is to feel what you need here and now – in addition to using guidelines for your constitution.

Healthy digestion with mindfulness

Keeping feeling in the here and now takes practice. And be patient with yourself. In essence, it is nothing but the practice of mindfulness. Being present in the moment. And sometimes it works better than other times. Sometimes you just don’t have time. And sometimes your worries swallow you up so much that you simply can’t feel what is in the now. That doesn’t matter.

Every day, every moment is a new beginning. And gradually it gets easier. You will recognize your own feelings. You learn to make contact with your stomach and intestines and you learn to listen to what is needed at that moment. Hot or cold? Sweet or salty? Your body tells it all to you. It’s just a matter of listening carefully.


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