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Live who you are in essence. About 2019 and the super Blood Moon eclipse of January 21

Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

The total Blood Moon eclipse is also a Supermoon , which means that the Moon is closer to the Earth and is seen almost 20% larger. We can observe the Super Total Blood Moon Eclipse in the beginning and until sunrise in the Netherlands and Belgium. The eclipse starts around 3:36 and reaches its maximum around 6:13. We can no longer observe the end of this eclipse in the Netherlands. The anchoring of this Blood Moon eclipse will continue for years, but certainly until the next series of eclipses starting on July 2, 2019.

Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019Video about the total Blood Lunar Eclipse on January 21, 2019.

Eclipse of the Blood Moon

This total lunar eclipse is called a Blood Moon eclipse because the Moon turns red during the eclipse process. Powers have been attributed from ancient times to this property that brings mischief and change. In the article below, I will put all of this into context that you will recognize in your own life. *1

Connection with your inner world

This total Blood Moon eclipse is an important anchor in time. The direction indicator in this horoscope is the northern Moon node in Cancer 7th house conjunct the Moon in Leo 8th house and asks for connection with the other from the feeling and your unique inner world. It is of great importance that we recognize the I in it and that you are aware of what you are worth. *4 It is about making room for your unique inner world and to feel what lives there and to embrace it from there in unconditionality, whereby it transforms and expresses what Essential is for and yours. This total Blood Moon eclipse asks us to go deep into it and take ownership of, discover, explore and magnify your inner world with presence and awareness. *3Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

in battle

We thereby come deeper and deeper into the focus of ourselves (Priapus and Moon in Leo). Without this focal point in yourself, you will get away from yourself even more than usual during this period and you will get stuck in the will of the other. Energetically I regularly encounter at the moment that people are completely out of connection with their bodies and can no longer find their way back to themselves. *5 If you are highly sensitive, you can energetically feel the struggle in your aura to keep other energies out. The aura can then vibrate intensely and you no longer come into contact with your own body because of this fight, because your presence in the fight is outside the body.

Closed off from feeling

People who are closed off from their feelings and themselves will unfortunately not notice this, because they are not in contact with it at all. Everything is hardened, but these people do not live their own life, but follow the will of the other. That which is followed can be a person, but also a company, education or even the laws of a country. *6

Survival Mechanism Integration

This is an integration of the survival mechanism and your Being Essence on a practical level. The Being Essence is who you are in Being and with which you function optimally and live what you were born for. There is effortlessness, love and synchronicity. Often we live these qualities in a number of areas of life, such as your own business or where you can flow freely. Gaining insight into these mechanisms in yourself and how you can always get out of the repetitive survival mechanism, gives extra great growth during this period.

say goodbye

2019 is also about looking for opportunities in which you can express yourself in freedom. Tight bonds of family and friendships that no longer fit are released. But also restrictive structures in which you cannot live your Essential nature, such as work and obligations are felt, seen and where possible let go. *7 Where we are not connected from within with the environment and people in the area, there is no support left to continue. After letting go, there is room again for connections that are connected from within and that support your Essential Self-expression.

Liberation of stuck parts

This integration of the unity with duality into matter started with the partial Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019 and gets even deeper input with the total Lunar Eclipse on January 21, 2019. What this integration and liberation brings about is that all parts within you psyche stuck in survival, often to past lives, reporting and transforming and integrating with incredible ease and speed. *5 Flashes of insight are released through spontaneous encounters, that deep conversation with your girlfriend or reporting in dreams or meditation to be seen and transformed. *8


An ego battle can also erupt. We are all different and that uniqueness can coexist. We all deliver a different piece in the whole. The ego quickly becomes afraid that, for example, the umpteenth article about the Lunar Eclipse will ensure that this article is no longer read. The amount of providers in all areas and also the diversity of the offer are increasing enormously. However, the reality is that they reinforce each other and complete the whole picture.

This has to do with the changes we are going through towards the Age of Aquarius, where we are moving towards brotherhood, equality and flat structures in society.The power of hierarchy with the accompanying, constricting structures is disappearing and is making way for flat structures, where we stand side by side. The lines are getting shorter. There are now options for manufacturers to deliver directly to the user. As a result, the old hierarchical structures, such as importer, wholesaler, etc. no longer have a right to exist and this is falling apart and everyone is looking for the new function that is suitable. *9

Room for yourself

We see the ego struggle and being allowed to separate from each other in relationships, but also on the world stage, such as with Brexit in Great Britain and the Mexican wall of Donald Trump President of the United States. Letting go is a painful process. This can most easily become clear in the personal process. We need the space for ourselves, to be our unique self, to see ourselves in it and to be seen in this by others and to be allowed to live this. If you give yourself permission to make more space for yourself, you can also occupy that space next to the other person. *6

Complement each other

And only then can there really be pure social consciousness. Then everything coexists. We can discover that competition does not have to be harmful. Then it becomes brotherhood that complements each other. Each on his or her own basis, unique and next to each other in an autonomous way. *10 We bring what lives in us into contact with what lives in the other. *11 The black Moon, the energy of the Source, is in Aquarius and in the period in which this force is extra active, we are inspired to lay the new foundation for the Aquarius Age and we make a huge development in this. The Black Moon is in Aquarius from July 27, 2018 to July 27, 2019.Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

Brotherhood vs ego struggle

The situation with the Mexican wall of Donald Trump President of the United States and also the fight of the ‘ Yellow Vests” in France also shows another facet where awareness must arise in the transformation to the Age of Aquarius. It’s about equality and freedom. There is now a lot of inequality in wealth and we live in a world where we are mainly focused on wealth and possessions. This creates and maintains separation. The property of the other is looked at. This is all extra important now because the energetic influx of the Source, the black Moon from July 27, 2018 to July 27, 2019 is in Aquarius. The ego mechanisms are maximally activated from survival. So if we don’t focus enough inwardly or are insufficiently concerned with building up our own qualities, then the separation is maximum.With this, that space for yourself is forced into maximum separation. So the ‘Yellow Vests’ in France have an awareness-raising role in this. *6

The battle is over

We also see that on a global level. The solution lies in making everyone’s own strength visible and reinforcing it. *12 The Aquarius principle makes us aware that we only get rest when everything has found its own strength and contribution. *9 If we focus on that, then we move from duality to unity. *13 Another example is a switch to basic income. So it takes a change of attitude to move beyond the battle. The change is moving along in a constructive, supportive flow of trust instead of having to fight for your spot. We can only solve this ego struggle if we take responsibility for the whole. After March 2019 when the light and consciousness bringer Uranus goes back to Taurus,this trust-based flow will be better understood and applied. *14 money

(Documentary about basic income VPRO backlight according to Rutger Bregman)

Noble Leadership

Noble and loyal Leadership with a big L is requested. In which true values, such as honesty, heart connected responsibility, solidarity, brotherhood, equality and thus establish a structure in which everyone stands on their own two feet with their own responsibility and so that everyone is authentic and unique could be. If the higher octave of control is not found, then there will be little to hold on to for leaders in 2019 and it may seem as if no control is possible at all.

15 The government shutdown in the United States is an example of the ego struggle that erupted to take control of the system. The lesson is that we learn that struggle with the whole is a struggle against yourself and disrupts life.That wounded male power can better be used to build an organization that practically enables connection between all differences and flows through as a whole. *16Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

Video about a young girl addressing world leaders


The whole Brexit process also reveals a lot about the pain of secession. Everything has become so intertwined in recent years that separation is almost impossible without a practical collapse of the whole and especially of trade. *17. It’s time for new structures and rules. We can’t get any further with the current structures. *18

Financial Markets

This total Blood Moon eclipse also shows that something is being hit in the financial markets. *19 The financial markets revolve around the ego struggle to own, control, imprison the other and the eternal struggle of the search for liberation so that the forces of the Age of Aquarius such as brotherhood, freedom, equality can take.

disruptive society

What’s also important to point out is that the new norm in Silicon Valley right now is that you can be extremely successful if you set up a new system that can disrupt society. So this has become the new norm and aspiration. Such as Uber (anyone can be a taxi) and AirB&B (anyone can accommodate tourists). They are new, flat organizational structures that belong to the new Age of Aquarius. These new developments are causing major changes that must take place, as we move from constricting hierarchical to flat structures.

Acceleration of innovation

As I mentioned earlier in this article, moving from competition to brotherhood means that all markets are changing. The structures collapse, the lines shorten from producer to consumer. This is necessary for the new era, but can cause enormous social and business disasters if you do not flexibly adapt to the demands of the new market. This renewal has been greatly accelerated as Uranus, the planet of renewal, passed through Aries. (Uranus was in Aries from 2011 to mid-May 2018 and November 2018 to March 2019.) This renewal has been deeply disruptive and we are now in the last breath of this force that is active until March 2019.

Stabilize new system

But the function of the disruptions thus serves a higher purpose: namely renewal towards a new system, from hierarchy to a flat structure. And after March 2019, we will begin the stabilization and build-up, as Uranus re-enters Taurus until May 2026. The 2019 horoscope shows that the accelerated renewal will continue into 2019 and the January eclipses also anchor these forces very intensely for the coming years. But from March 2019, it is easier to find peace and stability through the heart again.

The Great Shifts on Earth

Below you can read what is going on with planet Earth and the environment and what process is taking place and how can you personally move in that?

The Earth is a Sentient BeingTotal Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

In the official media, the weather extremes that we now experience record after record are attributed to global warming due to CO2 emissions from humans. But it is now clear that much larger processes are underway. If we look at the whole from the larger overview of the solar system, we see that the power of the Sun is at a minimum and a temperature decrease is even more likely during this period.

Video explaining ‘The grand solar minimum’

2019 calls for awareness that the Earth has a consciousness and is a living Being. *20 Our Earth is a sentient and living Being, capable of generating tremendous powers as she goes through transformation. *21

Video about the possible changes for the Earth:

crisis year

book by Koppejan *22 and the book by Dane Rudhyar : ‘A violent storm rages through a valley in which there are expensive houses.’ With the keynote: ‘To be confronted with a social turmoil which demands a revision of fixed values. It’s about being up to something and that old values ​​​​and knowledge no longer protect.’ This image of the Sabian symbols shows us that we have to endure heavy storms socially, but perhaps also in connection with nature. There are some tough threats that we now face, including Earth’s magnetic pole shift and the adoption of 5G necessary for the internet of things.

Hidden natural disaster

The magnetic pole shift that is underway may be causing intense natural forces. Very practically, a weakened magnetic field, which occurs during a pole shift, but is also already underway, poses a risk that cosmic rays can enter and cause mutations in our DNA and cause disease or accelerate evolution. Also due to the electromagnetic shifts you can become seriously out of balance, even blackouts and temporary memory loss. In order not to lose yourself and to quickly regain balance, you need a strong energetic connection with yourself. A solid multi-dimensional energy body (A plasma structure that is controlled at its core by the God Spark/Being Essence.) makes the difference whether you quickly regain balance or if you are energetically completely separated and need hours or days to get back (in conjunction) really connected with yourself. Also, this imbalance can cause poor health and illness. *23

Video about space weather, electromagnetic disturbances and cosmic rays:

On my timeline on Facebook new updates are given daily about the electromagnetic situation with explanations.

Electromagnetism in humans

I’ve been studying Earth’s magnetic play with the Solar System for the past few years and there are really very strange and sudden magnetic swings going on in the protective magnetic field around the Earth. We humans are made up of electromagnetic pulses (atomic level) and many people experience a lot of discomfort during these shifts. The sudden weakening of the magnetic field around the Earth now accelerates the evolutionary process of our self-awareness and opening of the cosmic heart. Also, memory or even consciousness can briefly disappear during very large weakening of this field. Magnetism regulates the centering and cohesion of consciousness, the psyche and also regulates this at the cellular level.The core (central axis) disappears, as it were, when the Earth’s magnetic field is weak.

We have been dealing with this to an increasing extent recently and there have even been a few short moments in which this was discussed and it is expected that this will be discussed even more in the future. No one knows when the pool shift will take place, but we are seeing increasingly greater extremes that indicate that this process is at an increasingly advanced stage. On Facebook and on my new website I post current electromagnetic updates every day, so that you know what is going on and what you can do to get back into balance. but we are seeing greater and greater extremes that indicate that this process is at an increasingly advanced stage.On Facebook and on my new website I post current electromagnetic updates every day, so that you know what is going on and what you can do to get back into balance. but we are seeing greater and greater extremes that indicate that this process is at an increasingly advanced stage. On Facebook and on my new website I post current electromagnetic updates every day, so that you know what is going on and what you can do to get back into balance.Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

Adjust Magnetic North

The Earth’s magnetic field is very unstable and the magnetic poles are shifting and in a process of a pole shift. This is happening much faster than expected by science and at the end of January 2019 all navigation systems used for satellites, shipping, aviation and mobile networks, among other things, will have to be readjusted more quickly, because the magnetic north shift has become too great, which means that unsafe situations could arise.

This video sets out the facts for you about adjusting magnetic north:

Electronics also suffer from the electromagnetic disturbances and the magnetic field around the Earth that is so unstable. This can even cause a total blackout of the electricity network and with minor disruptions you will also notice malfunctions on the smartphone, computer or other equipment.

Dangers of 5G

The 5G network actually does something similar. It disrupts the biology of the body at fundamental layers. There is a large group of scientists (more than 180) * 28 from all over the world who are warning about the enormous consequences that 5G will have on our health. We will probably have to deal with these two intense forces (magnetic pole shift and 5G) at the same time. This does not make it easy to clarify the concrete damage of the 5G network. You can do something concrete at the municipal level to stop 5G in your area.( The 5G network is sold to municipalities as a source of income and an advantage over other municipalities with opportunities to act as precursor ‘Internet or to be able to offer things’. We will therefore have to inform our municipalities about the dangers of 5G. So here too it is about taking responsibility close to home. In which we can quickly find the way to autonomy and self-sufficiency. This is also the case on the energetic level. The purpose and flow is to find expression of yourself in freedom. *24

Video about 5G and science

Power over yourself

I have studied the vertical ascension of planets astrologically for several years. The most striking information I encountered in it is the vertical movement of Pluto. Pluto rules power/impotence and the graph shows us that during the 2nd world war we were in the peak of Pluto in the outer world (top of the curve in the graph) and there was a movement towards control and dominance of the world. Now we have arrived at the turning point at the bottom of this chart. This is about gaining power over the inner world. If you do not take that power over your inner world yourself, it will be taken by the other. This includes the ‘virtual reality’, chipping, control and manipulation via social media, 5G, etc.

Own structure and manifestation

Total Blood Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019Noble and loyal Leadership and power over our own inner world wants to be experienced in each of us. In 2019, the process of finding your own flow can be elevated to Mastery. We are inspired to live the power of the Aquarius principle. In this we live in a structure in which everyone stands on their own two feet, is social, equal and freely connected and thus contributes his or her own piece to the whole. Then you come across a huge stream of manifestation. Manifestation is the next octave after creation. Everything you touch then fertilizes everything around you and also confirms itself.When you have truly met and acknowledged this authentic Being Force within yourself, then this flow arises and you can express yourself in a unique way in freedom in a structure that unfolds by itself, separately and next to the structures of existing sometimes compelling paths of society and or others. *25


We are not yet at the point where the pole shift and shift in consciousness is behind us, so these magnetic field shifts are likely only going to increase. So make sure that the new energy body (plasma body) is open and powerful. Stability can also be found with minerals and then you remain open in the interaction between the inner and outer world. In this process of Being it is important that the frequencies of the minerals inspire and remind you within, making it an inner frequency, rather than a force outside of yourself. I myself use minerals and meditation with Being present with what is. With the online activation & meditation I guide anyone who is open to this to unfold this new energy body from within and to open the cosmic heart (the engine of this field).

To remind

In order to fully live this, we need an autonomous multi-dimensional energy system (Plasma), through which we can absorb disturbances of the electromagnetic field and through which we can stay well with ourselves. It is something the body knows and can open naturally. It is a matter of remembering and creating the space for it to arise. This requires the unconditional unity of the cosmic heart, through which memory is unlocked. The cosmic heart can connect with everything in one autonomous multi-dimensional vehicle that the earthly body has at its disposal. *18

Integration down to the point

For months we have been integrating the multi-dimensional energy body deep into the body. But around the partial solar eclipse of January 6, for those who were ready, a complete integration started at the level of the DNA. (experience during the online activation & meditation that I organize every new and full Moon.) This was shown by the geometry of the Matrix (Metatron cube/solid 5) and the geometry of the unit (multi-dimensionally opened Full Flower of Life ) becoming one. The geometry of the Matrix is ​​the basis of all matter. This Matrix geometry is also called the solid 5 and it consists of the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, star-tetrahedron, icosahedron (see photo) and come together in the Metatron cube.


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