Living from your true essence: back to your core

Living from your true essence: back to your core
Imagine what is possible if you can let go of all your judgments. When you no longer have limiting beliefs and thoughts, you don’t have to place any conditions on yourself, on your environment, and on your life. Then you love yourself unconditionally and that creates awareness: of all your talents, opportunities, and possibilities to make your deepest desires come true. That is living from your true essence. And the great thing is that it is possible.

Living from your essence means nothing less than being able to be yourself completely, from the source of your existence. When you are born, at that moment you are still completely pure and pure: you have no experiences yet. And without experiences, you have not developed judgments, barriers, and survival patterns; that all comes in the years that you grow up.

Origin of obstacles

Living from your true essence: back to your core

When you grow up, you naturally also experience all kinds of things. Beautiful things that you have good memories of, but also bad things that can bother you for the rest of your life. By hindrances, we mean everything that prevents you from being who you really are (the source, the essence). For example, a lack of self-confidence is an obstacle, just like fear, the urge to perform, and negative thinking.

They arise from the experiences you gain during your life. A simple example: if your environment gives you the impression often enough that you are not good enough, you develop little self-confidence. And if you keep having bad experiences with relationships, for example, you can convince yourself that you will never have a good relationship.


But have you ever thought about what really makes you happy? Is that a relationship with the ideal partner in your eyes, having a certain status, how much money you earn or how much others like you? If you answer Yes to this, then you are in fact indicating that you depend on everything outside of yourself. The connection with your essence becomes less and less strong and can even be lost. However, if you consider that you yourself are always present lovingly and without judgment from that source, then the conclusion is quickly drawn: true happiness is already there, it is within yourself. So you don’t have to look outside yourself!

Back to the essentials

Living from your true essence: back to your core

To live from your true essence, you return to that source of your existence, to when you were still completely pure and pure. It is therefore important to (re)connect with your essence because there you can feel what your deepest desires, wishes and needs are. Living from your true essence is preceded by an awareness process, in which you really get to know and love yourself. We give you some examples of steps you can take to achieve this.

Self-examination: awareness of body and mind

By doing intensive research on yourself, you can find out what really makes you happy. And what your desires, talents, and needs are. Self-examination is not difficult, but it does require an honest and open attitude. If you determine in advance for yourself that no answer can be wrong, you create more awareness and insight into yourself.

Examine yourself by answering the following sample questions. Try not to listen to your head, but to your heart:

  • What are my wishes and desires?
  • How does that manifest itself?
  • How do I feel about that?
  • What is my body telling me?
  • Where are my obstacles?
  • How can I remove those obstacles?
  • What makes me really happy?
  • How can I achieve that?

When you follow your heart, so pay attention to what you would most like to do, you are always on the right track. Where your heart opens, where you experience absolute joy and what you love to do most, what you want to propagate: that is you, from your essence.

Harness the power of your thoughts

Thoughts largely determine how we feel, how we behave and how we approach life. However, you can direct your thoughts in such a way that they positively influence everything you do, feel and experience. So start with affirmations: positive phrases that are repeated repeatedly in your mind. Formulate these sentences with a positive intention, for the best result. And apply the affirmations to yourself, not to material things:

  • I may be there
  • Today I give my best
  • I can handle anything that comes my way
  • I feel safe
  • I’m calm
  • I trust myself
  • I feel grateful for all that lives

By repeating these kinds of phrases over and over, you will radiate and receive more positive energy.

Always make time for yourself: find the silence

Living from your true essence: back to your core

Peace and quiet are essential to be in touch with your source. Silence also offers more than you might think: in addition to relaxation, you often get more answers from silence than in dialogue. If you feel the need to withdraw, do so. After all, it’s your heart telling you this. Whether you choose yoga, meditation, or a walk-in nature: taking time for yourself is very important to get peace and balance in your life. You become aware of your body, your feelings, your thoughts, and your energy level by being still because in this way you connect with your essence. Therefore, always try to respond to that feeling that tells you that you can take time for yourself.

Finally: be grateful, for everything around you

The three basic elements to live from your essence are gratitude, connection, and trust. When you are grateful for everything that is now, you experience a loving feeling. You are alive, you have great friends, your garden is beautiful, you have a roof over your head, etc. Small things that seem very normal, but which make you really happy with gratitude! Always in connection with yourself and with everything and everyone around you, without expectations and without judgments, gives a great feeling of trust. And there may always be.

Living from your true essence is, as said, a process of awareness. Such a process never stops, because every moment you live you gain new experiences. If you can accept yourself for who you are, then you are able to respond to your deepest desires, talents, and possibilities. Then you really live from your true essence!


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