Living in simplicity: do you live according to who you really are?

Living in simplicity: do you live according to who you really are?

Do you live by who you really are? Are you following the call from within to express your true nature? To stay close to yourself, to express what keeps you busy and what inspires you. Do what makes you happy and what your heart is passionate about? Being yourself in freedom: it sounds so simple….

In everyday life, you are often kept away from the simplicity, from the most desirable for you and you become engrossed in a thousand and one important and unimportant things. Behave according to the routine, conventions and wishes of the world around you. Behind this lies a deeper knowledge of what wants to be seen and heard.

How do you get to that deeper knowledge?

Return to the silence. There speaks the wise word, there resounds the almost inaudible vibration of simplicity. The encounter with that simplicity makes all the complexities disappear. Simplicity begins to find its way into your everyday experiences. Trust and life become simple. Always ask yourself: what answer would my heart give me? Your heart looks with a loving gaze and is capable of transcending everyday thinking and delusion. Your heart tells you: You are good the way you are. Feel who you really are and know that it is good.

The greatest unrest arises from the idea and the experience that you are not good enough

At the core, you are already good, but much has become disfigured outwardly in manifestation and covered under a layer of adaptation. What makes life complicated is that many people forget to be themselves and do what is expected. That’s how you learned it.

Living in simplicity: do you live according to who you really are?

However, it requires continuous adjustment and requires a lot of energy to live up to that particular ideal or expectation. Expectations are created by, for example, society or family of origin. That’s the biggest struggle. Usually, you don’t even realize how adapted you really are and to what extent you measure yourself against someone else’s yardstick.

Take off your mask, step by step, and expose your true self

Go the way in and manifest yourself from the inside out. Be authentic. That makes you real, genuine, and attracts what’s right for you. The real work or your real-life task is to propagate who you are with all your qualities and talents. That’s simplicity. It sounds simple, but doing it is anything but.

Many underestimate or overestimate living from simplicity

People don’t trust simplicity and prefer to believe in complicated theories. But a conflict, a difficult issue, or a complex problem is not solved by excessive thinking. Rather, the answer is found in a moment of simplicity and tranquility.

Einstein: “Discoveries have little to do with intellect. There is always a leap in consciousness, which you can call intuition as far as I’m concerned. The solution just comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” Albert Einstein

Intuition is based on simplicity and is not complicated. It arises from freedom within yourself and not by focusing on certain outcomes or expectations. But by being focused, open and receptive. Simplicity is about your natural state of being: about joy, about doing what you enjoy, about zest for life and inspiration under whatever circumstances. Living your truth and taking your wisdom and intuition seriously. About rising from your emotions or setbacks that can keep you under its spell, but at the same time appreciate them and give them attention. Embrace and let go.

The trick is not to try so hard…

Living in simplicity: do you live according to who you really are?

Everyone is looking for ways to be more human. It’s like growing in nature. Like a flower reaching for water, oxygen, food and sunlight: in the same way people search for love, connection, meaning. It is stored as a potential in yourself to find your own unique way in it. An important aid is feeling: feeling your emotions, feeling your body, feeling the impulses that arise deep within you and make their way out. This interaction of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ ensures growth, awareness, and self-realization.

Make yourself important and praise yourself to heaven

Heaven, stands for the spotlight that puts you and your desires unadulterated in the light. Who brings out the best in you, shows your true form, who is less adapted than you think. It is precisely this part that is often not seen and heard that makes you original. Where creativity and vitality come from. It’s who you are. Expose that part and attach value to that part that has been underexposed for too long. Original and unmodified. Not in line.

Shine your stubborn light on the everyday, give up your stubbornness, discover what makes your heart sing and sing your own song. That makes real, that makes beautiful and that adorns.

“ Simplicity is the mark of the true” Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and poet ( 1844-1900)


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