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Living in two worlds..cosmic weather forecast

Lovely people…

Today is the first new moon after the Spring Equinox. After, as it seems for months in a kind of cocoon, our attention was allowed to descend deeper and deeper into the deepest inner darkness, it seems as if the light breaks through the fault lines of the old structures. Nothing is the same anymore.

No friendship, no relationship, no job, no matter what, nothing is the same anymore. Because of the extreme cold, we crawled away, in the house, deep under a thick layer of blankets. Not in the mood for anything, too tired, too cold, too ordinary nothing to do anything and just Be.
As if all relationships, work, passion, had lost their shine forever. It’s like we’re all on our way to a new place, only we don’t know where it is yet! And that place is already there, we already know that, but we don’t know where yet!
Dark side of the moon..
This period has also been to learn to listen to our own inner voice. We already know everything, only we don’t trust ourselves very well yet. So we are going to ask others what we should do ..
where we belong .. but how can someone else know where you belong??? It’s time to really listen to ourselves. To learn to feel really good and to follow our intuition. There are so many signals on our way, only we don’t see them or we ignore them.
Ophra Winfrey always called it “Can’t you read the signs ??? “Your body, the weather, the nature around you, your children, your partner, your neighbour, your colleagues, your bank account they all show you who you are and where you are going. Sometimes not nice at all, but if you dared to admit it was also nice.
Without darkness there is no light. Without sorrow we do not know what true joy is. All those people and all those things you’ve been through with those people are all signposts to your authentic self. The darkness, the withdrawal is part of life, like the day and the night, rain and sunshine.
In the eye of the storm
Especially the past few weeks it was bend or crack. Still beware of excited positions. Situations that have a lot of tension are still about to explode. Look at the situation in North Korea.
When we start looking at the situation on a different, more symbolic, level. That the outside world is a mirror of our inner world and vice versa, we can see that North Korea represents a part very deep somewhere in our self which shows us the duality and which is totally unconscious.
Threatening with a nuclear bomb (Uranium and Plutonium) Uranus and Pluto which have been making a nice square with each other since last year and until 2015. A very vulnerable and easily flammable energy! In your own life, this square of Pluto and Uranus, show in your personal horoscope where your core problem is. Uranus is the planet that wakes you up,
That is why we had to go so very deep inside… to pick up that still unconscious part in ourselves and start seeing it. That part that still judges, is jealous of the other, makes the other responsible for his or her happiness or unhappiness.. an inner child that mainly wants to be right and does not (yet) understand that you can also choose happiness.. do you want right or do you want happiness?
When you have become aware of that shadow side, you can let it go. Man is trained to avoid pain. And when we do that, we create it right! It is important to enter into conflict, to experience pain and sadness, to get angry when people cross our borders. When we avoid pain we remain unconscious and crazy things can happen like pushing the red button on a bomb.

Giving up resistance
The recent position of Jupiter makes us think about the real meaning of life. The Symbol of Jupiter, shows us that the soul is above matter. During constellations I sometimes work with drafting the soul.
What strikes me is that the soul never does or says much.. also logically.. the soul wants to experience and grow. It makes no difference to the soul whether it is through joy or sorrow. Life and our relationships have now become an initiation path instead of retreating to temples or monasteries.
Or like the Cathars who stayed in the caves for two years as an initiation. Last year and again this year, we are going to visit those caves. It feels like you are in a very large womb. Warm and secure, but very intensely experience the silence and darkness. Fortunately, we don’t have to do those initiations anymore. We get a relationship crisis, dismissal, illness or depression.
Often the planet Saturn then passes through the 8 th  house and we experience the dark night of the soul. To come out of it as reborn… Like a butterfly crawling out of its cocoon when its metamorphosis is finished. I think the last phase will be quite painful for that butterfly too…but if we are to believe it, those hardships are the gateway to happiness.
Like Jesus taking up his cross. When he did, he remained true to his true self, he did not deny his true self. In the period between Easter and Pentecost, it is also the challenge for us to pick up our own cross and to remain true to ourselves…
In the Cataran teachings, this way of the cross was not suffering… but a feast of redemption… and Pentecost was according to the Cathars the rebirth, without dying physically, but dying to the old self.. to let go of the resistance.. to let go of the live in full surrender.cathar-in-france
Living in two worlds
It can still feel like we still live in two worlds. The new is here. We see that, we feel that. But the old is still there a bit and we can let go. And we really don’t have to let go of all relationships! Or find another job or whatever. You really get to the place where you should be. And that can sometimes be right in this relationship, or at that job, or the friendship can grow on another level.
But you are different. After we’ve given everything a place and started telling ourselves different stories, and we realize that all this has been necessary to make you aware and we can start working on allowing love. Ha ha yes pff that’s scary! Surrender and allow yourself to love the other!!! Even if he/she has hurt you! Then we can forgive..
New   beginning
For me as an Astrologer, the new year always starts with the Spring Equinox. The Sun is then in the initiative rich sign of Aries. During the Equinox, the Sun coexisted with Mars, Venus and Uranus.
A lovely hot-tempered bunch there! And during this first new moon, the Sun and the moon still coexist with Mars and Venus. The conscious and unconscious connected with the masculine and the feminine. The personal will with the personal love. Balance of energy. Balance in feeling and thinking, body and mind.
When there is no balance, there is hassle, and where there is hassle, there is no balance, you also work with the constellations. With Mercury also in the sign of Aries, you can take the time to speak out. Don’t blurt out!!! But speak out from your heart so that you can also listen with your heart. To connect with yourself and with others. This is a fantastic moon to sow balance through action and through acting love.
Especially in intimate relationships! Because of the awareness and openness that Saturn now asks of us. Then you no longer HAVE a partner, but you HAVE become a partner. That is something completely different! So whether you have a partner or not, sow seeds of equal love in which the partners are really partners for each other. Get in touch with your inner partner..
can you be a partner to yourself? How do you relate to yourself? Can you muster that love for yourself? When we live from that love, and connect with the source of love, we can work together, co-create, with each other and for each other. And are you still scared by the news about the crisis, etc.? Take a look at the broadcast that you missed to the program Backlight of the VPRO about Abundance. Fantastic! Everything is already there. Really everything is already there…
Also in the mood for a party?
But after this cold and yet also spicy period, do you feel like a party??? At Pentecost we celebrate that rebirth with all kinds of beautiful playful workshops, singing, dancing and delicious food! The theme is  One Love, One Heart!
Or are you more interested in deepening? Check out our site for our special trip to the land of the Cathars and Mary Magdalene for more information! Theme is  Back to your essence . A special newsletter about the change of throne next week.
Have a wonderful spring!


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