Living space for your soul: your home as an oasis of peace in times of unrest

Living space for your soul: your home as an oasis of peace in times of unrest

The energy in your home influences the energy of your life. The main influence on your strands is your home environment. If you want luscious, healthy, and pure kinship and connection strands, you need to live in a house that will make your heart sing. The energy of your home is the most valuable thing to pay attention to for clear energy connections to the greater world around you and to your loved ones.

The energy in your home

Living space for your soul: your home as an oasis of peace in times of unrest

The energy in your home is an intersection between your inner universe and the outer universe, and between inner and outer realities. It can be a place of renewal and hope, a refuge where you can retreat and recharge in times of change, and an oasis of peace in times of turmoil. It can be a place of healing for any situation and a focal point for strength and spirit. Not only can your home help strengthen and heal you, it can also be a template for harmony inviting all who enter to come closer to a higher spiritual frequency. Everyone’s energy strands will show a vibrant sparkle as a result of the energy you anchor in your home.

Your home is much more than a place to rest your head and seek comfort in the midst of the elements. It is a crossroads in time and space that can attract and repel energy. Every object in your environment increases or decreases your energy or keeps it neutral. These objects can elevate you or they can wear you down. Every object in your home affects your energy frequency because there are energy strands and cords connecting you to all the objects in your home.

Cosmic order


It is valuable to infuse your living space with a sense of cosmic order to bring integrity and balance into your lifeyour home can provide shelter and renewed confidence in the time ahead; it can provide you with a sacred space in which you can remember who you are and why you are on the planet at this time. The energy of your home can either spur you into sophisticated evolution or cause you to get stuck in one place.

Transforming home energy

Living space for your soul: your home as an oasis of peace in times of unrest

Fortunately, there are ways you can transform your home energy into a huge, positive force. By harmonizing your home and the things in your home, and by getting rid of objects that are not in line with the life you desire now and in the future, you can open channels in your living space that make your home a collection point for energy .

To set up your home as a sanctuary where you can renew your energy, replenish your inner resources, and strengthen your cords, you can do several things:

  1. Clear your house of clutter.
  2. Purify the space in your home.
  3. Create an altar in your home.
  4. Create remarkable vibrating energy fields in your home.

Less clutter, more joy

Living space for your soul: your home as an oasis of peace in times of unrest

Clearing out clutter is one of the very best ways to keep your frequency high and your strands clean. You have strands of energy that connect you to each of the objects in your home. The objects that have positive meaning for you or that you received from someone with whom you have a loving relationship will have the purest cords. If the relationship with the person who gave you an object was not good, the strands that connect you to that object are usually dirty or limp. The associations and memories that an object evokes in you will also affect the strands that connect you to it.

If there is a bedspread on your bed that belonged to your grandmother, but your grandmother had a habit of constantly complaining about life, there may be a connection between complaints about life and the bedspread. That could affect your cords connected to the bedspread and therefore the quality of your sleep.

Each object has a cord that is connected to you through one of your chakras or energy centers. Your clutter exposes you to a mishmash of cords, strands, and fibers that clog everything up. As a result, you can feel exhausted, depressed, and overwhelmed. When your energy strands are clogged, your life can feel clogged. If you want to keep your strands quivering with life force and strengthen the cords that connect you to the universe, clean up your mess. Let your home energy shine!


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