Looking for HAPPINESS

Looking for happiness…

However different in nature, appearance or opinion we Dutch are, we certainly have ONE thing in common: We are all born with a deep desire to be ‘happy’.

We live our lives, make choices, look for work that suits us, start a family… but where do we find that real happiness? What exactly is that happiness? Why do we keep that turmoil inside, why are we not happy with everything we have accomplished and amassed around us?

And so we search, follow one of the countless therapies, read books that offer us “happiness” on a silver platter. And yes… sometimes we have found that needle in a haystack: The book or course that is just right for us. But much more often we wander from one thing to another and keep on searching, searching and searching again…


We were also constantly on the road, until we found the answer: MINDFULNESS
Mindfulness not only helps you to shake off tension, stress or fears, it is a wonderful method that helps you to take a different approach in life: lighter, lighter, happier and calmer.

Because this method is also scientifically researched and recognized as very effective and easily accessible, Mindfulness is currently so much discussed and successfully tested.

As Mindfulness coaches, we noticed that it works very well for our students to keep your mind and your training sharp with attention cards (which you can place in your home in your room, bathroom or kitchen). It works better than reading a book, but can also be used very well as a support for a book or course.

Mind feeling Reminders: assignments cards in a box

And so we developed the “Mindfeel Remindertjes”: A box with 40 cards with assignments that you can use every day and help you to be more mindful in life.
A valuable investment in yourself or a meaningful gift for someone else! And a must for the holidays…

A second series has now also come on the market: Mindvoel Remindertjes Blij Gezin(d): 40 cards with light, playful and creative assignments that you as a parent can perform together with your child. This deepens the contact with each other.


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