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Love: court yourself

Have you ever been with someone who hit like a bomb? That from one moment to the next you were completely fascinated by the other? Or head over heels in love? Completely knocked off your feet, turned inside out and turned upside down? That you felt how all the doors inside you were opened with a bang? That you only wanted to immerse yourself in that other person, to get to know him or her completely, to know and feel everything there was to know and feel?

What an overwhelming sensation that is! That you look at another and think: I want to know you. I want to know you completely. I want to poke around every forgotten, sneaky corner of your Inner Treasury and know what’s there. I want to know your qualities and also all your insecurities, dark sides, your strength and your vulnerability. Because you fascinate me. With everything you are.

Those are the most intense connections you can experience in your life. But what if you could have that experience with yourself… Imagine one day looking in the mirror and applying everything I described above to yourself. That you decide to look at yourself with fascination. To find yourself so immensely interesting that you want to see and know everything about yourself. Not to make it more beautiful than it is, not to condemn it, but to get to know it.

Court yourself

Court yourself. Look at yourself through the eyes of a teenager in love. Perhaps with the eyes of a loving parent. Or with the eyes of your own best friend. And see, without judgment, who you really and truly are. See your own strength, your own vulnerabilities, your own insecurities, your own qualities. View yourself and all your quirks with as much love as you would feel for the other person.

You are the most beautiful gift you have to offer the world. Exactly as you are. You did an excellent job as it has always been your goal to be the most beautiful version of exactly yourself. So why not take your time and put all your energy into a great relationship with yourself? Why not court yourself as you would court another? After all, you are the most important relationship in your own life.

You don’t always have to be alone for that. You can get to know yourself very well in the stillness of being with yourself, that’s true. In intimate relationships with others, you can get to know completely different sides of yourself, whether that be relationships with friends, family or romantic partners. All it takes is to look at yourself with a kind, loving and above all curious look as you live your life. complete.

A beautiful phase

Getting to know yourself really can be a very nice phase in your life. You learn what exactly suits you, what you really want in your life. You learn how you like to deal with people and how you like or don’t want to be treated by others. Step by step you learn to let go of the old thinking and thought patterns that no longer suit you, and in its place comes an inner freedom to look at yourself without judgment and with pleasure. When you fall and also when you get back up.

The great thing is that when you judge less about yourself, you naturally feel less judgment about others. Gradually you learn to really feel that there is no absolute right or wrong and to live by it. There is your experience, your feeling and your perspective. The same goes for everyone else. And everyone can act on that as it suits him or her. You can decide how you prefer to lead your life and the other person can too.

You can bloom all the way

That means that occasionally people will disappear from your life. Because it no longer fits together. Because you may notice that how you are put together in this life is no longer in line with how the other person has chosen to put together. That’s okay. It may feel sad or painful, but the truth is that we don’t necessarily have to experience connection with everyone. Apparently you two are on it together. You can then say goodbye without judgment.

It also means that new people will appear in your life. People who are attracted to you. To the real pure you. The connections become easier. Instead of feeling that you have to adapt to the other or the other to you, your differences become energizing because you fit each other at the core. When the substrate is similar, the flowers that bloom on it can be so beautiful in their differences.

That’s what makes courting yourself so beautiful. When you really get to know yourself in love, you not only increase your own enjoyment of life, you also increase the gift you are to others. The gift you are to the world. And make no mistake, that is the most beautiful, precious gift anyone can ever give. You don’t have to do anything but be yourself.

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