Love for life: What do you most deeply desire?


Dear human,

I see you doing your best. Your best to go deep inside yourself. To feel what you long for. Create your most beautiful life. To do what you came here for. To be your purest self. I see. I see you. I recognize it. I recognize you in me. Sometimes it feels so hard to do things differently than you were used to. To do it differently than you were ever taught. To step out of the deep grooves that life has etched in you. To adopt a different way of feeling, thinking and acting. What a job it is sometimes.

You want to embrace life so badly. Enjoy every moment you are here. Live your desires. Being able to do with yourself in freedom what really suits you. Meaningful, meaningful, being your most beautiful contribution.

And that feels light and nice and free when you think about it. And sometimes it feels tough and heavy and syrupy when you actually want to start living it. You connect with your desires and deal with the disappointment over and over when they will not manifest fully.

There are plenty of things to be thankful for. Absolute. It also doesn’t feel right to want more and more. To wait for life to finally start for real. To feel again and again that another layer of deeper pain is emerging. Another layer of tough conditionings. Another compelling thought pattern. When does the work stop and can you finally allow the flow completely?

Your desires already live in you

Know that your desires are always yours. Your desires are a part of yourself that you would like to experience. Which isn’t quite finished yet. A door that can still be opened. Or opened even further. It is essentially about wanting to experience yourself and that is what life is all about here. Be yourself as beautiful as possible and share yourself with the world. Your desires are no more or less than the engine to actually do what you come here to do. And at that point you can sometimes get confused.

Then you link your desire directly to a very concrete outcome. Your desire for connection becomes a craving for a relationship, you may already know exactly who with. Or your desire for financial and material peace must be fulfilled with a certain job. Or our longing for a home must come into our lives through that one house. The fantasy that used to feel so good slowly changes into a cage in which you try to capture your desire. With all the disappointments that entails if it doesn’t work out as you would have liked.

By connecting desire and outcome in this way, you hinder your creative power. You already think you know where you are moving and thus prevent life from unfolding in the most optimal way. Because who knows, your desire for connection may come into its own in a different form than you can think of right now. Or with a completely different person. Or is your desire for peace more manifested in your detachment from the importance of money than in owning it.

Give life the chance to work for you

The trick, dear human being, is to connect with the energy of your desires. To use your fantasies and your concrete images to connect as deeply as possible and then release them again. Not the desire, just its concrete outcome. You don’t have to let go of everything, just that which is too tight to allow life to unfold freely. Expectations about the how and the when. Leave that to life. After all, she has a little more life experience than you. Just give her a chance.

Relax, dear one. And see what wants to unfold when you let go of control. Let go of your thoughts about how something should be done. Let go of your thoughts about what you should be doing. Watch what is unfolding in your life and see where you can find your desire and its manifestation in what you experience. You will see that every step is one in the right direction. You will see that each step removes an obstacle that still stands in your path.

You really can stop trying so hard. Life wants nothing more than to let you experience your most beautiful life. Working so hard all the time is actually resisting the flow. You are tired of resisting it. From reining in yourself. From dimming your light. Let it go, let it go, let it happen. The river does flow. Whether you’re trying to make her flow the other way, or just trying to speed up the flow with your hands. The river of your life goes its own way. Just float and see what happens.

you are worth it all

It is an oppressive embrace between desire and outcome. Between being and doing. Between working and letting it unfold. You are so used to doing it a certain way that you can’t imagine that letting go of all control can help manifest exactly what you don’t even know is the ideal outcome. Give it a try. You can always do your best again, but the chance that you still want to is, I think, is small.

How do you meet your soul desires in your life? Share your thoughts below.


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