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Maintenance and purification of crystals & stones

what’s wrong with my amethyst?

About a year ago, a man brought a beautiful 8 inch long natural Brazilian item to our store. It was clamped in an angle iron with a hook at the end. He wanted to sell the crystal and although we didn’t feel comfortable with the man, we clearly got the message from the crystal that it wanted to stay with us so much.

So we paid him more than we would normally pay for a crystal to resell, and my husband, Chris, immediately started taking this beautiful thing out of his iron cage.

After Chris freed the crystal, he put it in the shop where it could regain its strength and be greeted by the other crystals. However, it seemed to need more. It wanted light, fresh air and being cleaned.

I took the crystal one afternoon to the cliffs and tide pools by the sea, just away from the shop. We sat on the cliffs where I sang my sacred songs. Sometimes I put the crystal in a small puddle or let it sparkle in the sun. Several people passed by and said it was a beautiful crystal. After an hour, the crystal and I tingled with zest for life and felt happy.

We took the crystal on a visit to Texas where it immediately bonded with my best friend, Susie, who is like a second mother to my daughter Sarah.

It now lies on a small handmade bench in the sunlight and is as happy as a crystal can be with sunlight, love and purpose! In fact, it travels with Susie back and forth to MD Andersen Hospital when she goes there for her cancer treatments.

I often think about how many people must feel the healing energy as Susie walks through the corridors of the hospital. When I think back to how we got the crystal, I now understand that it was worth all the money and time to cleanse and purify it.

Sometimes people bring “unlucky” stones into my shop, just like someone who takes a sick cat to the vet. “What’s wrong with my Amethyst? The color is gone and it looks like clear quartz,” they say.

Or “I threw my best Selenite into the aquarium and now I realize it’s almost gone!” And, “I haven’t touched my crystal for months and it now feels dead in my hands. What happened?”. I call these crystals and stones “sad puppies” and fully understand their confusion.

Over time, working with crystals and stones and having made my own mistakes, I have learned a thing or two about protection, maintenance and what to do and what not to do with crystals so that it is not necessary to go to the crystal shop to deal with a sad, broken,

Just as we wash, eat, sleep, work and play, our crystal friends need it in their own way too. If you leave them in a dusty corner and don’t look at them, they can become listless and lifeless.

Working too hard with them without maintenance allows small pieces to break off due to excess absorbed energy. If you forget to feed and recharge them, their energy will slowly disappear. Because they are all different, they each need their own way of cleaning, maintenance, attention and purification.

Although stones do not communicate with us in the same way as family, friends or pets, they have their own energetic life force. Once removed from the place where they originated, they generally enjoy human attention and desire.

We make sure that our children are fed, bathed and played with; we make sure our cars are maintained; so we must also make sure that we cleanse, purify and recharge our crystals.

Cleansing, purification and recharging involve removing discordant energy (ie energy that does not match the use and purpose of the stone or crystal) and then refilling it with universal life force.

Disharmonic energy is generally absorbed in contact with others or in areas where many people gather or pass by. That I call it “disharmonic energy” has nothing to do with the qualifications “good” or “bad” because after all, all vibration is what it is. Cleaning, purging and charging is a bit like cleaning a child who has been playing in the sandbox all morning.

The play was good and the child, now quite filthy and tired from all the activities, needs to be cleaned and also needs something to eat and a nice nap. energetically, They work and play with us and need maintenance after all the interaction.

I threw my prettiest Selenite into the aquarium and now realize it’s almost gone!

Cleaning, purification and charging of the stones and crystals can be done in as many ways as there are people to concoct them.

Often elements are used (such as the sun, moon, water and other stones) and sometimes spiritual energy is used. Solar and lunar energy are especially popular ways to clean and purify. Crystals that lie in the sun all day usually glow with energy.

There are two things to keep in mind when using sunlight to treat stones and crystals. Stones such as amethyst, fluorite, halite and kunzite can fade under the influence of the sun.

Furthermore, the sun is also fire energy; sunlight shining through a crystal can easily ignite grass or a tablecloth. A friend who called me told me that the sun, shining through his favorite crystal ball, had slowly turned his driftwood staff to ashes.

Fortunately, his house did not go up in flames. If you use solar energy, put your crystals in a safe place so they can’t light anything and choose a day that you stay home so you can keep an eye on them.

Moon energy gives an extra good feeling to most crystals and stones. In any case, it’s safer than sunlight. Because a full moon has the most effect, the sun will be available more often despite any clouds. When lunar energy is used for cleaning,

purifying and charging stones or crystals, it is important to ensure that they are not immediately in view of people or animals. It is best to have a place, like a private garden or place, where you can leave them overnight.

Using water to cleanse and recharge stones and crystals is also a good way to maintain or increase crystal energy. I live by the ocean and regularly see people holding rocks and crystals in the waves. Ocean energy is very powerful and it is important to be careful about offering your beloved stones to the energy of the ocean for cleansing. A stone in your open hand can be perceived by the water spirits as a present.

By putting your stones or crystals in a net, they can be cleaned well without losing them. This also applies to cleaning stones in a stream or river. If you leave stones in running water, make sure that the net is closed properly and that the stones cannot bump into everything so that they are damaged or that others disrupt the process.

Another cleaning technique is to place the stones or crystals briefly in a fountain or bowl with bubbling water on a regular basis. There are also stones such as hanksite, halite, selenite and many gypsum-like stones that cannot withstand a lot of water. Dirt and dust can sometimes be removed from such stones by rinsing them, but if done too often they can melt away.

Stones and crystals can be buried to allow Mother Earth to purify and recharge them in a grounding way. I have a friend who buries her crystals in the garden and brings them out again when she feels they are ready. So far she hasn’t lost one and the crystals vibrate with the rhythm of the earth.

The beach or the park are not good places to bury your stones because the ocean can wash them away or other people or animals can find your hidden stash and think it is a treasure for them. So if you decide to bury your stones, make sure it’s in a place where they won’t be disturbed. An alternative is to bury them in a deep pan filled with sea salt for as long as it feels right. Sea salt carries the ocean energy within it and is easy to carry.

Be careful with stones such as moldavite and amber to put them in sea salt for too long. The salt can damage them.

lunar energy
Moon energy gives an extra good feeling to most crystals and stones

Some gypsum like selenite are known to dissipate discordant energy.

Therefore, these are ideal stones to cleanse and purify other stones and crystals. In our shop we have large pieces of needle shaped selenite and selenite swords to clean and purify the space in which we work.

That’s why we also put new stones on the selenite. It is a self-cleaning mineral, but of course it also needs to be cleaned once in a while. It is one of the most sought after minerals in our store.

Something I discovered not too long ago is that the gypsum sand around White Sands, New Mexico is also very good for cleaning stones and crystals. After I realized this I understood why missiles are tested there.

The gypsum-like sand helps alter the energy generated during testing. If you decide to get it from this sand, it’s good to know that you can only get it from a dune that runs over the fence on the road side. Collecting in the park can get you in trouble.

One of the simplest ways to cleanse, purify and recharge crystals and stones is to use spiritual energy.

There are many spiritual techniques for this. One way I have been taught and enjoy very much is to place the crystal in my palm, imagine a brilliant violet flame passing through it, purifying the crystal effectively of all disharmony, then filling it with infinite universal life force. This is a very easy technique that works well.

Those attuned to Reiki 2 or higher may choose Sei He Ki to clean stones, followed by Cho KU Rei to recharge them. Some enlightened healers use their breath to purify and charge a stone.

This is done by placing the stone or crystal in the palm of the hand and, with the intention of cleaning and charging it, blowing one’s own creative and vital breath over it, until one is sure that it is filled. is with new vitality.

A Native American way that has become very popular among healers and others who practice spiritual things is to use sage smoke to purify and cleanse just about anything.

We burn sage in the shop to help keep the atmosphere clean and sometimes I keep stones in the smoke with a prayer to the Grandfathers and Grandmothers to fill the stone with the highest and very best for the future human companion.

Good old-fashioned prayer is also a powerful technique that should not be underestimated. When we ask Source/God/Universe for help, it helps us focus our intention and increase the power of the outcome.

In addition to these techniques, you may wish to develop your own personal ritual for cleaning and purifying your crystals and stones. be creative.

It’s the intention that counts. It may even be the case that your crystal indicates what it wants. If you will take the time to give your stones and crystals the correct energetic cleaning and nourishment on a regular basis, you will find that they give you back tenfold.

Even stones that seem permanently used up and lifeless can turn back into an energetic spark if they are properly cared for. So look around the dusty corners of your home and pull out those forgotten friends for a re-acquaintance, complete with cleaning and purification, peace and grace, love and pleasure. This will initiate a long,

Next month we will dive into light and color as we explore the connections between the colors of stones and their metaphysical properties.


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