Make room for yin energy in your body and mind through late summer energy

Suddenly you notice that the days are getting shorter again and the sun is less high in the sky. Many highly sensitive people feel that summer is changing. The seasons have a big influence on our energy, but because of all our comfort we are less aware of it. By moving with the seasons you can feel yourself more powerful, so that you can also better deal with your high sensitivity. In this article you can read tips to feel powerful and energetic in the late summer and you can listen to a number of summer meditations that support you in this.

The influence of late summer energy

Summer is the season of yang energy and the element of fireYang energy is about action, doing, about achieving goals and turning your attention outwards. From mid-August the energy changes slowly and the energy becomes softerYin and yang now flow together. Yin energy is about surrendering, embracing, being and turning your attention inward. The element of late summer is earth. You may also feel that your body needs more rest and you don’t just want to be in action mode. By surrendering to the rhythm of this season, you can give your body more energy and strength and even improve your resistance.

Balance between relaxation and effort

Are you the type that can’t sit still and is always busy? Or have you focused a lot of attention on your surroundings in the past summer months? Action and doing is yang energy. That is also the energy that you fully take over in the summer and can flow into your life. But just like the seasons, we cannot be ‘on’ all year round and only focus on action and achieving goals. Too much yang energy will burn you up, exhausting yourself or causing you to burn out.

Moving with the energy of late summer gives you energy and strength. You do this by simply allowing more yin energyTurn your attention a little more inward again and be instead of doing in surrender and softness. Make time for self-care and relaxation. With a sufficient balance between relaxation and effort you can get more done.

Eat food of the season

Nature is brilliant and offers you exactly the vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that we need every season. Often these fresh seasonal products are also cheaper because there is an abundance of them. Seasonal vegetables and fruit give you those nutrients that give you energy and that strengthen your resistance.

Meditate to deeply relax and recharge

You must have heard that meditation is good for you. In addition, it is also a powerful way to deal with your high sensitivity. If you are highly sensitive, you absorb more information from your environment throughout the day and process this information on a deeper level than someone who is not highly sensitive. If you take in too many stimuli than you can process, you will become overstimulated . Then you get tired and you are more irritated. Meditating helps you to process stimuli more easily and to feel more powerful and energetic. Through meditation you also make room for the yin energy in your body and your life. Below I have a small selection of late summer meditations that will help you feel powerful and energetic.

Deep relaxation meditation to unwind and release tension

In this relaxation meditation you go to the beach where you can let go of all tension, thoughts and feelings and completely relax.


Relax with this summer garden meditation

In this summer garden meditation you can completely surrender to relaxation. You don’t have to do anything for a while and you can surrender to rest.

Meditation with YIN Energy

In this meditation you are guided to let yin energy flow completely in your body and your energy field. It helps you to completely relax so that you can recharge yourself.


YouTube channel especially for highly sensitive men and women

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