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Making Right Choices 2.0- An Unmistakable Hint of the Universe


That something happens that makes it crystal clear which choice to make?

I was able to experience exactly the same when I was out with my daughter.

And what happened is so beautiful that I would like to share it with you.

If you have children or grandchildren then you may know that for children in group 8, who are about 12 years old, now is the time to choose a secondary school where they want to start after the summer holidays. And with such a choice there is a lot to consider. After all, you want your son or daughter to have fun, to be challenged at a level, but also to feel safe and happy at school and to be able to retain something of childhood.

That is why we have set aside a lot of time to visit various schools. We have been to open days and parents’ evenings. Have tasted the atmosphere and got an impression about the ins and outs of the first graders and beyond .

Two schools stood out. However, because one of them learned almost exclusively with the help of the IPad from seventh grade, it fell off for us as parents. Our daughter, on the other hand, did not see that as a problem. To make her change her mind and choose our number 1 (her number 2), we came up with something. I had arranged that we could come over on a normal afternoon so that she could participate in a normal lesson of the seventh grade. Well, it was a lesson that would appeal to her: culture and crafts.

When we were on our way, I suddenly had serious doubts:

What if she didn’t like this at all?

What if this turns out completely wrong and she does NOT want to go to this school after this lesson? 

What if the children and the teacher are ‘terrible’ in her eyes?

Phew… Breathe in, breathe out, I thought to myself. Now there’s nothing more to do. And we have to choose one school, so or so.

And because a parent’s influence on a child’s experience is also limited, I simply surrendered to the situation. Instead of brooding, I tried my best and wished with all the strength of my heart, “Please, let this lesson run in such a way that we get a very clear signal as to whether this school is right for my daughter or not. Very clear please!’

And so we started the lesson. It was quite quiet, we both quickly dived into the matter, designed buttons and a design for bags, while we both secretly looked around the class in our own way and collected information about atmosphere, students and teacher.

I had noticed a girl who wore a special necklace. I pointed it out to my daughter. She had already seen it.

After class, when most of the children had already cleaned up and left the classroom, a girl came up to us. She asked very openly and interested how we had found the lesson, and whether we had enjoyed it. We both answered yes, it had been a fun lesson. And I complimented her on her special necklace. It was the necklace of Arwen Evenstar, the elven princess from the Lord of the Rings story.

This was the girl I had noticed before, and so was my daughter.

The girl thanks for the compliment. “Yes, the pendant is beautiful, isn’t it,” she said, “because my name is Arwen too!”

wow! Her name is Arwen! Just like Arwen from my favorite movie! wow! I started to glow.

Arwen said she got the necklace when she went to seventh grade last year. And, knowing my daughter’s look, I saw that the necklace really appealed to her too. Just like her carrier.

And before I knew it, we got a mini tour of the school – from Arwen. My daughter was very relaxed and curious.

She felt at ease!

She liked it! She liked it here, which was evident from her whole body language.

Arwen left us at the bicycle shed with the words: ‘It would be nice if you come to this school next year, then we’ll see each other again.’

And that was that. Completely happy and still a little surprised we jumped on our bikes. The road seemed much shorter and sunny. There was no longer any doubt. This was her school. That’s where she wanted to go.

I totally get it – because if you’re already being recruited by an elf princess, what’s left to doubt?

I’m still a little gleaming at the thought of this afternoon. What a beautiful and super clear hint from the universe, destiny, or whatever!

And I feel strengthened again in my judgment with which I chose the school in the first place and in the power of my wishes, which sent me a pure message with Arwen.

Have you also tried using the power of your wishes for a clear message? It is highly recommended.

Much love and an enchanting day to you!


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