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maldek. Characteristics of those who have Maldek as their Planetary origin

Those who have Maldek as their Planetary Origin have a strong and stable personality. They are resolute and focused on their beliefs, whatever they may be. It can be difficult to get a Maldekean to accept the validity of new beliefs because there are always many questions to be answered before new possibilities can be accepted. They often have deep-seated leadership qualities, although these are brought in thoughtfully.

A Maldekean is very intelligent, technically inclined and focused on details. They are well versed in a wide and varied mix of subjects. They often have different careers, or one career with strong interests that lie outside the field of work. They investigate to understand what lies beneath the surface of people, things and events.

Because of this, they will rarely accept a simple explanation or answer. They tend to analyze events, experiences and the interactions between people because in their eyes there is always more than what can be seen on a superficial level.

A Maldekean is someone who usually wants to know quite a bit about any subject that can come up in conversation. Maldekeans are reserved and aloof or difficult to approach for people who don’t know them well. They are inwardly cautious and critical of who and what they trust. If someone is accepted as a friend or in an intimate relationship, they will be very loving, respectful and reliable companions.

A Maldekean is disappointed when others do not bring these qualities equally. They expect from others what they themselves are willing to give. It is often surprising to others to discover such deep beliefs, opinions and emotions in someone who is apparently so calm and reserved. Only to those they trust completely do they give themselves emotionally, but when this trust is there, they are very capable and enjoy giving on all levels.

Maldekeans love challenges, mysteries, and the unknown or the unexplained. They are often fascinated by the ‘magic’ and the use of energy to create and bring about something. They often have an early interest in astronomy, the Planets and researching the Universe.

They love stories like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin the Wizard. The desire for honor, integrity, loyalty and service to common causes is strong. They may long for the times when defending these ideals was part of their daily business. Such time periods are favored by Maldekeans, who can often feel frustrated at the present time on Earth.

In relationships, they are very supportive and understanding partners, provided that this partner is just as open in sharing themselves fully, and willing to discuss all aspects of their own needs and desires. When mutual understanding is achieved, there is a willingness to do whatever it takes to help those they love achieve their goals and dreams. Obviously, due to Maldekean’s questioning nature, it will take a lot of conversations to get there!

Maldekeans have strong loyalty and few problems with obligations, be it in relationships, friendships, work or ideals. They expect the same in return and will soon be disappointed if not. This could then be one of the rare moments where the Maldekean mood can be seen. Maldek is a planet on the other side of Mars. It no longer exists and the current remnants of the Planet resemble an Asteroid Belt.


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