Man as a quartet game – connection on four levels

Man as a quartet game – connection on four levels
The 4-dimensional man. Ever heard of it? It is the idea that every human being consists of four dimensions (or levels or angles): physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You can also say body, mind, heart, and soul. The latter sounds more concrete to most people. You will also encounter these concepts more often in everyday language, for example in statements such as ‘body & mind’ and ‘with heart and soul’‘.

Different and yet the same

What does this human division actually mean concretely? To keep it simple, our body allows us to touch, our mind allows us to think, our heart allows us to feel, and our soul controls unconscious knowledge. So they all do something different. At the same time, they actually do the same. So now it gets a little more complex: every action in each dimension has an equivalent of that action in the others.

Connection on four levels

Man as a quartet game – connection on four levels

An example: through the body, you connect with others by touching, for example giving a hand or hugging. Through the mind you connect with others by, very rationally, recalling qualities/qualities of that person. The heart connects through emotions. You get warm or cold inside, get butterflies in the stomach or a knot in the stomach.

The soul connects in a more abstract way, too fleeting for us to perceive, but telepathy is a fine example of soul contact. To make it even more concrete: this means, for example, that for every physical organ (e.g. liver) a mental, emotional and spiritual equal can be found, and that for every mental process (e.g. worrying) there is a physical, emotional, and spiritual equal. , and so on.

The four dimensions in action

Man as a quartet game – connection on four levels

I would like to show you a concrete example of how this all works in practice. The liver is an organ whose main function is to purify the blood. That is in the physical dimension. ‘Purifying’ here is the activity that is also present in the other dimensions.

On a mental level, it means purifying thoughts (do you keep thinking about things you don’t want to think about or are not allowed to think about yourself?), on an emotional level it means purifying feelings (e.g. processing unprocessed emotions due to a divorce or loss). ) and on a soul level, it relates to the filtering of what information goes from the unconscious to the consciousness.

Using the four dimensions

What good is this knowledge to you now? This science is often and gladly used in alternative medicine such as healing. When disturbed in one dimension, the equivalent in another dimension is used to activate enlightenment or healing. If someone suffers from unprocessed emotions or poisonous thoughts, you can work on these complaints via the liver. Often something comes loose, which is discussed during a follow-up meeting.

Or: if someone has a liver ailment, you can treat this ailment via one of the other three dimensions. You can also apply this to yourself. stress? Neck complaints? What would be the equivalent in any of the other dimensions? Through that road/approach you may be able to discover a cause and come to relief/cure. Give it a try.


Man as a quartet game – connection on four levels

The better the four dimensions are in balance, the better man functions. It’s actually a big quartet game. The one with the most complete sets wins. – “Can I have the spiritual dimension from you from ‘the lungs’?” – “No, I do not have that. May I of you from ‘worrying’ the physical dimension? – “Please.” – “ Quartet !”


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