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Manic Depressive, Highly Sensitive or Paranormal?

This morning” I saw on the website  Psychosis-Anders , a very interesting and impressive blog, set up by someone who was once diagnosed with ‘Bipolar’ or ‘ Manic Depressive ‘, but said he was ‘cured’ from the condition. I read the article ‘ Psychosis, friend in disguise ‘ on this website, and that actually got me thinking. According to this article, going through psychosis is a painful,

yet enriching experience, which should ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your subconscious and the world around you. It is a state of mind that will eventually lead you to your ‘ True Self ‘‘ will lead if you are spiritually capable of understanding the ‘messages’ that come to you from the deeper layers of consciousness.

Some “friends” hurt you precisely to help you. A psychosis should therefore be your ‘best friend’, as it were, because the intense mental pain you experience brings you closer to yourself. And I personally find that very plausible because I experienced it all firsthand.

When you are in a psychosis, it seems like you are in a dream. Everything around you is blurry, you feel super tense and you seem to live in a strange, spiritual vacuum, like being ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Entire scenes play out in your head in which you see all kinds of images, experience fears (sometimes intense paranoia), sometimes or even often hear voices and get ‘visions’. Of course, not everything you experience in psychosis is true, but often there can be a grain of truth in the things you experience.

Something very common in people who are psychotic is ‘getting through messages’. For example, you are a bit apathetic watching television, you read something in the subtitles of a movie, a certain piece of text appears to glow and is magically framed, and it seems to be meant just for you. Now I happened to read the book the ‘ The Celestine Promise ‘, which wrote about ‘ synchronicity ‘,

a concept first described by Carl Gustav Jung which in short means that like energies attract each other. For example, if you are very busy with a certain problem, you attract the (cosmic) energy that belongs to that specific problem. It comes across as if you are getting a ‘message’ from the cosmos.

Apparently your subconscious is all the time trying to find a solution to the problem that is bothering you. As if magically you attract all kinds of situations that have to do with your problem. All kinds of people come your way who have the same problem, for example, who are also psychotic or severely depressed. These people form a network that will help you further in your ‘magic process’.

Apparently ‘psychotic’ people are capable of magical thinking… You (unconsciously) send a certain energy into the cosmos and it comes back to you in a certain form, a form that helps you get out of your predicament. All kinds of messages come your way, such as certain people who unconsciously make certain statements and give exactly those answers (without them realizing it themselves) what you were looking for.

This sounds very far-fetched and I understand that the average person will not just understand this and will simply label it as ‘crazy’, but I still believe that people who suffer from mental illness are ‘open’ to cosmic influences, and they actually can have a connection with other worlds and dimensions.

Psychiatry, of course, prefers to suppress these things by making you take certain drugs, so that these ‘symptoms of madness’ will disappear, and this is such a shame because precisely thanks to your psychosis or depression, you and the world around you get to know you better. Medication simply suppresses what you feel. You change into a numb zombie who can no longer really be aware of his own inner world.

As soon as the problems are solved, the psychosis is over, according to the article Psychosis, friend in disguise , it has done its job and you can go on with your life fresh and cheerful.

I believe there is a grain of truth in it.

Since childhood I have been interested in spiritual and occult matters. I have read a lot about clairvoyance, clairsentience, past lives and reincarnation. Some people are actually psychic, have great sensitivity and are more likely to pick up on things that other people take for granted. Some so-called ‘bipolar people’ see images, sometimes they see shadows or shapes or whole scenes’.

Personally, I think this could be ‘residue’, residual energies from situations that have happened in a certain place. As a ‘psychotic’ person you are sometimes ‘receptive’ to certain energies, especially when you are highly sensitive.

As I progress, I am becoming more and more convinced that I am not ‘manic depressive’ but rather highly sensitive, someone with a line to the cosmos. And if people think I’m crazy because of this statement, I don’t care, I know what my experiences are, I’ve been through an awful lot of ‘occult’ situations, heard voices, seen ghosts and much more, which I don’t here go name.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that all people who suffer from mental illness have an extremely sensitive personality, which makes them susceptible to all kinds of negative situations and energies, so not only the positive can have a hold on you but also the negative. You can absorb energies from people around you or those you just meet on the street, who will settle into your aura,

So you have to learn to deal with that extreme sensitivity because it can literally exhaust you and completely drain you.

Nevertheless, the process I went through has been confusing, yet very enriching for my life, it has completely changed me and my outlook on life…


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