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Manifesting: how does it really work?


What about manifesting exactly; how does it work and what is our role in it? Do we do it ourselves or is it done for us? In this article I answer these questions and tell you where readers get their information so that they can give you a glimpse into the future.


First of all, I would like to briefly explain something about your energy field and the information that is stored in it. Your energy field is your spiritual body, this does not stop with our physical body but continues to about an arm’s length away from your entire body and consists of several layers of fine material particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

It is our own personal space, so it can also be very noticeable when other people – or energies – enter this space. Within this energy field is also a blueprint, this energetic blueprint is where all the elements are already stored for your plan that is still in progress. All the information that is important to you in this life is in your blueprint.

You can define your life mission, your personal mission andfind your karma , but also your innate gifts and talents, all in your blueprint . And this is also where is stored that which has already manifested for you.


ManifestReaders get their information from your blueprint. This is often due to images they see, which they then first have to interpret correctly. They are not always literally shown images from the future, but also indications that point in a direction.

It is therefore important that they correctly translate these images, so that they can tell you something about what may become reality for you in the future. I say maybe because no reader, medium or psychic can say for sure how your future will turn out† That which is manifested is not yet a reality but a process in the making.

There are still many factors at play and a lot is still possible along the way. What we read back in the energy field is energetic truth but not yet reality as long as it has not yet taken shape.

Manifesting- Who is manifesting?

Now on to the manifesting itself; this is something that many people on the spiritual path talk about. It seems like one thing after another is just being manifested and it almost feels like a failure on your spiritual path when what you want for yourself does not become a reality.

In that case you can breathe a sigh of relief, because in this article a different sound. Manifesting is not at all our task as human beings, this is done by our guide(s)† Because our guides are not limited to the third dimension like we are, they are able to travel through time in addition to space, so that they can place things in the future. As humans we cannot possibly do this, but the soul can.

The soul always decides on this, so if what you would like to manifest is not in accordance with what the soul desires, it will not manifest. If what you as a human desire is also what the soul wants for you and the soul sees a lesson in that, then it can actually be manifested for you. So when your wishes match those of your soul, it can give the impression that we as humans are in control ourselves, but this is only an illusion, it is always the soul that determines.


Now, in order to travel to other dimensions and manifest, the soul must step out of the body. This is something the soul (in most people) only does at night and even then it has plenty of other things to do, so before manifesting we get help from our guides.

So these souls work for us, they keep a close eye on our desires so that they can work with them. When a desire is strong enough, it creates an opening, an opportunity for guides to manifest. So guides can only manifest for us something that we desire strongly enough and that is in accordance with the will of our soul.

Our role

But what can we do ourselves to make the manifestation process go smoothly and to give our guides a helping hand. Well, definitely something:

– First, we can make sure that we follow our desires. This strengthens our desires and the stronger the desire, the easier it manifests. Since manifesting is a step-by-step process, these steps will also include opportunities that help ultimately make what we desire a reality. So we also help by seizing these opportunities.

But once you miss an opportunity; no problem, then a new one will follow.
– What we can also do is visualize. This is quite a well-known way to manifest, but it is not the case that we do the work ourselves: it does help our guides to get a good grasp of what it is that we want.

– Another way to help our guides is to daydream. Daydreaming also helps to make your desires known and it also strengthens your desire.

Always on the right track

Are you reading this and thinking, very little of what I long for and what I wish for in my life has actually come true; Do you perhaps wonder as you read whether you are going the right way and whether your desires are in accordance with what your soul wants? Then remember that the soul learns the most from pain and that is why some souls choose pain a lot because they can go through great growth and development so quickly.

And know that, even if you are not (yet) walking the path that aligns with your mission here on Earth, you are always going exactly the right path for you right now.


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