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Many people around me are in a transformation process, or are just coming out of it

Many people around me are in a transformation process, or are just coming out of it. This often caused health problems. I know people who struggle with burnout, who have had mysterious inflammations throughout their bodies, people who are affected by cancer and several people who suffer from extreme fatigue. Some have no idea where their complaints come from, some look deeper and get a suspicion. The past period has been a violent one, for some for a year or more, for some especially the first months of this year.

I see these kinds of processes as tearing down a house. Sometimes a house has to be demolished to the foundations, if it has had too much to choose from in the past. If the base is no longer good, you have to break a lot before you can build again. Brick by brick has to be taken down, sometimes even reversed a few times, to take a good look at where it once went wrong. Sometimes it happens with a big bang, all at once to the foundations. Sometimes slowly, as if taking each stone off individually, inspecting and seeing which ones can be saved.

From what I see around me, it seems the period to start building again has arrived. Step by step, stone by stone. Of course it is important to make the bottom layers quite sturdy now. Building a house properly often takes time. You can also dress up nicely later, but now you have to build. Building your new beautiful pure foundation, much stronger than before. That’s the beauty of such a process, after demolishing, the house can only get sturdier, because the rotten spots that supported your house are gone.

So make sure you “clean sweep”, let go of what no longer serves you. Provide a good foundation to build on and especially seek help if you can’t manage it yourself. For example, go to a therapist that suits you, visit a regression therapist, psychologist or coach if you feel you need it. You don’t have to do it alone.

You also seem to see the above process in society, although we do not seem to have finished breaking there yet. But there too the rotten spots are increasingly visible and we have to look at which building blocks we no longer want to use in the future. Think, for example, of the financial system and our food and medicine industry. More and more people are critical and that is a good process. We may well come across some smelly cellars that still need to be pumped out. I sincerely hope that this means that we can then also start building a solid foundation for a loving, pure society in society.


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