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Masculine and Feminine Energy: What is it?

Every person has masculine and feminine energy, but the feminine energy is hardly recognized, let alone appreciated. And the masculine energy has become so dominant that it is completely out of control. It leads to an aggressive, harsh reality, which is devoid of feeling. Contribute to balance in the world: get to know your inner man and inner woman !

In the past hundred years, there has been a lot of struggle for equal rights for women, but the result is mainly that we have neglected our female pool at the expense of the male one. And that while men have become more feminine, they have also become confused – about what is or is not expected of them. The solution for the dissatisfaction and the war between the sexes (which takes place all over the world and within) is close by: give both energies a place again, within yourself .

The womb

It started about a year ago. I felt it in me and in other women: a new (or more likely, an ancient) feminine energy was descending; became available again in the collective energy field. The women around me suddenly became ‘all’ interested in tantra , sexuality and their authentic femininity. In the women in my practice I experienced a soft power and sensuality that was not so prominent before. As if their wombs were connected to their natural blueprint: the dark, expanding and expanding universe, from which everything is born.

Waves and Particles

Recently, I trained at the International School of Temple Arts , and gained a clearer view of the two energies. The universe is made up of waves and particles, at the same time. Depending on how you look at it, you see one or the other. The wave is the feminine energy and the particle the masculine, and they are one whole. The wave moves with it, is fluid, goes around obstacles, while the particle moves in a straight line towards its target; it cannot go around anything, only right through it. The wave finds the particle boring and too fast, the particle perceives the wave as inefficient.

Once you can distinguish between the feminine and masculine energies, the yin and the yang in yourself, it becomes easier to use them when you need them on the one hand, and to be completely yourself instead of living on the other. according to counterproductive energy patterns that you have come to accept as ‘true’‘. If you befriend both poles, if you can recognize when one or the other is distorting, and if you can see their ‘healthy’ expression form, then you’re pretty well balanced.

feminine energy

Feminine energy

The feminine energy is the earth, the womb, from which everything is born. In its darkness nothing grows into something. She is the life, the exuberance, flow . To me she feels like the ocean. She has no goal, no direction; she moves, she flows. When I’m there I don’t know anything, I don’t need anything and time falls away. It is total relaxation and surrender. I feel connectedwith others and with my body.

When it comes to sexuality, my inner woman wants to feel safe and loved first, and then she surrenders. She is the loving attachment; the arms in which you only have to be. But my wife is not always soft. When the storm comes, the sorrow is so deep that I seem to cry for the whole world. I have no choice but to let all of that move through me until the hurricane dies down again. That woman feels everything, but has no words for it.

male energy

Masculine energy

The masculine energy is connected to heaven. He is pure consciousness, focus, stability; the compassionate detachment that invites you to push boundaries and stand on your own two feet. He is goal oriented and clear. In this place I know what needs to be done, I can take action; draw my sword and confront myself and others, from my heart. The man in me can say, ‘ Cut the bullshit .

It hurts, and I love you.’ The masculine energy gives direction, is the anchor, and ensures that the feminine energy can flow freely. In sexuality he is the ‘ loving presence’, serving the woman without demanding anything for herself, so that step by step she can open her temple doors to unity, for both.

Hysterical Women and Straightforward Men

Both energies often manifest in unhealthy forms, and especially when we are confronted with our injury. The female wound is that of being unloved, not bandaged. The male who of failure, failing. The imbalanced feminine energy becomes hysterical, too emotional, irrational, indecisive. She closes in on sex and declines. When my wife loses herself, I completely identify with my drama and believe that to be the reality. I fainted.

As his wound plays up, the masculine energy becomes insensitive, too rational, and achievement-oriented. During sex, he can be rushed and selfish. When my inner man starts to dominate, I harden and hammer at everything that is wrong.


The feminine energy (feeling, intuition, surrender, darkness, not-knowing, inner world) has been suppressed for centuries. Masculine energy (ratio, goals, light, strategy, outside world) has become the norm. But the feminine energy is becoming more and more available, and the task now, for both women and men, is to love, honor, and embody her, so that the masculine energy can take its place again, next to her, as the loving presence that he is. Both want only one thing: to meet each other and become one.


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