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May your true power be there?


Chained by my hands I sit on my knees on the floor. I feel the strength in my hands, but I can’t move them because of the huge stone they’ve hung on them. I am forced to bow to them, but I don’t break. I feel the strength and determination coursing through my body as a group of men look at me mockingly and angrily. What have I done to deserve this? I am too powerful and they are terrified of that. Whoever seems to be in charge is disappointed, he would like me to break. Despite his fear, he feels a deep contempt for women and doesn’t care if I’m in pain, the more the better. I look in the crowd for kind eyes and find them. I want to be seen for who I am, not what they’re trying to make of me.

True power = danger

Whether, as came up with me in a hypnotherapy session, it is (partly) in a past life or not, many of us have learned that not all of us should be there. And our strength, often least of all. Because true power is scary, scary. They once became afraid of power, especially of female creative power, as I now also read in Hermelijn van der Meijden’s new book, Nine secrets of the woman . That fear has spread to the crowd and has, as it were, run into our blood.

creative power

What I myself was shown in several images during the hypnotherapy: Female creative power cannot exist without men. As I was shown: A woman cannot create without being seen for what she is, especially by a man (here you can of course also read ‘female energy’ and ‘masculine energy’, it is not necessarily attached to a gender). Moreover, the female creative power is more inwardly directed, the fertile process takes place, as with a pregnancy, from the inside, only to emerge later from an enormous primal force. Over the centuries, the masculine has often become dangerous for women, as a result of which we no longer dare to show part of our strength. And if we dare to do it, it is often brought out in an almost masculine manner. From a ‘Look at me’ energy.

see me

Very different from the ‘Look at me’ energy, is the ‘See me’ energy. It’s not about performing or bragging. Not to shout who is the best, but in being seen and seeing each other. Being who you really are, showing who you really are. Especially your strength. Today’s society is often still very performance-oriented. As an entrepreneur, for example, you seem to have to brag about how much you have converted with your latest ‘launch’. And that big lease car in front of the successful employee says it all. But do we really see who is underneath, or are we just looking at the surface?

A new time

I’ve been seeing a change lately. More and more we begin to look, at least part of us, at who someone really is. Do we want to feel if someone’s energy matches ours? The old ways of showing you don’t work anymore. We penetrate through the layers, the appearance, the masks, the matter. And that’s when that power comes to the fore. It is precisely then that we begin to see what makes someone so beautiful. And the more you see it yourself, the more you can radiate it to whoever is ready to see it. So my question for you is: May your true power already be there?


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