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Meeting your Twin Flame – The Twin Flame always starts within.

Meeting with your Twin Flame

by Mary Dunlop.

“Every man has a fixed eternal image of women, not the image of a particular woman, but a fixed female image for him. This is originally an unconscious image, a hereditary factor which is engraved in the organic system of the man…” – Carl Gustav Jung

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my personal journey (my journey back to my ‘ Self ‘) is the overriding importance of getting to know the ‘twin in me’ – our complementary energy often referred to as ‘ twin flame ‘‘ .

The twin flame can be the reason that we are attracted to certain people in our lives, both consciously and unconsciously. The twin soul is our memory of that eternal image.

If we focus on meditation, visualization, drawing, writing , painting, songwriting, poetry, etc., we are probably able to paint a clear picture of our twin flame. However, we will not quickly look within ourselves for the perfect love, even if we know that the place in us is the place where we should start looking .

The meeting with your twin flame is first of all a psychic process, in which the higher part within yourself attracts the additional part. When you have finally reached this connection, you feel him or her there, present in yourSelf. If you really want to find your own twin flame, don’t start with a conscious search.

Concentrate on the light and the twin flame will present itself automatically, based on the light you radiate. You may not know where your twin flame is, but it does know where you are. Be content with just waiting; it will come.

Only those who have felt their twin flame can understand. Always being disappointed, always looking for someone, but you can’t find him! You think: ‘this is the one!’ And then, after a while, you realize it’s not the ‘one’. So, could it be someone else? And so it goes on, until you realize that your twin flame has been inside you all along. And from there you find it… If you want true fulfillment, you must first unite with yourself.” – OM Aivanhov

Meeting with your Twin Flame – everything starts in yourSelf

Our relationships outside ourselves are always indicators of our inner self. What does a romantic relationship or deep attraction to someone represent? It represents the inner relationship between our masculine and feminine energies .

When you know which of these energies is your counterpart, you are one step closer to discovering your twin flame. It can be the masculine or feminine energy. Gender doesn’t matter. What is important is your relationship to that inner energy.

Example: a woman identifies more with her inner feminine energy. How does she feel about the masculine energy then? Does she embrace it, reject it, or contradict it? Especially in spiritually connected relationships it is never the ‘outside’ (in this case the feminine energy) that dominates.

Everything starts in you and the essence of your true twin flame (that eternal image) can always be found in your psyche.

If a relationship you have with someone seems to make no sense (you may ask yourself why you are attracted to this person at all) then return to yourself – the twin flame within you and your inner wisdom. You will find your answers there.

“The relationship of twin flames is eternal. It’s not something you should look for outside of yourself. It’s something you tune into deep within yourself. Recognizing the twin flame is an ‘inner knowing’‘. Your feelings to the outside world will not give you the answer.

However, sometimes your feelings will be wrong. Then use your ‘inner knowledge’ to see what is going on. Include a period of being alone. Fast and pray. Ask God to show you the good and the bad in a relationship. Don’t make a decision until you are sure of yourself!” – Rev. Neroli Duffy

QUESTION: I am curious: can the twin flame exist outside of yourSelf (in another person) if it is only a hidden side of you?

ANSWER: The inner attracts the outer.

The twin flame always starts from within. It’s not someone you should look for in the outside world. Find it in yourSelf first – that eternal image, that hidden part of you – and then you are able to recognize that same energy in another person.

“When you want something for yourself that you hope to get from a specific person, we call it the ‘ Law of Attraction ‘, but with limitations. If you decide you want a great relationship and you are open to receiving all that the universe can give you, that is the ‘Law of Attraction’ and you will be at the right vibration/frequency for this.

Because there is another person involved, who also has his or her own intentions, you cannot control or dictate what he or she should do. You can’t force the universe to make someone feel a certain way about you.
That doesn’t mean the one can’t come into your life. That’s how it can work. You cannot ask the universe to give you a certain person. 


To ask the universe to make something happen would be something like black magic or mind control. What you need to do is open yourself up to a loving relationship and prepare yourself to receive this relationship. What if the universe tries to send you the perfect life companion and you insist it can only be one person?” – Erin Pavlina

Again, it’s about awareness and understanding. If we’re not aware of our “rejected part,” we usually don’t understand why we’re attracted to certain people, especially if they don’t turn out to be suitable or available to share in a healthy, loving relationship. Example:

If you experience your twin flame through pain and feeling like you are being tossed around due to your hidden part, so that your love is not reciprocated in the same way, it may be that instead of attracting your twin flame you unconsciously sees the ‘rejected part’ of yourSelf in such a relationship.

Usually, as soon as we recognize and unite with that ‘rejected part’ of ourSelf, we consciously know who is good for us. Then we understand the definition of the type of relationship we want in our life.

When someone finds that ‘discarded part’, they find that missing piece of the puzzle and begin to attract the person they can genuinely fall in love with – and with it, the person who genuinely falls in love with them. And yes, there is definitely someone like that for everyone!

Never forget, true love is never about lowering your self-esteem. “It’s always about love, first of all love for yourself, which tells us that we deserve to be with someone who respects, honors and values ​​​​us and is fully able to connect with the other through pure love. If this is not the case, let these persons work on finding a balance in their feminine and masculine sides;


 everyone already has enough work to find and understand themselves.
When one comes into balance, others in the environment will act as follows: 1) react differently; 2) project it back; 3) not being able to adapt to the higher frequency/vibration, causing the relationship to transition to make room for a new, more appropriate relationship.” – Ruthie Grant PH.D.

The twin flame is about being completely attuned to yourSelf – the sacred place deep within you and the divine masculine and feminine energies that lurk within you. It is about discovering your core – your authentic I.

That is what makes it different from the relationship as soul mates and it is also why many discover their twin flame in other ways (in dreams, meditation, visualization etc.). Some therefore also believe that a physical encounter with their twin flame is not always necessary or important.

The one we work with to evolve and grow within the context of ourSelf is the representation of the true twin flame. This may, in some cases, be another part outside of ourSelf (a person) or a divine part that we connect with through Source and through our own image through meditation, travel, dreamwork, imagination techniques and conversations.

“The divine Beloved is spirit without a body; the spiritual beloved (meaning: the mystical beloved) possesses both mind and body.” – Henry Corbin

Whether you find your loved one in your inner world or in the outer world, what we mean by ‘twin flame reunion’ will always take place within yourSelf. Again, it’s an inner event. You begin to experience your own oneness. Slowly you come to a certain state of self-acceptance. Painful memories of the past welcome you with peace. Heal old wounds. Your soul will start to feel free.

And you will start to feel your twin flame more and more, as soon as you arrive at your inner place of love and joy.

The twin flame frequency/vibration offers you what you need to be fully yourself, so that you can empathize more with others and experience (and share) more love. The journey there is only a path.The final destination is harmony and unity.

Sometimes people can mistake a strong physical attraction (probably a projection of the other part of the twin flame) for true love or become increasingly obsessed with the idea of ​​having to have love, the image of love or the image they have created themselves . of the person they are attracted to.

If you don’t know yourself well and you see or meet someone who evokes powerful feelings in you, there is a chance that you mistake these feelings for twin flame love. However, this is not it. This feeling will go its own way, because it is not answered or the alchemical process is restarted with another person, after the projection starts to wear off. To (re) know your true twin soul,

Meeting with your Twin Flame – everything starts in yourSelf

Twin Flame connections require an open heart. An open heart also means an open mind and that means you should have no expectations regarding a possible outcome. In other words, the twin flame stages you read about on the internet may not help you unless you figuratively understand them in the way they were originally intended.

Just look at the mythological story about Psyche and Eros, their characters were created to symbolize the relationship between the Soul and Love. Recognition, trial, distress, dynamics, surrender, radiance and harmony, stages of the road to the twin soul, all INNER events.

Any spiritual journey requires to some degree a degree of understanding of the information one reads. When I consciously set out on this path, I found stories about twin souls that started to ring alarm bells in me.

It was written that meeting or finding the twin flame is exclusive – divine love would be reserved for only a few. Of course, this is not true, as many of us know. Everyone has an equal chance to meet his or her twin flame. For example, if we close our eyes and feel our vulnerability, our sensual energy, our soul – our true I – then we can certainly feel the precious and unmistakable energy of our twin flame.

“Believe nothing just because you’ve heard it. Believe nothing just because it is whispered or said by many. Believe nothing just because it is propagated by teachers. If you have observed and analyzed and your findings are positive – it seems reasonable and in the interest of everyone – accept it and live it.” – Words of wisdom from Buddha

There are many beliefs and teachings regarding the theme of twin souls. Some people find their twin flame (energy) in spirit and/or place it in relation to their inner lover (the ‘rejected part’). Others associate it with their physical partner. For some, past lives are also important in this, while for most (including me) it’s mainly about the Now. It is important to know that nothing is certain.

It may well be that you start your journey with a certain conviction or belief, after which you come to the realization after a number of detours and events that there is more, or perhaps something else. That is the beauty, the mysticism, the spirituality of the journey to your twin soul. It is up to you to discover it (by your own heart and mind).And it is always for you to own.


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