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Meetings with Star People: “They had good intentions. Grandpa called them our ancestors.”


Summary: Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University, is descended from the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes. She researches Star People (aliens) and collects encounters between them and Indians. In this article I discuss one of those many encounters.

Encounters with Star People

Richard Wagamese, one of Canada’s foremost writers and storytellers, came from the independent region of Wabaseemoong, in northwestern Ontario. He wrote : “My people speak of Starmen, who visited us many generations ago. The Starmen brought spiritual knowledge and stories, and maps of the cosmos. We got it in exchange for nothing. They were kind, loving and lead by example. My people have never been so lonely as when the Starmen left again.”

Another story from Canada comes from Stephane Wuttunee, of the Plains Cree tribe and a French Canadian writer and storyteller. He explains that his view and understanding of extraterrestrial phenomena, and what those events mean for the world, were heavily influenced by the Native American culture in which he grew up.

He has always emphasized that his people have “much more respect for the journey to a spiritual understanding of things.” He often heard stories about “old, distant relatives. About Star People who live among the stars. It was often about campfires and traditional ceremonies. I’ve never been afraid of it. In fact, ‘Star People’ is a very common term from my childhood.”

star people

Stories about Starmen are very carefully recorded in the lore of Native Americans and Native Canadians . In this article I want to share a story with you. The story comes from the work of Dr. Ardy Clarke , professor emeritus at Montana State University and a Cherokee and Choctaw himself. She has been researching the Star People for years and collecting encounters between them and Indians. She too grew up with stories about Star People, told by her family and tribal elsewhere.

The story

This story comes from a man in the Navajo Indian reservation. There, Clarke spoke to Darren, whom she knows through a shared acquisition.

“I was not the first in my family to see the Sky Gods. My grandfather once told me that a spaceship landed in New Mexico, and that some Indians helped an alien hide,” Darren says.

That happened in the 1940s, around the same time as Roswell.

“My grandfather said he and some friends encountered the alien while walking through the desert. They immediately realized it was an Air God, so they hid him from the government. Unfortunately, the alien did not survive and they buried him.


I’ve seen an alien myself. He visited my grandfather’s hogan. A hogan is a traditional Navajo home. When I saw the alien, I was very scared at first. But mostly because I didn’t know it was an alien yet, I thought it was an alien. Every stranger scared me, then. So I ran in and told my father that there was a man outside. My grandfather turned off the burner for his tea and quietly walked out. I couldn’t hear them, but I’m sure they were talking to each other. Then my grandfather came back in and told me to come along. I walked outside, where the alien was leaning against a wall. He looked at a small metal object.I tried to take my grandfather’s hand, but he told me not to be afraid. That everything was fine.

Encounters with Star People

The alien was tall. He was dark. Dark skin and dark eyes. I saw no hair. His clothing was brown and fitted closely to his body. He was wearing a strange pair of boots. The pants were padded with something. The boots had pointy toes and the same color as his suit. I had never seen such clothes. He was also wearing gloves and had some sort of covering over his head. Like a kind of hood, but it was something later, like elastic.

He communicated with my grandfather. We all walked into a large gorge. My grandfather stopped a few times and studied the footprints. He had found a trail. The trail led us to a large ship on the other side of the canyon.”

Clarke asked Darren “Do you mean the alien got lost?”

“According to my grandfather, yes. The alien was part of a small group of scouts. They had lost each other; he had walked into one gorge, while the rest took another turn. He had a device with him that should have led him to his ship, but it stopped working properly. That’s why he came to our hogan, for help. My grandfather and I escorted him back to his ship.


I often talked about this day with my grandfather. He told me stories that started with “This happened before the Star Man or after the Star Man”. My grandfather told me that when he was a little boy, he heard a lot of stories about Star People. But this was only the second time he’d seen one.


Hi mainly talked about how friendly they were, and that they didn’t want to hurt us. Grandpa called them our ancestors. They have been coming to Earth since the beginning of time. They come here so we don’t forget to keep everything in harmony. He called them the planters of seeds.


They brought seeds to Earth to see if they could grow here. And then they would come back later to see how they were doing.”

According to Darren, his grandfather meant plants, animals and us humans. His grandfather once said “they came with animals”.

Then Clarke asked, “Have you touched the spaceship?”

“I wanted to, but my grandfather warned me. I wasn’t allowed to get too close.

It was round. Silver, but a dull silver. There were no windows. Only a door, and when it was closed you couldn’t see where the door was.”

Clarke asked, “When your grandfather brought the Starman to the ship, did you see the other beings too?”

Encounters with Star People

“Yes. They came out and greeted their friend. I saw them turn to my grandfather, as if he were being introduced. The other Starmen bowed. Then they stood there for a moment and talked to him, but I couldn’t hear it When they went back inside , my grandfather told us to stand at a safe distance. Then we watched the spaceship move upward. Not a grain of sand was blown away.


I’ve always found that part the most amazing. , there’s always dust and sand in the air, but when this big ship got off the ground, everything lay perfectly .I was always afraid of strangers, but these strangers were not like the people I saw in the city. These were different. On the way home, I didn’t let go of my grandfather’s hand. That felt safer.”

Then Darren describes meeting the Star Man twice more, when he was much older. The last time was when his grandfather was already in his eighties, sick and weak in bed.

“It was late at night when the Starman suddenly appeared, without notice. He walked over to my grandfather’s bed and leaned over him. A moment later he walked out again.”

Clarke asked, “What did your grandfather say about the meeting?”

“Just that the Star Man came to tell me they were waiting for him. Three days later my grandfather died in the doctor’s office in the city. A few hours before he died, he said they were coming for him.

This was the last time I saw them. During the second visit, my grandfather had given the Star Man a small bag containing turquoise stones. The Star Man was very happy with it.”

Two years after his grandfather’s death, Clarke visited Darren again. There Darren invited her to the workshop.

“I often go to my grandfather’s house. I work there in the summer. This is where I work in the winter, when I’m not traveling for my art shows.”

Clarke interrupted him out of curiosity, “Have you ever seen the Starman again?”

“No, but I know he’s still coming. I was hoping you’d come see me again. I have something for you, but first I want to tell you what happened.

Last summer I came home for a month. My sister was getting married, so it was pretty chaotic here. When I arrived at the hogan I immediately noticed that there was a small bag in the doorway. It was my grandfather’s pouch.

I opened the bag and the turquoise stones fell out. They were the stones my grandfather had given to the Star Man. I don’t know why, but he gave them back. I think that’s how my grandfather wanted to let you know that he was all right. I can’t think of anything else.”


The lesson

The more you read about this topic, the more other topics and stories you’ll find. It leads to so many unbelievable questions, far too many to answer them all here. No aspect of humanity remains hidden in these stories. Our human consciousness will be greatly transformed through these encounters. There is still so much we can learn about ourselves, and about the cosmos. I suppose there are an unimaginable number of worlds with an unimaginable number of races traveling through the stars. Hopefully, most who visit or have visited our planet are as benign as those from this story. But I don’t know. Ultimately, I believe this topic forces us to ask questions about where we come from.


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