Menstrual cycle & hormones: this is how you take the best care of yourself during every phase

Menstrual cycle & hormones: this is how you take the best care of yourself during every phase

The menstrual cycle is a topic that is receiving increasing attention. We are especially familiar with the visible part of the cycle, the menstrual period. We generally experience this as unpleasant. The menstrual cycle is so much more than just those few specific days. The cycle consists of four different phases. At each stage, there are different hormones present in your body. These hormones also affect how you feel. By learning more about these four phases, you learn, for example, which different hormones determine how you feel.

The menstrual phase

The first day of your menstrual cycle is the day on which you have your period. You can easily recognize the menstrual phase because you are bleeding. From your period your new cycle starts, in which estrogen is built up and endometrium is built up. During the menstrual phase, your body often asks for rest and you may also recognize this because you prefer to withdraw at that moment. Nice on a blanket on the couch and need more time for yourself. Plan these moments for yourself, your body needs it.

The follicular phase

This is actually the preparatory phase for ovulation. During these days, the estrogen level in your body continues to rise and this means that you will feel better about yourself and have more energy. This can feel like a fresh start. In this phase, use that energy and do fun things. During this period it is better to work on something you are passionate about.

The ovulation phase

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Ovulation takes place on average on the fourteenth day of the cycle, but this can differ per woman. This phase is very important because it is the period in which you as a woman have the opportunity to become pregnant. Just before ovulation, the testosterone takes a big sprint. The hormone estrogen also peaks during this phase. Your libido is often highest during this phase. What is very nice about this phase is that it has a positive effect on your state of mind. This will probably make you feel more confident, social, and happier.

The luteal phase

In this phase, progesterone is produced. Is there no fertilization of the egg? Then the levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body drop. Due to a decrease in these hormones, you can experience more mood swings. As a result, you can become irritated more quickly, you have less self-confidence and you feel less comfortable in your own skin. This often makes you less inclined to be intimate. In this phase, it is extra nice to listen carefully to your body. Do you ask yourself what you need and what could make you feel better? So do what you feel like!


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