Mental, emotional and energetic causes of back pain

Mental, emotional and energetic causes of back pain
Back pain causes such as a pinched nerve, overloaded, wrong (working) posture, misalignment of the spine and worn cartilage are well known. Physiotherapy, chiropractic, or sometimes surgery can often remedy the worst complaints – temporarily or otherwise. Unfortunately, in many people, the back pain also regularly returns. Their backs are, so to speak, their ‘weak spot’. But if you look beyond just the physical cause, you will learn to understand why back pain keeps recurring and you can do more to prevent and cure the complaints.

Where is the pain?

Holistically you also look at the mental, emotional, and energetic causes of back pain. In order to do that, it is first of all important to distinguish between the different parts of the back. Does it concern lower back complaints, are they more in the middle of the back or mainly at the top around the shoulders and neck?

Shoulders and neck

Having trouble with your shoulders and neck often means that you let the outside world weigh on you. You (unnoticed) pick up on many feelings of others and are inclined to take the cares of the world almost literally on your shoulders. In particular, relationships with partners, family or friends enter the upper back. After all, this is also the part of your body where your heart is. People with kyphosis or scoliosis, for example – a permanently curved upper back – have, as it were, put on a shield to protect their hearts.

Mental, emotional and energetic causes of back pain

So if you often have a sore neck or sore shoulders, ask yourself what affects you so much when interacting with others. Even if the external cause is a certain posture or sports injury, why do the complaints manifest themselves in this place? Are you carrying the emotional baggage of others? Do you protect yourself very hard for fear of getting hurt? If you give space to those feelings and don’t judge them, your upper back can start to relax.

Causes of back pain in the middle

While the emotions that burden the upper back still came from outside, in the middle back it is all about stored emotions and beliefs of yourself. You have experienced things in your life that have made you look at the world in a certain way. You tend to be angry or worry about the same things over and over again. You are unable to let go of old, self-undermining patterns. Your mid-back determines whether your body can make a wave motion and so can bounce on the waves of life. If you stay stuck in the old, your middle back becomes less flexible. Energetic bodywork can help you release those old entrenched emotions.

Your lower back is the basis of your life

Low back pain is the most common in my practice. Just as your tailbone and your sacrum are the foundation of your spine, the energy of this place forms the foundation of your life. This is about primal feelings, which you already get in the womb and during the first years of your life. Was it safe where you were born, did you feel safe and cherished? If it wasn’t, it can be hard to feel anchored in life.

Events in later life can rekindle that eerie basic feeling over and over again, causing your lower back to cramp and literally lock itself in place. People who often suffer from their lower back would do well to connect with their inner child and send it the love and security it lacked before.



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