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Message to New Age Parents

lovely people,

It makes me so happy to be with you today! You are beautiful, you are pure in your intention and your heart. People speak of the New Age children today, but you are the New Age parents. They are there, and they are desperately needed for the birth of a new consciousness that is wider and freer than in the generations before you.

You are the pioneers, the gatekeepers who are clearing this space. The new generation of children is coming to greet you. From heaven they descend to earth and bring here a sparkle of light and the energy of home.

And they also bring healing to you, their parents. They are so grateful for everything you do for them! You often doubt your own ability to guide your child. You are failing yourself very much in this. I want to address you about this, with a smile but still serious: you are selling yourself short.

You care deeply about your children. So deep is the love that binds you to your children that you would be willing to die for them. You love unconditionally. What more can be asked of you? Don’t be so hard on yourself!

You constantly ask yourself: “Am I doing it right, am I tuning in correctly? Am I giving the child what it needs, am I doing what I came for?” Release yourself from all that homework, be free and happy with who you are. You are beautiful and valuable, just as you are right now, at this point in your soul journey. You are doing very well.

You are sensitive to the wishes and desires of your children, your hearts are open to them. Feel your own open heart, that’s enough. You don’t need to know and understand everything. Feel very clearly how much you do your best and how much you want to be present from the bottom of your soul for your children, in all your vulnerability and with the burdens, the old wounds and fears that you carry with you.

You have an old legacy with you. You carry energies with you from your own personal history, from your biological family, and it goes even deeper than that. When you are born on Earth as a child, you take a deep dive and absorb the energy of humanity as it prevails on Earth at that time. You dive into the collective sphere of human thinking and feeling at that moment and that becomes your spiritual baggage.

The children who are now entering the earthly sphere are picking up a collective energy that is different in tone, vibration and quality. Consciousness has increased in recent decades. Therefore, in a way it is lighter and easier for these children to be here. The veil they have to pass through is thinner.

At the same time, it is also hard for them, because there are still old structures on Earth, which the children with their higher vibrations collide with. It is easier for them to carry their soul energy through the veil intact, but at the same time it is more difficult for them to adapt to the old structures and ways of thinking that are still alive on Earth.

You, as their parents, form a bridge in that. You are the ones who can make a translation for them. You understand the light they radiate, you are open to their soul qualities, you have a sense of where they come from and how mature they are on a spiritual level. At the same time, you yourself still stand with one foot in the old, in traditions of fear and self-denial.

That part of you can be healed in the relationship with your child. In other words: you can also be healed in that relationship. You are here to give your children something, but also to receive something from them, and it is especially about that receiving piece that I want to speak today.

As a child you experienced what it is like to feel a stranger within the earthly reality, especially in the human world. As a child you embodied an intuitive wisdom, but you often couldn’t put your egg into your environment.

You are all light bringers, souls who have come to Earth with a very beautiful intention. You wanted to bring change, in your own time. From a very young age there was a homesickness in your heart and a knowing: I come from another sphere and I am here to bring something of that sphere to earth. But it often happened that you felt rejected in that knowledge, even if you only unconsciously registered it.

You have experienced the pain of rejection, even if it was not intended that way by your parents, teachers, or other important people around you. Because you felt misunderstood, did you start pulling your starlight in, as if you had to hide it. And you started living more and more cramped, unsure of who you were, because it was not mirrored by your environment.

Then you grew older and bigger, and at a certain point in your life a touch came again from that sphere of home, from that loving sphere of Being that you remembered so well as a child. That touch came from a soul from heaven, who wanted to come to you as your child. It is always the case that the child who comes to you wants to remind you of something.

It is about something that you have forgotten, but that at the same time very strongly belongs to you as a soul. A child wants to make you aware of a forgotten quality of being, an aspect of yourself that makes you whole and which you have lost sight of. Each child wants to help awaken a specific aspect of the parent.

Once the child is with you in the earthly sphere, it will gradually awaken that aspect in you because of his or her appearance, because of his or her specific character and also the problems it encounters.

For example, if you are very responsible and always take the burdens of others on your shoulders, you may attract a child who is not interested at all, who cares about it and is quite disobedient. But it can also be a child who is very adventurous, playful and free, and who is not bound by the demands of others. In this way, the child reminds you of something, namely the importance of freedom, independence and taking care of yourself.

Meanwhile, this kid can give you a lot of headaches. You ask yourself: “why is it so obnoxious, difficult and disobedient?”. While the answer to that varies from child to child, it may very well have to do with an inner dynamic at play between you and the child. It may be that an aspect of yourself that you are oppressing against your better judgment is being embodied and manifested by the child.

That can be very confronting. For example, if you react very shocked and angry to your child’s “selfish” behavior, you may notice that an anger is being touched in you, which concerns not just your child’s behavior, but the fact that you feel neglected with all the responsibility you carry. So you’re actually mad at yourself and at the world too.

The child touches this deeply hidden layer within you, giving you the opportunity to hold certain beliefs in yourself (“people need me”, “giving is better than receiving”) to examine and revise. (By the way, this does not mean that you should leave your child’s behavior as it is. It is good to just set limits according to your feeling).

What I especially want to emphasize here with regard to the parent-child relationship is that you can simply allow yourself that your child’s behavior evokes strong emotional reactions in you, which you yourself do not (yet) fully understand.

Allow yourself a bit of confusion and incomprehension, allow yourself to be irritated by a child, that you have your hands in your hair or that you no longer understand it for a while. Also accept that the misunderstanding or lack of contact makes you sad, and that you realize what you actually missed in essential contact in your youth. All those emotions can surface as the child grows up.

This is OK. What often frustrates you is that so often you have to be the perfect parent, who understands it all,who has fathomed his or her own pain and can therefore be fully present to the child as a spiritual guide guiding it.

But I tell you, life is milder and sweeter than you think! You don’t have to be that perfect parent at all, you can shoot old child pieces yourself, not know it, live through old fears, and sometimes just express negative emotions to your child, because you don’t understand it anymore.

At a soul level, your child has agreed to touch difficult parts in you, so that they come to the surface precisely in the relationship with him or her. This is, if you look at it from some distance, a beautiful consciousness process, and the souls who have entered into this with each other really have an incredibly deep love for each other.

So receive the mildness that is in life and that is also permeated by your child. You are allowed to make mistakes in relation to your child. You may be a child yourself in the relationship with your child.

That’s what you often forbid yourselves. You have the feeling that you have to be above it, but just when a child comes to you in earthly life, it by definition points to a blind spot in yourself: something you don’t know yet, something you don’t realize yet . So you can’t rise above that and you don’t have to; that’s not the intention!

The only thing that is asked of you and what is intended is that you are open to this awareness process. That you agree to dive in at the deep end and confront the unexpected and unpredictable.

Truly receiving a child into your life means admitting uncertainty and being open to the gradual learning process that you enter into in meeting him or her. If you’re open to that, you’re willing to see and support your child’s unique qualities. And that is the gift you have to give your child. This is a very special gift!

It is still often the case in your society that it is assumed in the upbringing and education that a child knows nothing, that it is a blank sheet that has to be taught everything, that it is small, not only physically, but also mentally .

This is a big mistake. Your children are mature, mature souls. On an inner level they are just as old as you. And you realize this! Do you understand that this is special?

This realization alone has a powerful effect on the way you interact with your children. And this effect is not only felt within your own family, but it also affects the collective consciousness on Earth. The more parents look at their children in this way, the more open they are to the new energy that the children will bring.


So I tell you: don’t doubt yourself, be proud of what you have already achieved in your life, of the inner wisdom that you carry in your soul, and of which you radiate something every day to others in this world, often without so that you know.

I ask you to trust the learning process you are involved in with your child. Don’t ask yourself if you are doing it all right, but just accept that you are helping to change the collective consciousness on Earth right now by being open to a new perspective, which you put into practice on a daily basis in your dealings with a child.

Through your intention, through the space in your heart and your mind, you help to create an opening for another consciousness on Earth, so that your child can manifest here more easily.

Many of you to whom I speak are spiritually evolved people, who carry within them talents to guide people in their inner consciousness processes. In your relationship with your children, you often get in trouble with yourself in this regard. In the relationship with your child it is not the intention that you are the spiritual guide or therapist of your child. Or you can put it this way: you are both each other’s spiritual guides.

Besides, you’re both just human. Realize that you are not responsible for your child’s spiritual growth. You create conditions of opportunity, and you do this mainly by offering the child room to develop in the way it feels is right.Also, keep taking good care of yourself, because from there you have the most to share with your child, and with whomever.

Feel the energy of your children here now. Each of them is present here in spirit now. You are deeply connected to them and they know you are here to deepen the contact with them even more. Even more beautiful, livelier, more loving. Feel their gratitude, their appreciation, feel their childhood as well as their guiding. Both aspects live in them, and both aspects live in you. And that is the beauty of the dance that you engage in with your children.

I greet you all in love. You bring a blessing to Earth. We thank you for that.


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