Migraine Viewed Holistically: An Imbalance in the Lower Chakras

Migraine Viewed Holistically: An Imbalance in the Lower Chakras
Many men and even more women suffer from migraines. Perhaps you belong to this large group and you have been looking for a cure for years. Jacqueline Rietveld, the expert in the field of Chinese Medicine, invites you in this article to look at your complaints holistically. ‘It’s about restoring the energy balance in the lower chakras.’

Migraine viewed holistically

Many remedies and medicines are tried against migraine. Unfortunately often without the desired result. At best, they reduce the symptoms, but they do not prevent new migraine attacks. Looking at the holistic meaning of migraine and restoring the energy balance in the chakras can offer a solution. It not only relieves pain, nausea, and other complaints but also helps against migraines in the long term.

Hormones in the lead

Scientifically speaking, a migraine is an attack in which the cooperation between the nerves and blood vessels in the brain is temporarily disrupted. Fluctuations in hormone levels have been proven to play a role in this disruption. This mainly concerns sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. It is no coincidence that migraines are three times more common in women and girls than in men and boys. Very often an attack occurs around menstruation and ovulation. Men with migraines appear to have relatively more estrogen in their bodies than men without migraine attacks.

Migraine Viewed Holistically: An Imbalance in the Lower Chakras

Lower Chakras

The clear relationship between migraines and hormones makes energetic bodywork very effective. A complete energetic treatment of the body affects all hormone-producing organs. In migraine, treatment of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, and genitals is essential. Energetic bodywork stimulates and enhances the natural functioning of these organs. Over time, the body is then able to maintain a healthy balance between the different hormone levels.

The Eastern chakra teaching clarifies the energetic and holistic meaning of migraine. Sex hormones belong to the lower chakras. The first chakra, the root chakra, determines the base of the body. The energy of this chakra has a major influence on genetic predisposition – migraine often runs in families – and the central nervous system. But the second chakra, the so-called ‘sex chakra’, also plays a role. This is the energetic wheel below the navel from which sexuality and creative power flow. The extent to which sex hormones are produced and how the body responds to them are determined by the energy flow in this chakra.

Sexuality and Fertility

Holistically, the body is never separate from your mental-emotional state. Body, mind, and soul are inextricably linked. An imbalance in the lower chakras that leads to migraines can therefore also be related to fear (root chakra) or negative associations with sexuality and fertility (sex chakra). Energetic body-oriented therapists who work on all layers of the human being, therefore, always investigate whether there is work to be done on the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. For example, the power of consciousness can be used as a remedy for migraines.



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