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Mikos from the Hollow Earth tells how the people live there

Excerpt from e-book Telos, the Hollow Earth 

We live in great palaces made of crystal stones fastened with jewels of the Earth. These crystallized stones create a magnetic field and radiance that nurture and balance our bodies and fill us with the Life Force emanating from the Great Central Sun of our Universe. Everything in our homes radiates the purity of God and attunes us to the Divine vibrations. For God’s love fills our homes and God’s love creates the richness in our lives.

Our food vibrates with life force and when we eat it that life force is transported to every cell resulting in perfect health and longevity.

The powers we gain from this food enables us to perform with our bodies the deeds of a Hercules, which seems impossible to you. We can walk or run extremely long distances without getting tired and we can swim for hours on end. We are not tired at the end of the day, because we are in fact not ‘working’. Our work is pure joy and it comes easily to us and at the end of the day we know only satisfaction.

Our lives are truly wonderful and we feel very blessed. But we ourselves have created this Utopia and you can and will do this too. For your future will be glorious. You are about to break through this density and enter heaven.

And this heaven is here on Earth. Right now only half the Earth is here, but soon the whole planet will be in the sky you have been looking for for so long. For, heaven is not elsewhere; heaven is here on earth. Where you live. You just need to bring it here through your higher consciousness. For heaven is just a frequency and you are now rapidly rising to that frequency. And we, here in the Hollow Earth,

rejoice as you have expressed the desire and determination to grow in consciousness and reach the frequency of ascension, which descends to Earth from the Great Central Sun. Your Father/Mother, God and Goddess, Alpha and Omega, bring you home, back to the bosom of love, where we will dwell for all eternity.

The food changes as the mass consciousness of the community grows

The ancients worked with the Devas (nature spirits), the keepers of the soil, and by working together and letting the Earth do its own work for the growth of the crops planted, the harvests were always great – no , wonderful – and filled to the brim with life force that flowed through every atom. Because of this life force in every atom and cell, because of this thrust, an acceleration occurred, which is the Immortal Elixir of life. It’s the secret to “staying young” forever.

The Devas arereturning to Earth after a long absence and will soon help those people who turn to them to re-supply the soil with nourishing ingredients that will nurture and maintain the cells in the human bodies. The Devas are glorious creatures who want to work with all humans, whether you are a farmer or just tending your garden.

They want to be your partner so that all people can relearn the magic of the soil, of planting and harvesting, the magic of growing your own food, in your own place, for your own use. The food brought to you from other locations, from other countries, does not vibrate with your local environment or with your own special pulse of life.

Everything is a reflection of your immediate environment, including the auras that surround you and everything you touch or are absorbs your pulsating atoms and these atoms become part of the ground and the vibration of everything you grow.

So, don’t you think you’re more likely to get healthier just taking in your food those vibrating atoms that arise from your own self and come from the community you’re vibrating with, rather than from some unknown place you’re not in harmony with?

Take some time to think about this and understand the nature of life and how we adapt to that special place where we live and how we become that place. We are the environment in which we live, just as much as the crops we grow. (Same says Anastasia from Russia)

It is confusing for your body cells to take in food from areas that are not your immediate environment, for they do not resonate with your lifestyle, your thoughts, or your feelings. You then basically ‘eat’ other people’s thoughts and feelings and they become a part of you,

not knowing the danger and not realizing the incompatibility it has on your digestive system and the entire system of your organs and your growth hormones , your glands and everything that defines ‘you’. Processing other people’s thoughts results in fears and phobias that are not even yours and then you wonder why this is!

Realize that, if you want to stay healthy and get a strong body, you have to eat the food from your own environment. This will strengthen your life force and will balance your thoughts and feelings, as it will strengthen your desires and dreams, which encompass the mass consciousness of your community.

Therefore, your world is not in harmony, for it is not in harmony with nature. Call on the Devas, ask them to return, tell them you want to learn from them and work with them to restore the life of the soil and the life of your body.

Without this life force your bodies will deteriorate and decay and although your cells were meant to stay young and never grow old, they lack the life force to sustain themselves.

They have closed the door to commune with nature and they are now wondering why they feel so alone and poor despite having so much money.

We urgently advise you Earth people to return to nature. Spend a lot of time sitting next to the trees and walking in the woods and notice how the life forces return within you and give you strength and balance your emotional body.

Nature is an important remedy for the diseases of your society, and everyone can receive it for free. You don’t have to go to a doctor for a prescription, the trees will provide it to you for free. Why do you think they are there?

The trees are majestic Beings, who have evolved so far that you can hardly imagine. And they are waiting for you to recognize them as the keepers of the land, as the Cetaceans are the keepers of the sea, and they give you the necessary oxygen and absorb the toxins you create.

They look forward to you interacting with them, they long for you to touch them, and they embrace you to give you their love and energy. Go to them, talk to them, sit next to them, as they watch over your home and your community as the protectors of your lives. Talk to them and they will answer you. They have waited eons to reconnect with humanity.


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