Mirroring with your soul: what can mirroring with yourself bring you?

Mirroring with your soul: what can mirroring with yourself bring you?
Having mirrors in the house is not so strange. Communicating with it may be a little less accepted. Taking a step back is looking at yourself in the mirror. Really look. And it’s not about straightening your shirt or one last comb through your hair. Of course, they contribute to the outward appearance and make the room look bigger. But mirrors show so much more.

Everyday mirroring

When was the last time you really looked at yourself in the mirror? Can you answer positively at all? The mirror in which you check your teeth or smooth out your dress has so much more to tell you than just a quick check of your casing.

The term mirroring comes from psychology. You often unconsciously mirror the people in your environment with whom you interact. Mirroring is a body language and is very natural. By adopting the same attitude, you can put people at ease and show that you care and understand what is being said. It does not have to be known to you, but often there is also unconscious mirroring with love partners and when you are with friends. Mirroring has a connecting effect and emotions are viewed with soft eyes, without judgment.

Mirroring with your soul: what can mirroring with yourself bring you?

Mirroring with your soul

What can mirroring yourself bring you? Start exploring by looking at yourself in the mirror. Find the whites of your eyes and go through the iris to your pupil. That is really looking at yourself. You are also in that dark dot. Meditate in front of the mirror and introduce yourself by looking at yourself. What feeling comes to you? Which words? You can feel, look at and give back every emotion.

By focusing on your reflection, everything around it disappears. You can experience the emptiness that meditation also brings. There is then no time and space; only your being. Want to take it one step further? Then you can, for example, start a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions or start about experiences you would like to have in your life. Visualize your future life and discover what your reflection tells you about it. The most beautiful ideas and insights often arise in that silence.

Embrace your reflection

If you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror, you can also start observing your body. Visualize a source from your heart or gut and be open to answers. Start with a few minutes and build up to a time that feels comfortable to you. Look at yourself with soft eyes and communicate with yourself in a different way. Accept yourself and your feelings. You can be there, just like your feelings and thoughts. Don’t let your ego fool you.

Mirroring with your soul: what can mirroring with yourself bring you?

Your ego struggles and thinks it’s ridiculous that you are dreaming away in your own eyes. Once you get past that, you experience deep peace and acceptance for yourself. Even when you pass affirmations over your lips, you can look at yourself in the mirror at the same time. Address your being with wise words and feel the emotion that comes to you. Feel really free when you talk about freedom and experience love if you want more self-love. Mirroring can be confronting, but that duality can also take place. Without the dark, there is no light. Hold up a mirror to yourself and be open to whatever arises. Embrace your reflection.



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