Mission entrepreneurs: Let’s be the connection right now


“I don’t want to take advantage of other people’s misery.” I blink once, but it’s really there. My loving, extremely honest customer, who can help people so well to balance their emotions, does not want to be a profit. She who can do something to ease the fear, the panic, the feelings of loneliness, the sadness, is afraid to show herself.

Especially now that it is so desperately needed. My heart breaks because I know her. I know what she is like, that she would never, ever ask anyone for money if she couldn’t help them. That she has such a huge, warm heart for everything that lives. She is so needed now. Not even just with her service, but also with her whole BEING.Her words alone, her presence, are comforting, reassuring. So even if she did nothing but write a piece,

right now

Think about your ideal customer. How would she be now? is he or her okay? Or would he just not like it at all? If I see anything in this period, it is that sitting at home, always together, or just all alone, is a huge amplifier of everything that slumbers. Shadows emerge.

It is no longer possible to hide. Everything is magnified and then we are on top of it, because we have nowhere to go. Inner processes grab you extra. Relationship problems are all the more apparent. Even the most harmonious families are now more likely to have disagreements.

How are you really?

Suppose you could ask your ideal customers: How are you really doing? What would their answer be? You may be working with children who cannot handle their emotions. How would they be now? You may know that their parents don’t understand them very well. How would they survive now? Or you help people who are not comfortable in their relationship.

How much quarrel would they have now? Perhaps your ideal client has a tendency to depression. How would he feel now that he’s home alone? Or do you work with people who experience a lot of stress. Are they more relaxed now? Or do you think that working from home and the collective tension actually grip them extra.

And what about all those mothers who were already tired and had a lot on their plate. How do you think they are now? Can they still keep all the balls in the air? Or does everything clatter down at once?

you can help

You can help them right now. You can be the band-aid on their wound. You can put a heart to them. You can give them just that little push in the right direction. You can make the difference. You can be the connection at a time when everything seems to be failing them. But then you must be there. Then they need to know that you are still standing, firm, grounded, ready to help. So you have to show yourself.

How else do they know who to turn to? Then I’m not even talking about selling (although there is certainly nothing wrong with that, even now if you can help), but mainly about being present. Show that you are there. What if your words are exactly what someone needs?What if your post brings a bright spot in their dark day? What if they see that it’s not crazy if they don’t succeed? What if they know they can be there, with everything that’s coming up now? My clients often say: ‘Yes, but who am I to…?’ ‘What have I to offer?’ I like to turn it around, especially in this time: Who are you to hide? Because you have everything to offer!

Have you been wanting to show yourself for ages, but you’re not sure how? Do you want to blog, or show yourself on social media, but you don’t? Will you still be stopped? April 17th I will give a free online blog workshop for entrepreneurs, in which I will teach you how to write in such a way that you will attract customers who really suit you (and also how to support someone now). I teach you the question to always evoke inspiration and I teach you what you absolutely must not do. Are you there?


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