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Misunderstood collective pain and stress among Lightworkers


Life on earth as we know it now is extremely confusing for many Light souls. As a child, you may not even understand the world you were born into. And this confusion causes tremendous misunderstood pain and stress for many Lightworkers.

Because the people we grow up with seem to understand the world, we start to doubt ourselves. While it is actually quite logical that you as a child (and perhaps still do) look at the world around you with wide eyes. Frankly, to a Light soul, a world like ours is simply mind-blowing.

We are used to a superficial life

For me personally, one of the most complicated things to learn to live with was the half-truths I got to my questions. The total lack of transparency and clarity. Because most people (in these modern times) give answers where they feel safe. While I saw (or see) that there is at least one deeper layer under an answer.

Only after quite a few years of life did I realize that the superficial answer is often not unwillingness. But the deeper layer beneath a first experience is simply not immediately noticeable for many people. Not even just because they don’t want to feel it – they just can’t reach it anymore. Over the past centuries, they have become so used to it that only appearances count and may come to light.

Learn to survive

Over the past tens of thousands of years, we as humanity have had to learn to survive in a world that is unsafe. And it worked! We’ve gotten incredibly good at it. Collectively, we have learned that it is mainly about physical safety. Where the rulers of a certain time were allowed to determine what is and what is not allowed.

For example, for a very long time women were not allowed to vote, study and certainly not speak in public. Now the standard of this woman-oppressive era seems rather old-fashioned to Western people. While they are customs that still apply in some places on earth. And it actually wasn’t that long ago in the West that this was the norm.

Shouldn’t we just adapt?

Now what do the habits of an age have to do with our confusion and stress as a Lightworker? And shouldn’t we as humans simply be able to deal with the existing standards? If this is the time we were born in – shouldn’t we learn to move in this ? And adapting to what is apparently right for the collective?

The answer to the question

The answer to that question is not very simple (to be honest, for me the answer to a question is never simple – precisely because I see so many layers).

It is an answer that you will recognize intuitively. And that you can give a lot of rest and also direction, if you allow it completely. Because it is an answer that your soul recognizes, even if your human side does not yet know exactly how to integrate this into her life.

pain and stress at Lightworkers

Yes and no

First: Yes. As human beings we must certainly learn to deal with the time in which we are born. If all goes well, our parents and our community will help us with that. We learn as young children what the habits are of a certain era, so that we can find our way in it.

Second: No. You and I were born as Lightworkers for a New future. We come to bring change . And not only us, many Light souls have been born on earth again in recent years.

We are here to bring change

We come to bring change. And in fact this is nothing new. Kahlil Gibran already said it in his beautiful collection “ The Prophet ”:

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself.

You may try to be like them, but don’t try to make them like you. For life does not go back, nor does it linger with yesterday.”

However, the change that we are coming to bring is in a way exceptional. Because it is a change of the zeitgeist .

The change of zeitgeist

The time in which we now live is an era in which we as children are unlearned to live from our Light. Even with conscious parents there is pressure (from the total collective field) to fit in with the current economy above all. A pressure that has ensured that there was change, but for tens of thousands of years hardly any relief.

For a Light soul, the pressure of being non-Light is almost unbearable. It has probably already caused enormous stress at the beginning of your life, because it goes against your nature. Your spiritual nature, which blossoms when you can live from your Light again.

Viewed from our soul we are perfect

It can also very well be that the collective into which you were born made you feel that there is something ‘wrong’ with your nature. You were (or are) maybe too sweet, too soft, too direct, too honest, too enthusiastic, too selfish, too stubborn, too compassionate, too…

And when we look at ourselves from the current era, everything they think of you and me is absolutely true. Compared to the current zeitgeist you are much too … (fill in your ‘te’)

But. If you look from your soul and your soul mission , who you are is complete and completely perfect!

pain and stress at Lightworkers

You and I are Changemakers

Because the nice thing is: we were not born to fit completely into the current system. You and I are ‘Changemakers’. Changers who come here to shake things up a bit.

And honest? Every time I look at the current world, my mouth still falls open. And again I don’t understand. Just like when I was young.

But now it doesn’t hurt anymore. And it does not cause stress. At least, not continuously heartbreaking. Of course it hurts when I see how we as humanity treat ourselves and each other. How we use animals as if they were nothing. And children at school learn that their most important value is economic value (“What do you want to be when you grow up?”).

How can you free yourself from deep pain and stress?

Be the first to realize that your (soul) pain and stress are not strange. There’s nothing wrong with you. For if you remember that you are a Light soul, coming to bring change, then it is only natural that seeing today’s society breaks your heart.

Only that breaking of your heart may be temporary, without undue stress. And inspire you to stay (or become) who you really are. To spread your Light, as only you can. You are a beautiful soul, full of Light. And you come to bring enlightenment .

This may require an additional form of healing. For the pain Lightworkers have suffered collectively may be imprinted deep into your cells. A healing that starts with recognizing that you are a beautiful Light soul. And a Loving person who is worthy of all Light and Love!


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