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Money and Abundance – A Multidimensional Perspective

I thought I had seen through everything and let go of everything, including the deeper patterns of thinking and feeling that could prevent me from living my life to the fullest and shaping it the way I want. And it was, but now new ones had taken their place! New rigid frameworks of ‘this is how it will be’. This was fed back to me in great detail by an extraterrestrial and multidimensional contact.

My session with the Yahyel

I had a skype session with a guide from the Yahyel, through a channel . The Yahyel are beings or extraterrestrials living from the 5 th / 6 th dimension. And during this contact, this guide was a gateway to information from the universe such as my higher self. In this article I report on a number of insights that I gained through this special contact.

Creating Abundance

For me, the session was mainly about my personal experience with money and the long-term lack of it despite many insights, attempts and conscious creation. It was a very sharp and clarifying intervision with feedback on my blind spots and with very concrete tools.

For example, according to the Yahyel, there is a misconception among many people, as was the case with me, about the conscious creation and attraction of abundance, or ‘the Law of Attraction ‘, with disappointments as a result. We create much more from our heart and soul than we think, and we can learn to rely on this much more…

Plot twists and unexpected twists

Often beliefs and prejudices keep us from embracing what is presented to us. I had come to believe that the desired success would only come in one way and the other I was invited to I saw as inferior in it and therefore did not recognize as opportunities…

By only wanting to walk the spiritual path and not cooperating with certain earthly things, for example, I stopped it from flowing. And that while according to the Yahyel there were so many presents and surprises waiting for me.

The message was clear: to remain open to the ways in which it comes to you, even if you think you know what is good for you and especially what would not be good. Be surprised, again and again! It is precisely the plot twists and unexpected turns in which your soul and guides communicate with you, I was entrusted…

Your bank balance is not the indicator

And let go of the concept of money as you know it. That was clearly given to me. Your bank balance is not the measure of your abundance or your creative power! Discover the twisted thoughts in this, the ideas that are not right, with which you (still) have negative associations and you keep yourself from growing in them. In my case I tried too hard to feel positive about money and was too focused on that balance when beyond that the flow of abundance is huge!

Yes, it works very subtly on this crystallizing level where you have already cleared and clarified so much, and still have things lying around that want to be seen. I call them ‘blind spots’. In any case, I hid it nicely from myself, which eventually manifested itself in being stuck, including being physically overweight.

cutting edge

I was given that with this life experience, in the area of ​​money and abundance and following my heart, I gave myself a gift; that I even ‘ordered’ this to grow in surrender, and that it enriches my work and communication with others and makes me an expert. They took their hats off, they said, for the way I played out this theme and called it ‘cutting edge’. It is a gateway for me to total flow and alignment with my higher self; a kind of initiation…

Let go of control

All in all, my mind had been busier than I thought. I had created very consciously and apparently I was still busy controlling, not daring to surrender completely to the universe, higher self, soul, source, god, whatever you want to call it: Myself . And I did so from the conviction that this is the intention in conscious creation , to determine and focus and thereby give direction in what I wish. And in that I followed my heart, I thought. Or not quite? In any case, this called for reflection…

It all felt fair and according to the guide I was very close to a full flow, but certain beliefs and resistance within this theme still held it back. For example, I wanted to make much bigger leaps than I deeply believed was possible. I was therefore told to take smaller steps and let go of the big intentions.

Love for the Earth

Moreover, I can see even more what is ‘relevant’ to me… in other words: what I have in store as a soul for the benefit of myself! It is not always and for everyone the highest achievable to work and manifest with intentions, I was told. There is also a deeper desire to attach oneself to the earth and the experiences and processes that go with it; to experience the Love in this! That was an important point in the session. I was invited to rely even more on my wisdom therein, however true the universal laws and wisdoms of sources of inspiration may be. It is important to discern what feels true and appropriate to you. It’s your journey!

Relying on Not-knowing

Your soul / higher self is so vast and has a whole range of information and ‘programs’ for you that you as a person cannot oversee or know, at least not so quickly. You can ask and you will get answers. Finally, with this Skype session, I received substantial answers. But in the first instance you may rely on the wisdom of your wider self, on not knowing as a human being, and dare to start from the Love that surrounds you, that everything is aimed at your growth. Yes, that calls for true surrender! And so I discovered through the feedback in this session that my higher self was inviting me to this more than ever.

Follow Your Heart and Feel Safe

Had I then sought some sort of diversion in conscious-creation in order not to have to surrender completely? Was there a lack of trust as a basis? And did it mean that I did not feel completely safe, not wholly carried by Myself?

I finally realized that as an old star soul I have often known the feeling of insecurity in many earthly lives in which I tried to follow my heart and be myself despite threats and setbacks. The love-hate relationship that I had with the earth for a long time was now completely let go.

Yes, that’s how it felt; the finale! And the irony is that I have sought out this path of lack of money for this; as the invitation to learn to feel safe in existence, to remain faithful to my heart, despite fear and frustrations, and to continue to believe in what I really am and want to bring. This is my way to salvation!

Fine tuning in lightness

I now see how much it is about the balance in acknowledging your desires and in entrusting those desires to your wider self. So on the one hand, Being aware and making choices, focusing on what you want, on the positive and serviceable in everything, and on the other hand completely letting go of the realization of your wishes, so don’t attach to them but almost forget them…

It requires fine-tuning , a lightness that we as humans rarely know and apply, but in which everything is possible. And I still believe that: anything is possible! Keeping feeling good is the entrance. It is a mode of being attuned to what you really are and want, and the interaction in this with you as a person. It is a process of aligning with Yourself. And that essentially boils down to surrender.

Close to

But how exactly do you do that; surrender to Yourself? What are you surrendering to? And isn’t this uncertainty the ultimate resistance of us as humans? The degree to which we are familiar with all that other, spacious, ‘higher’ makes surrender possible or not. Knowledge and insight are therefore an essential start. But this is still unexplored territory for many. We rarely get it through our upbringing and education and other earthly sources of information. And that is not for nothing, since it is precisely about non-earthly aspects. But the information is there, it is accessible to everyone and very close by. It is simply within you! Ask and you will receive an answer.

Knowing who you are, multidimensional and galactic

And, do you dare to receive the answers? Can you listen, feel, be open without prejudices and ideas about how it is or should be? Can we as humans lift our collective consciousness and be open to what is potentially? Break through old ways of thinking and frames, let go of our resistance and start thinking and observing from our heart?

Do we dare to do this despite a ‘broken heart’, pain and hindrances? Are we going to love unconditionally, starting with ourselves and the Self? And there lies the key, that is clear to me! Once this key is in hand, an immense new world opens up to you, and that includes extraterrestrial and parallel realities…

In any case, I was entrusted by the guide of the Yahyel that many energies are active and communicating with me, and that I have connections with the Pleiades and Orion , among other things , as I also sensed. When I was asked whether I am or will become a channel myself, which strongly feels that way to me, I received the feedback to first play out my theme and thus surrender completely; then the door is completely open…

In my other articles I write more about awakening and thinking differently, living in this time, also multidimensional and galactic, about living from your higher heart and creating abundance.


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