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Money and your talents, do you let the energy flow?

When you use your talents, a flow starts that gets bigger. The energy flow as we have agreed with each other goes like this: you buy bread from the baker, so he then buys new ingredients from the supplier, who buys it from the producer. You are actually multiplying the amount on the note. You pay €100 to the baker, the baker to the supplier, the supplier to the producer…. Suddenly that one €100 note has been given a value of €400!

Your talents and money

By sharing knowledge, you help others grow and develop. Divide Equals Multiplication. When you leave your talents on the shelf, they are worth nothing. The energy flow stops and decreases in strength as the information ages. That’s a shame, because you limit both yourself and someone else.

Sharing your talents is also inspiring for yourself. As a result, your knowledge grows, so that you subsequently discover and develop unknown talents in yourself.

What does that have to do with money? Well, a lot!! It’s the same energy flow. If you give yourself little value in money, you will also assign little value to your talents and vice versa. Value is value, whether it is eigenvalue or euros. By the way, did you know that in ancient times people paid with currency units of, for example, silver, which were called talents  ?

You know what you are good at and you have invested in it. You have developed your talents and then you give away knowledge, that value, for free. why? That too is a sign of low self-esteem.

You can give for free… as long as you get something in return, because the energy has to keep flowing. Giving away without consideration creates an energy leak. Getting something back can be: self-esteem, knowledge, experience, word of mouth, but also money. This way you maintain the energy flow. Make sure you have a good balance.

It’s just not okay to always give and not be able, willing or daring to receive anything in return. You may be giving to one person and getting something back through someone else. That is giving unconditionally. With that you make the world a bit more beautiful… As long as you can see the value of it yourself!

spiritual limitations

There is a lot of judgment about making money. But look at the words literally: Money – Earning. You deserve to have money. You deserve to have access to your talents. It is even necessary for self-fulfillment. It is necessary for your self-realization to discover and develop your talents so that you start living from your soul mission. Otherwise you might as well remain ‘a baby in a crib’ for the rest of your life.

To develop your talents you have a lot of work to do and often a lot of costs. As a result, you ultimately deserve to live from your talents. Once you’re going to share that with others, why shouldn’t you ask for money for it?
Money does not come to you by itself and you have talents dormant in you, but you have to discover, stimulate and learn to use it in the right way. So talents don’t just bubble up in your life ‘just like that’.

Money in itself does not make you happy , but having the space to experience, that is the energy that will flow. Likewise with your talents.

There are many things for free in this world that give you a deep sense of happiness . When you ask people what makes them happy, they always name a feeling. A feeling of happiness is priceless. It’s about whether you can experience that feeling at all. Whether you have millions in the bank, or whether you still have millions to pay back to the bank. can you enjoy it? That’s the point.

Money is very important in our western society. why? Because that’s how we agreed to it. You can’t go to the supermarket and give a big hug to the cashier or mop the floor in exchange for your groceries. Money is the flow from experience to experience. Money is needed. Perhaps there will come a time when this is no longer the case, but that will only be possible when we all start to see each other as equal. Equality starts with yourself. By becoming aware of your self-worth!

money and your talents

Different perspective

The conviction ‘money does not buy happiness’ prevents a carefree and free existence with beautiful experiences. Imagine feeding 1000 hungry children every day and providing them with a safe place to sleep. Does that make you feel satisfied? probably. It takes both money and the commitment of your talents to realize this.

As long as you stay in the negative belief, you block the chance to get the flow going. Then you cannot feed 1000 children daily and you cannot use your talents. You hold it back with this conviction yourself. So look at it from a different perspective.

‘A lot’ or ‘little’ money is your own perception. One thinks €10,000 is very much and the other thinks the same amount is very little. Also with debts it is the case that one person finds a debt of €100,000 insurmountable and life-threatening, and the other makes €200,000 in the plus within a year due to its business operations.

Money is what you think of it. If you condemn it, it flows away. Valuing your talents is what you have to do yourself. If you don’t see the value, you close your heart and it flows away…


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