Moon cycle: do you follow the rhythm of the natural month?

Moon cycle: do you follow the rhythm of the natural month?
What about the months, weeks, and days in our year? Is this correct if you assume that man is one with nature? Whoever thought that a year has 365 days and that there are 12 months, each containing 30 or 31 days, or in the case of February 28 or 29, which means that there are again 52 weeks in a year and 7 days in a week? How come this division of the year is not in sync with the phases of the full moon? Each lunar cycle also includes a period of about 30 days.

The more you realize that you are inextricably linked to nature, the more illogical the calendar that society uses becomes. Just like time, which you can read more about in The Owl’s Message. Each full moon represents the completion of a period. The circle is complete again, shall we say. Then a period of reflection begins, called the last quarter. This is the reduction of the full moon to make way for the next step. It appears in the formation of the new moon. From the new moon until the next full moon, you may grow again and apply what you learned in the previous period.


Our annual calendar is a strange thing. It really just serves to keep everything in line. Furthermore, this year’s format adds nothing at all, when you talk about the big picture on this planet. But if you look at the moon and its cycles, its influence is undeniable and so much greater than many realize. It is she who provides ebb and flow. She is at the cradle of the natural rhythm of the entire planet and therefore yours too. A natural rhythm with which everything is in contact in order to flourish. Everything, absolutely everything, is connected to this and it is necessary for life to continue on Mother Earth.

Moon cycle: do you follow the rhythm of the natural month?

But people no longer recognize the natural rhythm. We have forgotten and are guided by (digital) agendas with timetables that take us further and further away from everything that really matters and that would make us feel a lot better. Each lunar cycle gives you the opportunity to grow. Each cycle you are presented with a mirror that you can work on. That may be that you can work on YOURSELF, but it can also be about things from daily life or both. Things you can do differently. For example, to allow more joy into your life.

Our era probably started with someone who counted the days based on the phases of the moon. At first, everything ran synchronously, but there have been times when the devised system has gone out of sync, just like it does now. During these periods the fluctuations are more extreme. High peaks and low troughs, shall we say. The extremes are coming to light more and more, because everything deviates too much from the natural BEING of everything.

Wicked plans

Moon cycle: do you follow the rhythm of the natural month?

Just a side step. The Chinese have landed on the far side of the moon. What are they going to do there? And why out of sight? Because it can’t stand the daylight? Due to the increasing scarcity of extremely valuable metals and crystals on Earth, humanity is looking for other places in the universe where they can be looted.

This concerns the ingredients with which, for example, batteries, transmission towers, and solar panels are made. Research on meteorites that have hit Earth has shown that they contain extremely rare raw materials. Since Mother Earth has a limited supply and society has to switch en masse to all kinds of so-called sustainable solutions, the Chinese look elsewhere for them, so that their empire can survive.

Our dear moon, who is inextricably linked to how things are here on earth, will fall victim to this if it is up to them. They will not find what they are looking for, but they will damage the moon and that will affect all life on this planet. It is not meant to scare you, because that has a low energetic frequency and takes you out of your power, and extinguishes your light. Read this, know what is going on and accept that it is there and focus on how you see your future on Earth and the future of the Earth as a whole. If you hold on to that, you create the possible manifestation in reality.


Moon cycle: do you follow the rhythm of the natural month?

Back to the monthly positions (no typing error). Is the current era relevant to who you are? New. Like ebb and flow, your life is an ongoing process. You are part of a much larger whole with many variables that are also connected. Those who are attuned to nature feel this in their fibers. See what’s going on and what’s coming. Until the time has come for everything to become more synchronized with what is natural. Have you ever heard of chaos theory? Watch this video and if you are well tuned, you can feel what phase we are in right now here on Earth.

Do you want to live more according to your natural rhythm?

In the meantime, it is advisable to sail more on your natural radar. Do not take the current months as a starting point, but live more based on the phases of the moon. Look them up, write them down in your ‘calendar’, because that’s what this one is suddenly very useful for and try to live according to the moon schedule. Take a look at what is offered to you between the new and the full moon. What insights do you get, and what mirrors there are.

Honor the full moon, because you may complete another period. Use the time between the full moon and the last quarter of an hour to see what the past time has brought you and take the next steps at the new moon to become an even better version of your previous SELF. You will notice that it will help you, that you will feel the change and give more space to your natural BEING. By the way, you don’t just help YOURSELF with that, but the entire planet, because you connect with everything that is, and that has a major impact on the big whole that can transform into better.


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